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Midweek Drinking Thread [7 to 10 February 2022]

Well, it is another usually dry day in which I nevertheless find myself drinking… :thinking: There is some method in this madness, trust me.

Anyway, one of my favourite grapes this evening, but a new wine/producer on me:

Roussanne de Madone, Pays d’Urfé, Gilles Bonnefoy 2020

What a delicate yet flavoursome composition this wine is!

Medium gold in hue, the nose was discreet at first - but as the wine warmed up a little shows notes of pears, peach, fresh herbs, honey and almond blossom. On the palate it is a Roussanne alright, but - as in TWS notes - a little lighter than a Rhône example. Still, it has a lovely rounded texture, with notes of ripe orchard fruit, honey and white peach, a tingling minerality, perhaps some ginger spiciness and a bitterness like citrus zest on the finish. There’s definitely a little more room for it to develop, so I’m adding another bottle to my next order which I shall leave for a while.

There was also a Gamay from the same stable, which was stocked by TWS and which got very good reviews. I love it when Marcel finds us little treats… :smile: :ok_hand:

What are you drinking this week? :clinking_glasses:


You beat me to making a thread so I’ll post mine in here!

I’ve opened a Wine Society favourite tonight, Pataille’s Bourgogne 2018 - to be enjoyed with Fergus Henderson’s “Bacon and Beans” (basically a cassoulet) from the St John book, which specifies that it must be eaten with a bottle of your finest burgundy. Who am I to argue with Fergus?

In short, it’s absolutely lovely. Restrained on the nose but the palette is just lovely silky sweet fruit. It has some concentration but is still fresh. I’m sure it will keep but the fruit is so lovely that it’s a shame not to drink it right now. Has anyone else tried this recently? I’ll be picking up a few more bottles for sure.


Why thanks for asking @Inbar ! I happen to be drinking wine! This one:

Val di Suga Brunello di Montalcino 2016.

A bit posher (pricier) than I was really intending for tonight but I need cheering up.

Surprisingly dry, from the nice clean tannins and acidity. But in a good way, sort of makes it toothsome. I will write more once it has been open a bit longer and has some tucker alongside it.


Do you make your own bacon ….my first go last week


I haven’t although I will give it a go sometime - that looks cracking!

This is the recipe if you need a way of using up all that bacon: St. John Beans and Bacon Recipe - NYT Cooking - although the recipe from the book suggests making a trotter stock, which is really the soul of the dish, giving it a lip smacking richness you wouldn’t get from other stocks.


Two wonderful N Rhones, a red and a white. Mainly weekend drinking but finished tonight.

The Viognier (Cuilleron Les Vignes d’à Côté 2019) could be described as ‘almost a baby Condrieu in all but name’. Lovely peachy lightness combined with oily weight.

The Brezeme (Domaine de Bréseyme 2017) also had an ethereal quality - certainly for a Rhone red. It was relatively light and nuanced but unmistakably N Rhone. Great to drink a red at 12.5%, especially something as moreish as this.


I haven’t tried this, but I do have both a bottle of the Pataille, and a St. John cookbook, so I now fully intend to copy this exact paring in the near future!


I love this wine! :heart_eyes:
The Marsanne from the same range is also fantastic in my opinion.


I got this one in Quaff - do they sell the Marsanne too?

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Tonight for one night only (because o.o.s) CHAKA KHAN !! and indeed, I feel for you. From the Chakana vineyard. Turned up in a recent mystery case and a superb Argentine Malbec from 2017. Outstanding, wish I could buy a few more - very much a new world wine, made with old world class.



We had this on Saturday and agree it drinks really well now and it was, unexpectedly, matched against a 2011 Joseph Roty Gevrey-Chambertin which was also lovely while probably entering the “get drinking” phase. So by pure coincidence we had a great match-up of delightful young and confidently old matching beautifully with roasted duck.

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Hm! Not sure - I don’t recall seeing it on their list. But I buy mine from Butlers :grinning:


Excellent…an excuse to make a trip to that amazing shop too then!

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Coteaux du Lyonnais, Domaine des Hauts de Chasselay 2020

Finishing off last nights veg stew with this rustic budget favourite of mine. Brawnier than most basic Beaujolais. Nothing sophisticated but good fruit, reasonable tannin and bite. Something you’d sip happily with the rich food of Lyon or anything hearty.


We shared a bottle of this Nahe Riesling over a lunch of left-overs salad, left-over cheeses and resurrected baguette, from the weekend. We called in and tasted at Schauss back in 2016 and I’m glad I’d forgotten about this bottle which was absolutely gorgeous; one of those comprehensively balanced wines with no jarring edges but still full of life; the sort that restores your love of the variety.

For supper amongst ex pat and local friends nearby I took this, to go with the chicken & tarragon main. Samling is aka Scheurebe, (a German Riesling x Unknown cross) and we bought this at the cellar door when we visited in 2017. It’s in central Slovenia, near Maribor. The domain goes back to 1542, but was not a vineyard for all those years. It was OK, clean and lean though not stuffed with flavours, and actually a fellow guest’s Pacherenc sec was a better match tbh. Maybe I’d left it too long.


Update: wasn’t from a mystery case. Prob not from TWS, no idea where it came from ! but very much worth buying if you see a bottle.

Continuing from the what are you doing thread… a Focaccia duly created, and whilst the dough rose, a Cremant de Loire (just to comment that actually, although we do like to applaud and encourage ESW’s over Champers, but here in l’exagonne we are so spoilt by the array of MC alternatives to C, and for - in context - silly prices; this Ackerman Crémant was just over €6…)

Ensuite, the bread baked, the moules marinieres prepared (oddly from Eire; it’s hors saison for French mussels) and a barrel fermented Robola to go with.

I’m perennially surprised that Robola hasn’t been caught up in the wave of trendiness that Assyrtiko has. It’s a lovely variety - think Verdejo, Riesling and something like Roussanne, all combined) but this wine at around €8 at the Robola co-op cellar door was a ridiculous steal. Sadly this is our last one.


All this talk of Naoussa 2019 has made me thirsty :smiley:

Cherry and some sour(er) fruit. Nice, juicy and refreshing. Xinomavro is mostly considered under the umbrella of Nebbiolo, but the comparisons here are for me more towards a(n old world) Pinot Noir, and I think this would be a great alternative to that grape with a nice piece of gamey meat.


I am with you on that. Sometimes it’s a bit of both, but I swing in the Burgundian direction more often.

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For us there was an interesting contrast between producers when we did the tasting last year; The Markovitis and Ktima Foundi were most definitely in the Nebbiolo cannon, the Dalamara a happy crossroads (perhaps a Barbaresco rather than Barolo), with Thymiopoulos being more Pinot (perhaps a more modern producer in a traditional appellation in style?) with for us the Karydas and Kir Yianni being more New World Pinot in style.

(I hope this is taken on the spirit it is intended - I once tried a comparison on CT, and somebody upbraided me because they weren’t exactly the same to them :smiley:)