Midweek drinking thread 6th to 9th November 2023

As my meal ( venison liver, onion gravy, steamed spuds and peas ) deserved a wine, I may as well kick things off this week.

Here tonight, a Crozes-Hermitage ‘Domaine de Thalabert’ 2013, PJA.

As I posted about the same recently, to be brief, a spectacularly good match to the food with its savoury black fruit and black olive aromas and flavours. Fresh acidity and resolved tannins, along with the ripe but savoury fruit, gave it an eminently food friendly structure that, in combination, chimed beautifully with the flash cooked liver and the sweetly savoury gravy. :yum:

Off topic, as I’ve given up on TV, it’s now time to return to Joni Mitchell’s ‘The Hissing of Summer Lawns’ which has been obsessing me of late !

So what’s in your glass and, for that matter, on your plate this week ?



Stunning wine. Brilliant juice. Excellent food match too.

Always had a soft spot for Joni Mitchell too. I’m an aging hippy essentially…



Evening all,

So. What’s going to be opened this week?

It’s been a good start to the week for me. Hopefully good for you.

This called to me from the back of the garage.

Grosset Springvale Riesling 2016…

Lime and citrus nose on opening. Maybe some apple too. Fresh crunchy acidity. Dry mineral finish. Good long aftertaste. Very balanced. Dangerously drinkable. 12.7% abv.

M&S last year…


Thanks somebody for starting this :smile:

We’re having falafel kebabs with harissa yoghurt and Baba Ganoush, and this seemed appropriate…

More Etna Rosso-like than something say like a Xinomavro or Agiorgitiko, it’s all sour cherries but with a sort of smoky ending that leads me to the comparison. I then get an aftertaste of peaches (or some vague stone fruit thing, probably tinned, at any rate) which I was not expecting. Though very nice, all the same.

Anyway, to reiterate, TWS are absolute masters at finding these fabulous bargain ‘around a tenner’ wines. Is there some training course they all do, or a secret management memo doing the rounds? :grinning:


Well, so long as no one else posts whilst I’m typing, I get to launch the midweek thread! And I’d like to open with a comment/request. this has been mentioned before, but I am noticing more and more posts in these threads talking about ‘this’ wine with a photo. I do think it’s a shame that people take the time and bother to posts notes on their wine but then don’t put the name of the wine in the post. I’m sure I’m not alone when pondering a wine I’ve not tried before and doing a search in the community to see what others have thought and these posts without the title of the wine can never be found in such a search. Which I do think is a sad when there is such a wealth of well thought out notes here.

Anyway on to my wine of tonight. I opened a bottle of this…no, no, I mean a bottle of Brazin Lodi Old-Vine Zinfandel :wink:2018

This is my first Zinfandel though not my first primitivo and I know it’s a popular one with the community but I’m not so sure it’s for me. Just a bit too sweet and, to my tastes, jammy. Not undrinkable but probably not a re buy.

For what it’s worth I’ve been thinking a bit about this recently. I’m not a big fruit lover; I don’t dislike it but neither do I crave it, I’ll eat fruit if presented with it and a little on my cereal is great but I rarely think, “Oh I must buy some fruit.” And so I suppose it shouldn’t be surprising that I always seem to prefer a mature savoury wine to a young fruity one. I don’t mind a bit of fruit so long as it isn’t in my face - I like Beaujolais crus but I’m not so keen on the more nouveau end of the scale. Which is a drag since that end of the scale is generally more reasonably priced! Ho hum!

Hope every one has a good week ahead.


Thanks @Inbar. Teach me to type my post (very slowly) whilst eating my dinner! I did look first honest!


We share the same opinion about that wine


Thanks from me too for merging the threads @inbar.

@MikeFranklin - thanks also for making the point in giving a searchable description when posting as I also find it very useful. :+1:


Thanks for making the point about including the name of the wine in the text, Mike. It makes it so much more useful - there are times when I know that a wine has been drunk, but then can’t find the post describing it.

On a related point, I’d also make a plea for the date in the thread title to include the day, month and year. I know that I’m never going to get my geek’s paradise of ISO date format, but at least those three things add immediate context.


I am afraid I am guilty as charged on that one. Photographing wine bottles is not my forte. I often get the angle a bit wonky and miss off the vintage…that makes it even worse.


don’t know this album, but have put it on
so thanks for that, it’s good- but you already know that :slight_smile:


I’ve got to say my thoughts with this one when I tried a bottle a year or two back absolutely mirrored yours - not my cup of tea at all.

In the same breath though, the Liatiko (@Tannatastic above) is a little gem of a wine in my book. I like it slightly chilled myself, and particularly enjoy it with herby-Med-style BBQd stuff.


Good morning all,

Rather than finish off last night’s Grosset Springvale Riesling 2016 put it in the fridge for this evening.

When I got the Grosset out this was winking at me.

Château Sénéjac 2015 Haut Medoc

Good colour. Earthy. Medium to full bodied. Dark red berry tastes. Maybe a touch of tobacco. Reasonable length on the finish. Drinks (too) well.

Half saved and recorked for later…

Suspect a Coop reduced item. Few more slumbering methinks


Tws had some Senejac at £12 other year then I saw it shoot to £19

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I bought 2015 Senejac from TWS ep - £105/dozen ib. It is drinking very well now.


I’ve got a couple 2016s - do we think good to go based on how the 2015s are drinking?

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My last chat with TWS advisors indicated wait another year, but it all depends how you like your wine?
I think I am holding until autumn 2024 @Phil-69ABA


Giving them another year seems about right. I think the 2015 is better now than in January when I tried my first bottle.


This wine is my very vinous nightmare. Honestly find it hard to imagine anything worse.

Eben the supermarket Alentejo reds in Portugal :slight_smile:

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This evening with a - if I do say so myself - very good Moussaka…

Unsurprisingly, a slightly different interpretation of Xinomavro to the usual Naoussa suspects. Initially, it reminded me more of the Thymiopoulos Rapsani - a darker fruited, bigger mouthful. This lead me to believe that it could last decades, but a further hour or two opened, and it has lightened a little, and the mid palate (whether it’s tannins or ‘stuff’) have relaxed, and the acidic, higher toned aspect (which I was expecting in the first place) has come to the fore. Perhaps slightly less interesting than a Naoussa - seems a bit less savoury (?).

To revisit in 3-4 years. Probably :man_shrugging: