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Midweek drinking thread April 14th - April 17th 2020

Has anyone tasted this Alexandrins offering?
Brezeme Rouge Domaine de Breseyme 2016


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This evening, a new series of “I’ll get this” on BBC2 at 22:00.
For the horologically challenged 10:00 pm. LOL :wink:
If you haven’t seen it, the premise is: who out of 5 diners in a restaurant pays the bill.
There are a series of head to head games to be played, before the unfortunate is revealed.
A bit of TV fluff before zzzzzzzz!! :sleeping: :wink:

I have. Very nice, but I only bought 1 bottle as I didn’t realise it was in short supply. It is still in limbo somewhere - part of my order made before lockdown.

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I bought a single bottle and today noticed a scathing review from J L-L citing a vegetal tone which he said was “not for me!!” His rating of 1.5* said it all. :-1:
A very surprising score, but it was made before the property was sold to Alexandrins.
And a beezer of a vintage! We shall see but delighted that you enjoyed it. :grinning:
I have a sealed “half” of Sundays Alexandrins Crozes 2015 this evening, it was a bit of a bruiser but I hope that it has calmed down a bit.

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With a delicious chicken and chestnut mushroom risotto we enjoyed this tonight. A TWS buy. Lovely rich mid-palate with good acidity and a very long finish. Glad to say that there are another couple of bottles in stock :grinning:. Sadly no more available to buy :frowning_face:


And for what it is worth, my Alexandrins Crozes 2015 has truly come to itself, now a quite lovely, silky glass of N Rhone Syrah that has class and complexity, rather than the bullyboy I encountered on Sunday!! :grinning: :wink: :wink:


I will have to try that. Just in bottle for 2 days, right?

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Opened it on Sunday evening, and passed it twice through the Aerator that I previously documented. You knew that the wine was top quality, just a bit BIG :open_mouth: for my girlie (Sorry, inappropriate and all that, an attempt at levity!! :wink: :wink:) palate!!
So I placed the unconsumed half bottle, into a WS screw topped cleaned White Burgundy half bottle, a quick squirt of Argon gas, and the 2 day slumber commenced.
Late on Tuesday evening, I had another crack at it, and after an hour, it metamorphosed into something you just never thought that it could be.
Pleased - very much so, and happy to pass on my experience.
Might I suggest that if it worked for this Crozes, when confronted in the future with a similar situation, all may not be lost!! :grinning:


We opened a 2017 Grauburgunder this evening, to go with pumpkin ravioli and late afternoon sun:

We had a few different wines from this Pfalz producer – Oliver Zeter- and this one further confirms that we like his touch and style. On the nose it is all peaches, fresh apricots, ripe pears and flinty smoke. On the palate - similar notes, plus spicy stem ginger and a tingle of minerality which persists on the finish. The mouthfeel is rounded, though certainly not ‘fat’ in the Alsatian mode, and there is nice texture on the palate - probably from the time it spent on the lees.

Reminiscent of the wonderful Bercher Grauburgunder from Baden we had a while ago, though sort of its own thing too. Can’t think of a better mid-week white at this very moment… :+1: :clinking_glasses:


Enjoying a glass of this lovely, nutty, dry Oloroso with pork scratchings, while cooking dinner.

Who needs olives and almonds? This combination is pretty good to me!


A first for me tonight…

…a Taurasi 2011 from Feudi di San Gregorio ( enjoyed with yet another version of beef ragu and beans, this time using fingernail sized chunks of braising steak ).

Sometimes called the Barolo of the south, it’s easy to see why. Savoury nose, blackberries, liquorice, bouquet garni at present but every sniff seems to bring something different to the table. Even better on tasting, its sweetly ripe fruit doesn’t cloy in the slightest thanks to its wonderfully fresh structure. Deep, powerful and authoritative whilst retaining freshness and lightness of touch. The balance between its various elements is absolutely perfect.

I have little idea of its cost ( £20 ? ) as it was part of an Italian Small Wonders case and it wasn’t listed individually but I’d happily drink it again ( x3 ) !

A real eye opener. I would never have guessed it came from Southern Italy.


Yes I know it’s infanticide in wine terms but I just fancied trying one of the case of six

Unsurprisingly a bit dumb to start with, and just shows lemon acidity and little else. Reminiscent of some young entry level Hunter semillons. With air and on warming starts to show a little more with a sort of white pepper and green apple character. Nice clean finish and really came into it’s own with a piece of plain roast salmon.


Cotes du Rhone tonight


Aglianico from volcanic soil can be seriously good, and is hugely underrated. Never could understand why the British market is so obsessed with Piedmont (OK, basically just Barolo!) and Tuscany to the exclusion of everything else!

Lasts a looooong time, too! Had a 2001 Taurasi last year, and it was some way off fully mature.


I knew next to nothing before drinking, only that it had a considerable reputation.

I’m properly impressed. Wines from Southern Italy are relatively new to me ( apart from Fiano and Falanghina ) so your input is much appreciated. As per the best red wines from Sicily ( in my limited opinion ) growing in a volcanic soil seems to give them an extra degree of everything !

As for its ageability, this seems to have a few years in it too.


Yeah, I’m convinced volcanic soil has special properties for wine. Santorini and Canaries also seem to corroborate that. Southern Italy does of course have more of it than anywhere! Try Aglianico del Vulture too, and Roccamonfina or Taburno too.


Tonight, The Society’s Ruppertsberg 2018.

50% Sylvaner, 50% Riesling. Having been introduced to Sylvaner by a 100% varietal Alto Adige from Lidl, I was keen to try more.

This is fantastic, dry, acidic and packed full of flavour. It paired perfectly with Nigel Slater’s persian noodle soup (https://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/persian_noodle_soup_76589).

Sadly it appears to be out of stock, but I’d been keen to stock up the next time it comes around.


The 2014 not 2015. With steak frites for son’s birthday on Monday night, finished with pasta tonight.

All about raspberries, colour, bouquet and palate. Even the tannins were a little rasping…better served cellar cool on Monday evening. Quite young still, will perhaps mellow a bit. A decent match for sirloin steak though.


I’m very jealous! We had La Cure 2015 in the centre of Chinon on holiday and loved it. I must try and track down some more.

I’ve just finished a Vina Ardanza Reserva 2010. I’m a fan of rioja but normally like them either old or young. This is promising but lacks both youthful vigour and aged development. I’d be hard pressed to discern a difference with a Baron De Ley Reserva 2010 I had last week. Thinking about it, I preferred the BDL. One to keep, I think.