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Midweek Drinks Thread [12-15 August 2019]



So much good "natural"ISH wine from Slovenia and NE Italy. It is probably the first region where “natural” is actually becoming the mainstream.


Many congratulations Inbar - well deserved.

For us last night, a Viognier that arrived in a recent USA 12 offer. I must admit it paired terribly with the pasta pesto chicken that was cooked - nowhere near enough bite to challenge the green pesto flavour. A poor choice. On its own though, a very agreeable midweek wine; I particularly liked the off-dry note and long finish.


Not a bad line up for a Wednesday. Oddbods tasting group at The Church Street Tavern.
Yes that is a Mouton 1970 and the other bad label is Colombier Hermitage 2000.
All wines were great no duffer among them.


Many congrats to @Inbar, with distinction too, pretty soon you’ll be teaching the classes.

@Russ, if I had a Tardis I’d be setting the date and place coordinates to gate crash. Wow, that’s one helluva selection !

I started this last night…

… from Waitrose. A Vouvray Cuvee De Silex 2017 from Bernard Fouquet / Domaine Des Aubuisieres. Made in a Sec Tendre style with 8-10g/l residual sugar. It’s a lovely archetypal dry(ish) Vouvray with flavours of orchard fruits, quince, minerals and a subtle honeyed note. Clean and refreshing with no coarse flavours it was very much enjoyed. And tasting just as good on day two too.

Have a fab tasting tonight everyone.


A level results day so normal rules on midweek drinking out of the window.

Tattinger Prelude Grands Crus to kick off. To be followed by Berton Reserve Cabernet 2014. The Berton is getting better and better…


Wow… That’s some line up. Your tasting group meetings look great!


Neil it was some night, you’re more than welcome to join if it not to far. PM me.


A selection of wines from the week.
The Bollinger SC was waaaay too small.
Feteasca Neagra from Asda is an excellent wine, fruity, fine tannins and good perfume. At £5.25 it’s embarrassingly good value.
The Clos de la Perriere 2013 is a wonderful “mid priced” burgundy, a heady nose of cut borage (a lot of it around our way at the moment) and spicy fruit cup, which has a great balance between the red fruit, fine tannins and medium acidity. Now I see the price of replacing this bottle I couldn’t call it good value but a lovely, lovely wine.


Was the Joliet a BBR sales purchase by any chance @NeilS? I bought the 2013 and 2011 at reduced prices but sadly only one bottle of each (and Jasper has left BBR so no chance they will have overbought this in the future). I wouldn’t be buying at rrp - rather go elsewhere for light-med bodied perfumed reds.

Keeping it simple and Galician tonight with this


Had this with a chickpea and cauliflower curry. Nice quince and baked apple flavours, don’t get the one star review. Not as complex as other orange wines I have had, but tastes like dry apple strudel. Shame its now gone.


We went out to eat at the relatively newly opened Parker’s Tavern in Cambridge. Food was good - we’ll be back. The wine list wasn’t bad either, though on the pricier side of good value. We drank this Mosel riesling - Maximin 2017

TWS stock other wines from Maximiner Schubert, but not this one. It was great with the food. Lightweight in a good way, lots of pink grapefruit, crisp apples and quince, a bit floral, and keen acidity that belied the residual sugar (18g/l according to one website I found). It worked well with both the fish and duck dishes; didn’t overpower the former, and cut the fat of the latter.


They were. I got 6 of each vintage and very pleased with them. Of course, as a greedy man I wish I had more but I realise these were a happy accident and I should be more grateful I got on board . A measure of the pleasure they give is that I’m not at all interested in how they may age. they’re great now.


Had the brother-in-law over last night and we had some thick cut sirloins.

With a couple from the archives

RSW full of choc berry warmth.
Signature with lovely Cabernet structure and tannins.
RSW wouldn’t keep much longer. Signature still has years ahead (cork willing)
I preferred the Signature (but then I’m biased), others preferred the RSW’s power.


Yay! Congratulations @Inbar, wonderful result and very well deserved .!
These two we brought with us, and as you all know the French don’t really sell “foreign” wine :rofl:. Really enjoyed the Earth and Sky but now it is out of stock :neutral_face::neutral_face:


This was me earlier in the week at Birmingham Loki. Wonderful, aromatic and intense, for me everything a CH should be.


First night in Madrid last night, it was a joy seeing our friends again. My friend had a terrible accident which left her temporarily wheelchair- bound. We were all due to travel to Galicia together, but obviously plans had to change and me and the husband will now travel on our own.

Still! She was in good spirits, and we ended up in a charming little local restaurant last night, specialising in Catalonian fayre. Delicious food, coupled with two zingy and lively bottles of Verdejo, felt like a good start to our holiday! :+1:

Despite being very limited in mobility, my friend had surprised me by booking us a trip to a winery in the Ribeira del Duero - a day before we depart to Galicia, so we’ll still get to taste some wine with them, which is lovely.

Happy Friday, all! :wine_glass::grinning:


late to the party but - Congratulations !!

that cremant is good isn’t it - great value for money. Have you tried the Limoux ?


Thank you! :grinning:

Oh yes! Another great value for money fizz! :+1:

Their Cremant de Jura is also a regular fixture in our house! :heart_eyes:


Drank this over three days:

Dense, closed, bit woody. Hmmm. The breeze-block tannins soften after a day or so and it begins to yield a lovely texture but still very little on the nose. It’s got the structure to last but has it got the fruit? I’ll check in again next year :crossed_fingers:


I’ve just had the 2016 arrive !

If it were me, for a wine you aren’t sure if it will evolve, I would probably check after 4 to 6 months. :crossed_fingers: it was an a-typical bottle