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Midweek drinking thread [9-12 September 2019]


Well, that’s me sorted for the next couple of days:


It’s good. There’s a lot of black pepper going on, but it hasn’t quite prorogued the fruit, which is still in session, keeping the black pepper in check.


I like your fine parable of the black pepper! :+1::wink:



This for us tonight

Delicious as always and starting to show some hints of tertiary. No rush though. Says on the back ageing potential 6-9 years so right in that window. Think it will go beyond that pretty easily.


Next one of last week’s delivery:

Apparently a longer skin contact style but maybe only a hint of that in a more richer feel on the palate. Excellent midweek wine nonetheless.


This Loire Chenin last night, have enjoyed their Cab Franc in the past. This has bright lime fruit but the texture prevents this from becoming sharp. Pretty good length and was a great partner to fish tacos.

I’d put money on this lasting way beyond the 2021 drink by date the W/S put on it, even in my cupboard under the stairs “cellar”


The winemaker said 10 years for this wine when we visited last year. Might be a bit of a stretch, but I’m keeping a bottle just for curiosity’s sake.


Aldi double agent here…Fleurie worth a 90/100…dangerously drinkable :frowning_face:


I wonder, how long do box wines keep, once you start dispensing…five weeks or so…?


The race is on: can the Speaker resume his chair before I get through this bucketload of Côtes-du-Rhône…


You (we?) might need a bucketload of Côtes-du-Rhône if the speaker doesn’t resume his chair.


I’ll be sure to have an appropriately filled basket on standy :open_mouth:


To paraphrase Jaws “I think you’ll need a bigger basket” :slightly_frowning_face:


First up, thanks to @Herbster and @Inbar for the banter and making me laugh !

Enjoyed this last night with roast breast of lamb, cauli cheese and a baked potato…

…TWS notes are spot on. Ripe red and black berries on the nose, not a lot in the way of complexity just lots of juicy fruit. Sappy blackberry, raspberry and blackcurrant fruit on tasting. Ripe and deeply flavoured it reminded me of some of the larger scale 2015 Beaujolais I’ve tried, in the respect, it has an almost Rhone-y Grenache quality to it ( as one of the members reviews mentions ). A supple texture, discrete tannins and sufficient fresh acidity maintain balance and prevent the ripeness from cloying. Simple but satisfying and a decent pairing to the food.


In the Eto for the next few nights.


Hmmmm I have one of those waiting on my pleasure! :smiley:


Oh man that’s good stuff.


Trying this again after a couple of years. Colour is not as dark as expected and it has quite a watery rim, something to do with the change to organic farming apparently. Smells good, fruit on a faint chocolate background, and tastes better than it did two years ago. However I still find it has quite a bitter aftertaste, which I’m not too keen on. I have 2 bottles left, but sometimes a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do!


Bought purely as I don’t know the grapes and haven’t drunk enough Sicilian wine. Quite fruity with a really crisp finish but not that memorable.