Midweek Drinks (10-13 October)

This is good for those who like a bit of San-jo
Sour cherries :ballot_box_with_check:
Red cherries :ballot_box_with_check:
Morello cherries :ballot_box_with_check:
Juicy cherries :ballot_box_with_check:
You get the idea.
Also, a bit of forest floor and something floral, a touch of violets perhaps?

My brother informs me that the 2020 is pretty smart as well. VGV for the £12 I paid via Waitrose Cellar.


I love a bit of San-go, will seek out :star_struck:

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I’m a fan of starting the week with a good wine (why buy into the Monday-must-be-miserable approach?) so tonight is the 2018 Meres from Kooyong. I’ve often been a bit sceptical when I see ‘ethereal’ deployed in tasting notes but it is 100% appropriate here. Beautifully lifted nose with just-ripe red berry fruit, a slight leafiness mixed with smoke and mild woody spice, as well as something slightly sanguine. Palate vibrates - fresh, long, and intense. Really good.


A beautiful morning here so it’s autumnal chores, cool start but all done, varnishing and oiling the log store and shed. So this…

Our last bottle of Rosé from the fridge , amazing how cooler temperatures frees up fridge space with the last of the summer ribs for lunch. Perfect light Rosé although it’s better suited for a warmer day.


I’m really struggling with tennis elbow pain, which is making the working day (lots of frantic typing and every query ‘urgent’) more difficult than usual. Thank god for comfort food in the shape of Coq au vin, cooked by the other half. To accompany, this treasure - last of three, sadly:

Bin #006 Tasmanian Pinot Noir 2018

A perfect example of a cool climate Pinot, not trying to be anything but itself. Wonderful nose of dried rose petals and violets, earthy smell of the potting shed, almond note (for me, the other half didn’t get that) and fruit which hovers about and doesn’t seem to take centre stage (there’s some cherries, dried cranberries, pomegranate maybe…?).

Delicate on the palate - subtle but so focused! There’s crunchy and vivacious red fruit, that strange almond note (maybe I’m losing it!), and pretty floral notes mixed with more umami savoury notes. It’s autumnal and lithe and absolutely gorgeous! I wouldn’t add or take anything from this particular composition :heart:

Whilst closing shop, and as a prelude to sticking my feet up - a small glass of this aperitif:

Aldi Specially Selected Organic Etna Rosato

This is lovely, if not particularly complex. But on first sip I am enjoying the herby notes, which marry nicely to the citrus (pink grapefruit) and red fruit (cranberry mainly). Good minerality there, too… should work nice with food - but not tonight, Josephine.


Oh wow :star_struck: @Inbar ! Good to hear your tasting note of the bin series Tazzie PN .
I have been hanging on to my remaining bottle for what seems like forever so I’m tempted now more than ever to crack into it .
For me this evening …. I have had a Glass Chablis at a bar …… it may or may not have a small piece of cork in it :joy::see_no_evil:


Diam? :sweat_smile:


Sorry to hear about the tennis elbow. Get well soon! I’m also suffering from that at the moment, but only mildly. Hope to be back on the court in a week or two, but it’s funny finding out when it surfaces - eg. when trimming the hedge or reaching for a plate at the back of the cupboard.


Thank you! And sorry to hear that you’re a fellow sufferer! I should add that lazy bum here is not a tennis player, but clearly some repetitive movements are at play (!) here… :grimacing:

Lifting my glass of wine is a challenge at the moment… :grin: but yes, the sort of ‘electric’ pain rears its head in least expected moments… Hope you recover soon too! :pray:



We tried this at the Italy tasting a few weeks ago and it’s just as good second time around. Not complex, perhaps lacking a bit of bite, but smooth, fruity, retaining some freshness, slips down all too easily.


Hope you’ve tried those forearm bands (with plastic plate) - they do provide good relief, at least they did for me. But giving up carrying a heavy briefcase was the long term solution.


Yes, I do have a support sleeve - which is helping somewhat :+1:

Never experienced any pain like this… Maybe with the exception of childbirth :grin:


Do they still call that support thing / stuff “Tubigrip”?

Either way, it’s a simple but surprisingly magic thing.


This is similar to the one I used.

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Well, this is a bit good. Lovely aroma of ripe cherries and mulberry. A bit of fade and quite a watery rim but still delicious. Hard to believe it’s 14.5%, and I know it’s Tuesday, but I’ve had a hard afternoon painting a bedroom, and anyway, I’m worth it!


Fred Cossard Bourgogne “Bigotes” 2020.

First wine I’ve tried from Cossard (low intervention Burgundy) and it did not disappoint. Bread-y and lees-y on the nose, the palette has high acidity cutting through green apple that broadens to stone fruits with a lovely subtle saltiness throughout. Complex, structured and absolutely delicious. Almost reminds me of a champagne I tried recently but is still unmistakably Burgundy. Retails at £43 so is obviously pushing the boat out but a wine I’m not going to forget for a while.


Went to the tasting in Manchester yesterday. Great to have these back. A good varied line up including things I’d been wanting to try for a long time.

Have ordered some of the following


Really good value, I realise this is no secret to lots of you.


The cava was very drinkable and pretty refined for £14.

Really liked this Chardonnay which was already sold out. Everything in the description is correct plus a bit of struck match reduction. Would have bought some.


Favourite was annoyingly also the most expensive. Delicious, impossible to spit.


As a point of etiquette, how many times can one reasonably try the same wine from the same server at a tasting? 5 is ok right?


So, I am slowly getting back into wine, 11 days after coming down with COVID. Altogether, not too bad an experience - I think my liver thought it was on a spa holiday… No interest in wine whatsoever.

So, I have coravined a small glass of this to see what it was like:

Bründlmayer Grüner Veltliner ‘Vincent’ Ried Spiegel 1ÖTW Kamptal 2014.

Well, it’s not shy… Tons of tart, lemon and preserved lemon flavours, quite a full texture and a curious final flavour of rich tea biscuit. It’s the tartness that’s really noticeable, leaving a feeling of an unbalanced wine. To me, it could have years left before the acidity is tamed, not just 2 years in its drinking window. Or could it be me?

The label’s very disturbing too…


Prompted by some comments on another thread regarding the merits of South African Pinotage… I thought I’d revisit and see if it was any better than in the '80’s.

Bellevue Estate Pinotage, Stellenbosch 2018

Regretfully its a ‘meh’ from me. Although I do like the American oak & spicy notes, otherwise it seems like a cold climate Pinot Noir - a bit harsh as if the fruit struggled to ripen.

Maybe I need to try a more expensive bottle of Pinotage?


That label’s the stuff of nightmares :dizzy_face: