Midweek Drinking Thread [5 to 8 August 2019]


This tonight. Very fresh. I think I have to give it the 3 L’s - lemon, lime, and lychee. Just the very faintest trace of petrol far in the background. Perfect for a warm evening.


Oh… I just saw this on the shelf at my local independent today, not sure of the vintage, but tempted to try now.

Do so. 2013 was particularly good. Open for about half an hour before drinking.

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Gnarly Head Zinfandel. Delivered today and I screwed the top off this one first.

Keeping in mind this has only been open for 5 minutes and the first glass poured through an aerator , I think I made a good choice for my lightly spiced caribbean inspired Gram lentil curry.

There’s plenty of peppery heat from the alcohol, it feels all of its 14.5% . Ripe plum is the primary fruit to my palate, smooth mouth feel, oleaginous finish.
Obviously it needs to be open longer and/or be decanted, but it makes a nice change from my usual fare (Spain, France, some aussies).
In a blind tasting I’d have had this as a Pinotage with a whiff of Malbec, so probably best to ignore my impressions. :face_with_monocle::rofl:

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A large glass of this tonight. More Burgundy than Beaujolais… sour cherry, tea leaves, slightly austere in a good way, a touch of stalk.


How about a couple of clues. It’s from the 2009 vintage and has a 8.5% abv,
Produced by a very good pinot noir producer!

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Happy anniversary Inbar!

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Translucent ruby, collects the light and throws it all over the room. Lovely pinot like nose of warm asphalt and red fruit. Red and black fruit. Full and delicious. Long and mouth filling. Bought from Waitrose on one of their 25% off sales. World class. Need to drink more modern SA cinsault.


This is just lovely! Great concentrated red fruit flavours, a touch of spice. Perfect with a smoked salmon salad.


You and me, both! :grinning:

Had this one recently, and enjoyed it:

Got another one from Waterkloof awaiting its moment. They seem very good value for money! :+1:

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I reckon @winechief and @erdunn might be the only two with a chance of getting that one. Although I’d be interested to know what distribution they have over here. It used to be extremely difficult to get back home so quite surprised to see it over here.

That is a big enough hint… :slight_smile: looks like a very interesting outset based on their website, I cannot say I ever saw it before, I shall say no moore…

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I’m stumped

So it’s Aussie… but that’s as far as I got! :thinking:

Okay here it is, sorry to drag this out too long


A dark, Aussie beer from a Pinot noir producer, powerful and from the ‘09 vintage…

Need to open the laptop and reverse image search…

Does not work… I only found it as @Tim_S mentioned @erdunn, so narrowed down my googling to Tasmania.


Is it available in the UK?

The funny thing is - I recognised the art work… :slight_smile: Not that it got me anywhere!

Sadly, I don’t think you can get it here yet. We visited Moorilla and took prisoners including their pinot noir. Great venue to visit!