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Midweek drinking thread [9-12 September 2019]


My first wine of the week is quite an interesting number from Adi Badenhorst

Slightly cloudy, slightly oxidised, lacking in acidity… everything a white should not be… yet it works. Glad I have another bottle to try in 5 years :wink: Testament to the strength of the L&W South Africa range.

What are you drinking this midweek?.


“Don’t drink and walk on the road you may be killed”, sounds ominous!

Half of this lovely subtle Macon.


Love that wine :yum:


Eto’d Chave St Jo from Saturday (2013 offerus) has turned into a meaty, savoury bruiser with increasingly bracing acidity as it sits in the glass. If I’d known it would be this good and how fantastic £10/bottle would seem by now, I’d have bought a lot more back in 2015


This must be the nicest Maratheftiko I’ve tried:

From visit to the winery during trip to Cyprus at end of May. Not a bad start to the week at all…


Never found a maratheftiko that really convinced me. When I visited Esousza a couple of years ago, they agreed it probably worked best in blends.


Long and difficult day at work, so was looking forward to Wine O’clock!

The husband is making some beef stroganoff, so I decided to open a 2016 Kékfrankos made by Koch. Got it from Quaff in Brighton a while back, as we love wines made from this grape. This one is no exception; great nose - floral (pot-pourri), peppery, with cherries and blueberries as well as a touch of pencil shavings, not unlike a Chinon.

Lovely on the palate too; fairly light (maybe medium minus on the body-meter), with lively acidity and chalky tannins. Pleasantly ‘chewy’ mouthfeel. Fruit is definitely on the hedgerow/wild berries/cherries spectrum, and it also has lovely smoky and peppery/spicy notes, which we like. According to the husband this wine is ‘grey’. This synesthesia thing is baffling to me!

This bottle will not last long, I can feel it! :ok_hand: :grin:


Casserole with this juicy, fruity mencia. Pretty decent value for £11.50. Took a while to open up, a bit riper fruited than other mencias I have had. Cherry fruit and an almondy hint (almost like a valpolicella!)


Lovely, but not nearly as good as the 2016.


A glass of this … pleasant slight oak evident, was sufficient as a back up from my corked bottle :neutral_face:.


I always enjoy Mr Inbar’s multi-perceptual, alternative tasting notes! :+1:


Slightly off topic but how is this producers name pronounced phonetically? :wink:


I’m sure I don’t know what you mean…! :blush:

Incidentally, it’s probably easier for a Hebrew/German/Welsh speaker to pronounce it correctly, with that mighty chhhhh guttural sound :slight_smile:


In Hungarian it is much less guttural… but definitely h rather than k… :wink:


Is it a German surname, originally? We have lots of them in Israel - but they may well be Hungarian in origin, I guess!


It is German in origin, but so is the Queen and you would not use the German pronunciation in her case…


Ouch! don’t remind her. Saxe-Coburg Gotha doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.


Don’t forget the Scots, they do a great line in “that mighty chhhhh guttural sound”!


Yer right! I should have said ‘Celts’ :flushed:


100 Montanhas 2015 from the wonderful Bodegas VidAs, “viticultura heroica” from the mountains of Asturias. 100% Carrasquin , a grape unique to the Narcea valley. Lovely fresh and crunchy mountain wine and extremely well made.

This totally overshadowed the TWS Julian Schaal SA Chardonnay. Dull wine lacking any distinction.