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Midweek drinking thread [7th - 10th December 2020]

Let’s start this one. I am planning to take it easy this week, in anticipation to some heavy weekend drinking, except Thursday, when it’s the Mrs bday, and we will have this:


with this:


from Bageriet in London


Svensk kaka, jättebra! Grattis på födelsedagen till din fru. :sweden:



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Brilliant choice of fizz. would be more too! Got it for christmas!


Happy Monday everyone.

From TWS. Was afraid it might be dead, but needn’t have worried. Strawberry and cream with good mouth filling bubbliness.

Had a bit of a crap week last week (good weekend though) and wanted something special as a consollation.


Not normally a mid-week drinker, but this has found its way into my possession and when it’s a box there’s no need to worry about finishing a bottle.

Predominantly Nebbiolo, its light and all too easy to drink. Works out at about £8 a bottle, so pretty good value as well.

I’ve been working from home now since March and am finding myself doing more and more cooking from first principles and the inner Keith Floyd is beginning to demand a glass of something! Keeping it Italian and simple tonight with spaghetti carbonara.


Happy Monday !!

Cold and foggy outside, so feels like a red evening.

Lots of red fruits & berries. Smooth with a lovely cherry red colour. Recommended


One of my favourites!

Steak night here with this

Lots of blackcurrant/blackberry fruit. I prefer the Lieu dit St Joseph Cuvée but enjoy this as a steak wine. No tertiary flavours yet and only 1 bottle letlft of the 2010 so I don’t expect to wait for them but its a lovely bottle drinking beautifully now.


Three of these arrived today.

I’ve been exploring Oregon Pinot Noir ever since my son moved to Chicago just over a year ago. Loved the Elk Cove that TWS had a while back and also recommend the Lemelson that is in stock at the moment.

I’ll post a tasting note when I open one of the Eyrie’s but planning on giving them a couple of years (or not!).


What to do when you suddenly feel like some red wine but it’s a bit late to start on something special? Grab a bottle of La Vieille Ferme 2019, open, pour a glass, relax! Always a good drop.


Don’t mind my apron…

It’s a Mendoza malbec then!

Sweet, almost candy-like nose of blueberries and vanilla, bit of kick on the palate but good winter grog.

Not sure if I could get through very many glasses of this but for a fun-size portion it’s just fine :+1:


Mirror shot of you wearing that for tomorrow’s bottle please.




With a sort of Carbonara…

Just a lovely, if idiosyncratic wine. The fruits are sour and a little sharp - pomegranate, redcurrant (loganberry?) and so on - with savoury elements. Which is maybe giving me an insight into why I so like Thymiopoulos, in that he approaches wine-making differently but ends up at an end-destination not a million miles from this.


Bet you won’t dare do a Frankie Howard!

Enjoyed this last night… More grown up than I thought it would be


A 2016 Chénas from Dominique Piron this evening, to go with a Gino d’Acampo sausage and beans stew:

I think quite a few members drank and enjoyed it recently – so I can only add to the choir of contented voices and stick my thumb up as far as it’ll go. I am yet to be disappointed by a Piron wine – even his ‘basic’ Beaujolais Village is a delight. This one comes with the added benefit of a few years in bottle, and certainly shows some nice development.

The nose slowly opens up to reveal notes of blackberries, wood-smoke combined with damp earth (so a little firepit in the forest after the rain), there’s kirsch, blackcurrant leaf and a floral note that neither of us could pin down.

On the palate it is light on its feet - almost (ahem!) ethereal; there’s bramble, delicate smokiness, minerality abound and even a trace of pencil shavings. We both thought it had something of the Cab Franc about it… which is a compliment, of course. Plenty of acidity (bright and lively :grinning:), and tannins are more of a hint in the background. Simply wonderful – I wouldn’t want to take anything or add anything to it, and what more can one want of one’s wine?

Happy Tuesday! :wine_glass: :+1:


Picked the correct bottle this time. Not as silky smooth as Raore but I prefer the style. Hibts of licorice, cloves, dried meat and cranberry. I’m a fan of simple food and fancy wine so having with Aldi sausages & mash. It’s just a Tuesday after all.


Enjoying this tonight. Purchased here but sold out very quickly, which is a shame as would definitely buy more.

Sharp, ripe lime and peppery spice with just a touch of oak.

Long finish that gets better as it warms slightly from fridge temperature.

Very enjoyable vino


@Graham5000 it’s a wonderful vineyard to visit if you find yourself in the W. Cape with not only a great wine tasting but fantastic views and a super restaurant.