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Midweek drinking thread [9-12 September 2019]


Sadly my penultimate bottle of this… I’ll just have to top up with some 2017! I wonder if TWS has any more of the museum release wines tucked away. The 2008 is starting to lose its pale green tinge and to gain some golden notes. Honeysuckle, tangerine, some herbal notes and a slight hint of a salty tang not dissimilar to a fino (but not
poxed). Lovely stuff, always a treat to open an older bottle of this wine.


Good sherry never fails to put a smile on my face, especially approaching the end of a challenging week.


Enjoyed with grilled sea bass, this is a regular buy for me from TWS. Rich mid-palate but with a limey dry finish. Just lovely VFM.


Borthwick PN 2015. Lovely as usual but beginning to taste distinctly mature. Still a few bottles so a priority for this winter