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Midweek drinking thread (5th July - 9th July)

Come on you slackers can’t believe I have to kick off this week.

Any roads. Back in France for a few weeks; (hopefully an excursion to Spain in due course). So here’s tonight’s line up which TOH had procured. The fizz ? fairly horrible and most tipped down the sink. The rosé - surprisingly OK, and managed to slip down comprehensibly although without any bursts of excitement . But the GSM from d’Anglès stole the show; matched a fillet mignon, beans, sautéed spuds and armagnac-creamed mushrooms a treat.


Sounds like a good meal abroad🍷

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Jealous of your trip @PHarvey, enjoy.

Feeling a little blue today having driven back from Devon after a great week away. Still on annual leave for the rest of this week so thought I would try to cheer myself up by finally finally getting round to what I think is my first oldish barbaresco (young for some I’d imagine) a Piero Busso San Stunet 2013. Decanted for two hours (thanks @Rafa for the tip on that front!). Liquorice, tar, earthy yet a sweetness to it all, rather enjoyable and the 14% alc is well integrated.


@GHobson superb way to start the week!
Great colour in the glass


Good grippy Lyonnaise Gamay from Les Vins Aujoux, with a veggie hotpot. Lovely and ripe in 2020.

Will get more at this price!


Day three and this is still going strong. Fruit and savoury elements in lovely balance, tannins prominent, but smooth and no food necessary. After day 1, I thought this might be more mature than the TWS drinking window would suggest, but quite the reverse.

It doesn’t have the sophistication of a Barolo but I feel sorry for the people who awarded 1 star reviews to this wine, for they clearly had a bad bottle. I hope my other 2 are more like mine than theirs :pleading_face:


I really liked this as well and order another 12 to put into my reserves. It had developed a somewhat funky truffle aroma on my third day which I thought was nice for a decently priced Nebbiolo.

I’ve seen quite a lot of poor reviews on this wine so was wondering if it’s just a batch problem…


How is it possible to still have wine left on day three, was it a Jeroboam?


I didn’t have any on day 2 because I had a boozy lunch then some friends irresponsibly suggested we meet in the pub.

Plenty left for day 4 though


I’m just glad they’re not all like the one I had :+1:

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The Château d’Anglés ‘Grand Vin’ 2018 is also very good - sold by MWW.

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And so to today’s late lunch here in France where the weather has decreed the need to be confined to barracks.

First course - Charentais melon (on offer at I-Marché) with jambon de Bayonne. To accompany - English Merlot. The first I believe; the 2018 from Bluebell in Sussex. It’s not too bad. Convincing colour, reassuring gentle farmyard aromas and flavours of ripe cherries and tomatoes, a pretty impressive effort. Still available at Grape Britannia but not on the producer website. Bluebell Vineyard Estates Ashdown Boundary Block Merlot 2018 - Grape Britannia

Next - tarragon chicken, isle de Noirmoutier new potatoes and panfried courgettes.
D’Anglès rosé 2020 to go with. Very pleased as I’ve bought this for the past 10+ years; each vintage, but the 2019 was decidedly naff, they’d gone all onion-skin and wishy washy whereas hitherto it had decent body and flavour. The 2020 is return to form. They have more cinsault now; it used to be mainly mourvèdre

And for le fromage - bleue de basque, abbaye belloc and Norfolk mature Dapple, I fished out from my travel souvenirs this lovely Greek blend from Macedonia. It delivered the right amount of rich blackberry coffee and plummy mouthfill.


A bottle of Jean-Paul Brun 2019 ‘Les Terres Dorées’ Beaujolais Blanc this evening, to accompany TWS ‘The Many Faces of Chardonnay’ zoom event, starting shortly:

We enjoyed previous vintages of this wine, as well as his oaked version. Made from 30 year old vines, the wine is aged in a mix of stainless steel and concrete. Although his oaked version is perhaps a little deeper and more lasting in flavour, we really like this unoaked one for its slight floral notes, the clean fruit flavours and the nice ‘bite’ of citrus freshness.

Notes of pear, honey, peach skin and delicate white blossom on the nose, are followed by similar notes on the palate. It’s fresh and zesty, but has a fulsome mouthfeel and the fruit (peach, orchard fruit) is ripe coupled with vivacious minerality. It’s very easy to enjoy but isn’t ‘simple’ as such, and it makes for a really nice alternative to whites from the Mâconnais.

Happy windy Tuesday! :clinking_glasses: :tornado: :slightly_smiling_face:


2017 Bourgogne Rouge, Domaine Vincent Prunier

Nice entry level Cote D’Or Burgundy a blend of 2/3rds Pommard and 1/3 Volnay fruit. Dark and red cherries, a touch of earthiness and spice. Will look out for more from this grower as was rather good for £20.50 from a local merchant (DBM Bristol).


Ricotta, grilled courgettes with toasted pine nuts, great olive oil and basil accompanied by this Cabernet Franc from Baudry Dutoux, a pleasant combination. Hallmark bell pepper, sweet damson core, soft tannins.

We were once at the august Bernard Baudry’s chais awaiting his son and a fellow taster but French asked where we’d been previously. When I said ,
‘Next door’ at Baudry Dutoux he replied’ oh, ‘that’s supermarket wine’.
A bit harsh!


I love older wines, and took a leap of faith on this £22 2009 Blaufränkisch - good reviews by members. Got to say it’s excellent ! and rather unusual - nose has a distinct burnt tang (not sure about that), mature garnet rim, palate is light bodied and quite fresh like an old Beaujolais, still plenty of fruit - bilberry?. Tomorrow I’m thinking ribeye steak & green peppercorn sauce.


Halfway through an epic trek to/from Edinburgh / Cornwall


Wow, congratulations on making halfway.
You’ve certainly earned the bubbles, what are you planning for the finish line?


Opened this superb Mosel Riesling tonight. Full bodied rich but dry with deliciously captivating high acidity. It really commands your attention.
You can drink this on its own. It does not go with salami, smoked salmon or cheeses.
Aromatically exquisite. Medium gold. Peach, perfume, and perfectly weighted.


May I ask if those are the Jancis Robinson glasses? They look great.