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Midweek Drinking Thread [9 to 12 March 2020]



We were in need of cheering up over the last couple of days, having discovered a leak from the roof… Scaffolding now up, the husband climbed up to inspect prior to Mr roof’s visit… ‘it’s not looking too bad’, he said. We can only hope the subsequent bill supports his observation :grimacing: :pray:

To aid our prayers and hopes, we opened a bottle of 2017 Crozes-Hermitage Blanc, from domaine Rousset:

A delicious Marsanne, with a nose all brimming with peach, pineapple, golden delicious apple, beeswax, honey and white blossom. On the palate this is just as good - rounded, a little creamy, even waxy, with notes of peach, ripe yellow apple, honey and chamomile; on the finish there is a lively bitter citrus pith, which gives it added interest. So pleased to have opened it… roof? what roof?!

We’ll be drinking this with pork in Calvados, apple and cream sauce. What are you drinking this week? :clinking_glasses: :smile:


Looks delicious :yum:- amazing photo :wink::+1:

It’s now firmly on my wish list!


We’ve just had a ‘small’ roof leak fixed and we’re now broke.

But let that not distract you from ordering this delicious wine which still seems to be in stock:

Surprisingly youthful and full of rich, slightly unquantifiable fruit. This is the second wine I’ve tried from this estate and my eye is firmly, if somewhat metaphorically, attached. Delightful.

My attempt at photography:


Oh, no, don’t say that !!! :scream:


I tried this at the Rhone tasting, it was excellent - massively punched above its weight, and well justified the price.


It’s been hanging around since Friday, so finally gave in and opened this tonight.

Really intense. Bone dry, zingy citrus and a long, long finish while the flavours keep evolving, ending on a subtle note of honeysuckle. Much improved with some air and a bit of time out of the fridge. £8.50, absolute bargain.


My step mum had what was initially thought to be a ‘small roof leak’ two months ago…one new roof and £11k later…we do get bad weather up here though.


Had a cheeky wee Portuguese red from Lidl on Sunday and last night…

Quite intense fruit on first night, Touriga Nacional to the fore. Last night it seemed a bit harsher with tannin more evident, but still ok. Not bad for the price (£6.49).


Are you all bent on giving me nightmares??!! :cold_face:


Just managing your worst case expectations @Inbar! Only upside now…


Upside never looked so downhill… :grimacing:


I’m hoping that my growing collection of corks will prove a useful solution to any ‘small roof leak’ we may get… :wink:

In the meantime, I want to know who keeps buying all the wine?! I get to open something that I then find delicious, like this gorgeous Burgundy, only to find out it’s sold out - appalling !

What a lovely wine - quite complex, great balance between acidity and richness. Baked apple, floral aromas, long with layers of different flavours to both the front of the tongue and then the sides - wow! And then it was gone… Bugger!


Bought this on a recent trip to Chile. Rather disappointed and hope the other bottle is signicantly better. The acidity reminded me of an early English wine.

My notes were: Clear, hints of green. Intense nose. Gooseberries, lemons, asparagus. Hints of vanilla. Palate - rasping acidity with slightly metallic. Asparagus. Creamy. Difficult to drink.


After three days of me and Mrs Jos working our socks off moving house of my 89 year old mother, we are utterly relieved to be back in England, far away, bless her…

So this is what I have just decanted, the first glass to be drunk soon, it is after all already 1pm in the time zone we are used to.


Tonight after driving home from Edinburgh I am really enjoying this ! I love this wine … pour it over me when I’m gone … this and Rocking horse by Thorne and daughters … (Actual instructions!) :+1::+1::+1::+1::wink::wink:


Picked this up in a wine shop in Paris today. Not sure about it. Maybe just a bit rich and lacking sufficient acidity to balance for me.

However there are compensations


French wine scholar exam finally over. Brain is all scrambled :exploding_head:
Last glass of this adorable Muscat is just about bringing me back down to earth…

Night night :first_quarter_moon_with_face:


Oh, and roof quote is £2500… so not too atrocious. Why, some members spend this on an EP offer in one afternoon :smiley:

More worried now whether we’ll end up having to cancel our Loire trip… Corona shmorona! :roll_eyes:


Probably my favourite St Emilion but sadly I didn’t discover it until quite recently and, as Monsieur Francois Despagne himself said to me at the TWS Bordeaux tasting where I first discovered it, it needs a few years. In fact he was quite disparaging of the TWS drinking windows which said at the time that the '10 should be drinking now and he described it as like an unruly teenager who needed to calm down with a bit of maturity!

Consequently I’m facing a bit of lead time to really start enjoying these lovely wines at their best!


Been in London for the last few days topping up on culture: National Gallery; Tutankhamen; Upstart Crow; St Paul’s. The two evenings there we focussed on beer not wine😱 Ate in an excellent place called Lowlanders Grand Cafe going through various Belgian beers. Looking forward to tonight and the online tasting to get back on the grape juice.