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Midweek Drinks Thread [12-15 August 2019]

Some bubbles are called for this evening, as I found out that I passed my WSET 3 with distinction :sweat_smile:. Cremant d’Alsace it is, then! Nothing fancy – one we got from Aldi - but it’s ticking the proverbial boxes. Fresh, zingy and floral, with lively bubbles – it’s a blend of Auxerrois, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc and a bit of Riesling too. Light and delicious!


Making some wild boar goulash for dinner, so decided to open this red, which we recently got in the showroom as a bin end (paid £6.95):

Never tried it before – but we like a dry Touriga Nacional, and this is a real quaffer. Blended with Shiraz, the nose is all plum, violets, sandalwood and menthol; on the palate there’s ripe fruit (plums, blackcurrants), smooth texture, woody but smooth tannin and a menthol-fresh finish. Despite a bit of an alcoholic burn (14.5% mid-week, probably not my brightest idea!) – the fresh minty/peppery finish saves it from being over the top. I think it should complement dinner nicely too! :crossed_fingers:

Happy Tuesday, all, whatever the weather! :clinking_glasses: :grin:


Woohoo! Congratulations! Was there ever any doubt? :clap::clap::clinking_glasses:


Thanks Mike - and yes! I never take these things for granted :flushed: Was a little worried before opening the email - didn’t want to ruin the Spanish holiday if it wasn’t a good result, but thankfully, nothing to worry about! All the more reason to drink in Galicia! :grinning:


Well done Inbar! All that hard drinking (I mean hard work) paid off :wink:


Congratulations Inbar, though my bookie wouldn’t give decent odds against this result!

Just skimming v quickly through your post and thought for a split second you were having wine bore for dinner! Wondered who the poor unfortunate was?

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Congratulations! Definitely deserve a glass or two of bubbly. All those hours of tasting wine has paid off :smile:

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Well done Inbar! :champagne:

We are continuing our exploration of Bulgarian wine with this dark peppery beauty:

I’ve read that Mavrud may be an ancient clone of Mourvedre. This certainly has a bit of a leathery gamey note with dark concentrated fruit. As with the Young and Wild Melnik and the Gamza; we are pleased with this. Bulgaria does seem to offer great value at the moment.


First to days of the annual long break in Hungary. a very strong start regarding wines. A 2012 Pinot Noir (2012 in Hungarian terms is relatively old for a PN and not very easy to come by) from Etyeki Kuria, still very youthful and very nicely drinking now. I think the CT review for the wine is very harsh, May have been going through a dull phase… The 2007 Tinon Dry Tokaji Szamoridni is a real curiosity, it is like a fino made out of botrytised grapes. Made by a French guy who settled in Tokaj in the early nineties Both wines worth seeking out.


A wine bore goulash? That’ll be me in the stew! Not unlike Shel Silverstein’s poem ‘Me Stew’:

I have nothing to put in my stew, you see,
Not a bone or a bean or a black-eyed pea,
So I’ll just climb in the pot to see
If I can make a stew out of me.
I’ll put in some pepper and salt and I’ll sit
In the bubbling water - I won’t scream a bit.
I’ll sing while i simmer, I’ll smile while I’m stewing,
I’ll taste myself often to see how i’m doing.
I’ll stir me around with this big wooden spoon
And serve myself up at a quarter to noon.
So bring out your stew bowls,
You gobblers and snackers.
Farewell - and I hope you enjoy me with crackers!

-Shel Silverstein


Very many congratulations.

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From TWS we enjoyed this tonight with some poached Scottish Salmon and salad. It was disappointing and nowhere as enjoyable as TWS own label South African Chenin Blanc made by Villiera


Well done Inbar. :champagne:

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Looking forward to comparing these two Bordeaux blends tonight… The Gere Kopar Cuvee is the only Hungarian wine I know of that is offered EP-ish style (only duty paid though). It is a selection of their best plots not only lieu dit Kopár, hence it is spelt Kopar rather then Kopár (also note the little ® copyright sign). While the Mayer Kopár is exclusively from the Kopár vineyard. Both 2015.


Cheapest Alsace wine on the WS list. Captures the slightly creamy green apple skin character of the variety. Nice quality for under £8.


This tonight with some salmon


Seemed much more of a red than a white evening and decided on a bottle of


From Majestic a couple of years ago. Almost at the black end of the red spectrum, with opening aromas of black-currant, blackberry, and a whiff of dark toffee. Similar in the mouth but not nearly as sweet as I expected, with pleasant freshness and acidity. Quite a dry tannic finish.
Nice drink for a wet Friday evening, and good on a wet Wednesday evening too, nicely washing down a sort of penne arrabiata/caponata. Actually seems quite Italian in taste but with a darker side!


Feeling quite cool this evening. Considered the gas fire (in August FFS :cold_face::scream:) but decided to open a bottle of LBV port instead! Bought at last November’s Winchester wine fair. A Casa de Santa Euphemia 2009. Lovely warming drink​:grinning:


Congrats @inbar

Regrettably one of my team is leaving this Friday, and so he and I had a last extended lunch together this afternoon.

Sweetings for food and a lovely bottle of Chablis, followed by Planet of the Grapes:

I must confess I’m a little too tipsy and tired to comment effusively on the inspirationally unique qualities of each of these; suffice to say they were all very good. The Langoa Barton was particularly pleasant, but they only had the one bottle unfortunately.


I’m ashamed to admit, but we had the electric blanket on the last couple of nights :flushed:

On the plus side, it’s 34 degrees in Madrid tomorrow… :+1::sunglasses:


Firstly, huge congratulations to @Inbar on passing WSET 3 with distinction!

Now my contribution to the weekly thread… Weekend working meant wine night moved once again to Tuesday. Tonight’s wine was bought at Hay Wines in Ledbury last week on a day out. Not my purchase but that of my partner. This wine is a 2016 Barbera, by Guerila Wines of Slovenia, produced with biodynamic and organic principles with minimal intervention and spontaneous fermentation.

In the glass this wine has a beautiful medium purple colour reminiscent of Ribena. It has numerous very slow running if not at walking pace legs.

On the nose are primary flavours of blackcurrant,blackberry, raspberry, liquorice, sage, rosemary and wet moss. Secondary flavours are provided by hints of white bread and a warm hay barn. Tertiary flavours consist of warm leather.

On tasting this wine has good overall mouthfeel with a strong initial fruit jam sweetness leaving minimal astringency and medium pleasant tannins. Surprisingly there is minimal alcohol burn despite a high ABV before leaving a long-lasting blackcurrant and pink grapefruit finish studded with hints of chorizo.

This is an excellent wine especially for its price point. We both noted how especially on the nose this wine has all the fruit flavours associated with a good Tassie Pinot Noir. I hope they have a few more on their shelves as this is well worth buying and enjoying. And for a wine bordering on the natural that is high praise from us!