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Midweek Drinking Thread (February 28th - March 4th)

(sigh…) Oh do I have to ?

Kicking off this week’s reportage

The St Emilion left over from the weekend was an uninvited guest to today’s home-made pizza and home grown salad and foraged Pyrenean walnuts… was not an ideal wine to have and sorry to say the remaining 1/4 bott found its epiphany in my compost bin. Adieu mon brave.

Bring on Proper Pizza Wine, yay !

Enter stage left and a jubbly BJ - (has anyone said that BJ was ideal pizza wine ?) from a TWS mixed case. What can I say … cherry cola candy, a bit of tannic structure, lovely rose perfume… who can object. The only challenge was to not finish the lot in one go. (1/3 left for “later”…)

This was one of TWS BJ village cru EP from last year; seems not to be available now.
Dom Joseph Burrier St Amour, Côte de Besset 2019


Pray tell ?

Tonight cos it’s a Monday: Stuffed tomatoes, using left-over steak + rice + fresh oregano + Panko ‘chapelure’. Possibly one of my favourite ever dishes, available in every French Charcuterie but never here.

Wine choice is tricky 'cos all reds are garage cold, all whites similar. I have a hankering after Beaujolais having read @PHarvey post above. Or maybe a non-champagne fizz?


Oh well you know that I have a residence secondaire in Bagneres de Bigorre near Lourdes and walnut trees are ten-a-penny and it was from a stash of foraged walnuts obtained therefrom and thereabouts which were shelled, oven dried and vacuumed-packed which ended up in Blighty and now are added to salads, muesli and so-on.


Hi Could you please tell me what glass you are useing I really like the shape.

I’m deeply impressed. Have had wet walnuts from Alsace, but never from near Lourdes!

Incidentally (and totally off thread) I understand that the English obsession with Mahogany, is to do with being cut off from a supply of French / Spanish walnut in Napoleonic times?

France, Germany etc have no history of ‘mahogany’ to his day - so you get very poor reproductions of ‘mahogany’ from Mainland Europe laminate (formica) manufacturers.


er… @Lawrence-DD5A8 … is it a reply to my post ?
If it is, let me tell you.

It’s my favourite wine glass and serves a plethora of occasions.

It was “free” at a tasting in Oz, Two Hands, Barossa to be precise, some 4 years ago.

Here is the original debut, on the right - actually. If it ever breaks I will be distraught. I mean if terrorists invade my home… they can take children for hostage purposes - fine - good riddance - but not my 2 Hands wine glass


On such esoteric questions I usually reflect on the wise words of a doctor colleague encountered during my hospital junior doctor days in the 80’s. I had the great privilege to work with this colleague on a surgical intern stint for 6 months and he became a true hero / beacon of sanity.

He was from Grenada - and was the personification of cool / relax / chill.

He had only one answer to a multitude of questions from, well - me, his other colleagues, his patients, and the senior medical team.

It was … “who knows, man, who knows…?”

Words of wisdom indeed.


Opened a Half bottle of Esporão Monte Velho Tinto, Alentejano 2020

Which proved to be its usual ripe fruity loveliness. Possibly a little more tannic than the previous vintage. Not that there’s any harm in that.


So Monday night, a Fleurie.

2018 and shouldn’t really have been opened, with dry tannins front and centre - probabily will be better on day 2. I’m wondering if this is anything to do with the recent TWS Roilette (a stallion?) or is it simply a common name in those parts?


Pancakes with lemon and sugar tonight?

Which wine?

Moscato d’Asti



Anthony Road Pinot Gris 2016 Finger Lakes NY

Found this in the bin end rack at Averys Cellars, normally a Sunday Times Wine Club wine I think. Not bad, very pale, reasonably fresh but with proper varietal character. Second half tonight, but I don’t think I’d choose it over Alsace or Baden for my Pinot Gris.


Better to do duck pancakes and a decent red, no?


Afraid family tradition dictates…

Prompted by your post, @CCouzens I ventured into the depths of my wine fridge and much to my surprise found this - which should have been drunk up a decade ago.

The fruit for this wine, made by Cossetti Moscato d'Asti La Vita Docg 2021 | Cossetti , came from an ex-pat grower and winemaker, Phil Blades, who had a vineyard in Castelnuovo Belbo in the early 2000’s and made a really really good Barbera d’Asti, and had a B&B business there too, where I stayed 3 times, but I suspect he has since retired and returned to the UK. Cossetti is located very nearby.

It will be interesting to see how “well” this wine has aged; (eg will it even be drinkable ?..) the bottles we did consume within a year or two of purchase were delicious.


Well you can’t break those traditions so I would just go with my trusted food and wine mantra that has served me well over the years…
Food lasts X long, wine lasts much longer… So I’ll drink what I like :wink:
And in the case of a lemon and sugar pancake I would say about 1 minute max around me :pancakes:


Very slow going Chief, my little monsters nail theirs before the next pour of batter goes in the pan :yum:


Did you get any of those Ulysses Sauternes half bottles?

Yeah my boys here are the same. It’s like they just thumb it all in and swallow it like a duck.
I always say “did you even taste that!?”
Response is usually “more please”