Midweek Drinking Thread [5 to 8 August 2019]

We’re celebrating our anniversary today, and started with this charming 2018 sparkling Pinot Noir from Bird in Hand:

Floral, with strawberries and cream nose and a delicious strawberry and pink grapefruit fruitiness on the palate. Gentle fizz, and a pleasant fresh finish. Tried to drink it in the garden, alas - the wind blew us right back in. At least the sun is out! :roll_eyes:

Will be heading for a BYO celebration meal at the Coal Shed a bit later, and after much umming and ahing decided to take the Chateau Dauzac Margaux to go with our (much anticipated) steaks…

Made in the not-so-good 2013, we nevertheless hope this will not disappoint, and the reviews I read seem positive. Fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers:

Happy Monday, all! :clinking_glasses:


Hope you have a delicious anniversary dinner!

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Happy Anniversary, hope your evening is great ! I’m off to Durham for TWS offering. Let’s see what’s in store :slight_smile::wink:.

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Thanks, @Leah :grinning::wine_glass:

Oooh! Do report back! What’s the theme?

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Home-made anniversary card from the other half:



Many happyversaries, @Inbar!

After a weekend inspired by @Freddy, enjoying both Bin002 and Young and Crazy rather a lot, this evening’s dinner was a Thai curry so I opened a bottle of 2017 Caves de Turckheim Alsace Gewürztraminer. Honey sweet with lychee and peach to begin with, but then revealing lots of tarragon and ginger notes on the slightly dry finish. I’ve had better, but it’s not bad at all.


Wine champions walkaround …! LOVE the card :rofl::+1::+1:

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We threw a joint birthday party for Thing #1 and Thing #2 at the local community centre today, which amongst other things involved catering for several dozen of their schoolmates.

We’ve only just sat down now and I’m so knackered I don’t even want a drink, lest it finish me off for good :dizzy_face:

So it’s alcohol-free wheat beer - something cold that’ll hit the thirst in front of the telly :+1:



Oh man, I remember the days!! Local community centre with what seemed like hundreds (in reality, 30 max) children screaming and running around in a state of total ecstasy… :scream:
Glad you survived it! :+1:
(If it helps, the same scenario, but with 16 year olds is not much better :grimacing:)…


Opened an Ignacio Recabarren Pinot Noir 2015 which was part of a mixed case from TWS a couple of years ago.


Quite a dark pinot with a purplish tinge. Dark cherry flavours developing into a fresh, dry slightly tannic feeling. Long finish. Not getting any farmyard on this myself, but finding it very satisfying and easy to drink, though quite slow. Each mouthful has to be savoured, and won’t be hurried . Initial sweetness is well balanced by a pleasing acidity. Very nice wine, but only 1 bottle left.


Happy anniversary @Inbar. Hope you had a great evening out! Absolutely love the card :rofl:

Beer for us tonight, decided to revisit the pub quiz after a gap of a couple of years… and won! Think we got a bit lucky though. Most of the regulars took it pretty well, bar one or two :s

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I think we had something approaching 50…! We put them in separate classes at school - it’s worked well for them, but now this is the flipside :grimacing:

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Ha! Yes… well, only another 10 years or so of gargantuan birthday parties… :grimacing:


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Anyone recognise this?

The Dauzac hit the spot beautifully! :heart_eyes: What a wine…!

Bar a faint ‘green’ note, you wouldn’t know it’s from not so good a vintage. The aroma was positively bewitching - cedar, sweet tobacco, violets and incredible blackberry/bramble nose. Tannins were chalky, but very present still, with quite a zing of acidity and fresh hedgerow fruit notes. Great (quite ‘taut’, in a positive way) structure, and a long finish. The steaks were greatly enhanced by it! Still got a few years to go, I reckon.


Aldi Bushland Shiraz 2017



The heavens opened about half an hour ago, and I had a sudden craving for something resembling a jar of blackberry jam, with a teaspoon of vanilla essence and a shot of vodka stirred in. It’s going down very nicely :+1:

Don’t know the label, but it almost looks like a schwarzbier. Which would also be good in this weather.


Oh, haven’t thought of that! :thinking:

My first thought was Irish porter, but the label looks a bit too ‘sunny’ - like something from the Med.

Will you reveal all, @AnaGramWords…?

I thought about a stout/porter but thought the head didn’t look ‘creamy’ enough.

Opened a Zuccardi Q Tempranillo with chicken basque this evening. I have been very impressed by this wine for the last couple of years - it is one of my favourite Argentine wines. A good alternative to mid range Rioja.

My tasting notes were:
Clear and bright. Deep red centre, red rim. Clean nose. Intense. Tabaco, leather, vanilla, red fruits. Hints of pepper. Clean palate. Dry. Full, but smooth tannins. Good acidity. Fresh red and black fruits. Rounded. Smooth. Medium/long finish. Great with Chicken basque.