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Midweek Drinking Thread 4th to 8th April 2022

Hoping to get through a few wines this week that have been lurking since gatherings ceased.

Another go at picpoul with a Cave de l’Ormarine Duc de Morny picked up by TOH from local indie. After my last attempt at picpoul which was overly acidic I tried double decanting and it seemed to do the trick. Acidity still plentiful but well integrated with the fresh young palate, plenty of citron. Great stuff and I’m told pretty cheap.

Paired with bacon, monkfish and clams.

Spring copy of 1874 doing a sterling job as stand in trivet at holiday kitchen.


Left over from the weekend and yet another wine I wished I had bought more of. Think it was £19? and will outshine many Savennières. This is Chenin Blanc, doing that strange thing where it is totally dry, yet luscious and redolent of spring flowers and white peaches. Jacky Blot is the winemaker, one to look out for.



This one’s a cracker for sure; I’m still on a case of the 17s from Justerinis, who usually seem to have Jacky Blot wines in stock. Gets even better with age from what I can taste :~}

The Bourgueils he does are lovely too FWIW.

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Just spotted it’s still in stock…£24 is a tad squeeky but this is VERY good. And that bees wax finish…


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It’s a slightly different one I think - yours was the Remus, no? I’ve got some of both, albeit 17s rather than the WS’s 19s, and they’re both equally lovely wines IMO.

Jacky Blot’s a big one for me - the first wine I ever went “big” on in the sense of buying by the case with a view to storing some away a while. Loved them all from the first sip.

Justerinis and/or L&W always seem to have them both, and others by him too, in stock FWIW.


We’ve returned to this one from Friday evening; the 2015 Familia Deicas Gran Bodegón on & off over the past few evenings, finally finishing it this evening, and I have to say it’s evolved into something actually rather quite good. In fact the balance has almost gone too far the other way now - rather sweet juicy tannins, velvet & smooth, and not much in the way of savouries etc.

Not quite sure what to make of it overall and it’s at a price that makes for not jumping in; but it’s certainly scratched an itch to have tried it. One to consider and think on a bit.

Some of this one however to sign off for wife’s birthday today - a cracker for the price; a 2020 Mandrarossa Fiano. One of my favourite WS whites, and better for a bit of time in the bottle to my tastes. Minerally cool & tasty, slightly spring-breeze saline, and surprising volume in the mouth for what could be viewed as just a cheap & cheerful midweeker. Lovely.



Peru diary update. The weekend was spent on one of the lodges on the Uros floating islands on Titicaca, the highlight excursion being a trip over to Taquile island - a semi-autonomous commune with UNESCO-recognised crafts and self-sufficiency.
Pics - Uros Titicaca Lodge, lunch on Taquile (quinoa soup and fried lake trout) and the lodge proprietor Ivan Iujano and his family. He was the most gentle, wise and chilled man…

Dodging the recurrent Monday hauliers’ strike and roadblocks we made it to Sicuani and managed a 4 hr there and back trundle over pot-holed unmade tracks to 4600m and ticked off another bucket list entry - to cross the Q’Eswachaka rope bridge. We were the only people there. ToH rated its scariness factor 9.5/10

Back in Sicuani - our hotel’s restaurant is closed on account of us being the only guests here and I was recommended this pizza from down town, and an ideal opportunity to try this wine from Ica. A medium bodied spicy fruity red from 80% quebranta and 20% tannat. Turned out to be prefect quaffing material tgw a pretty decent pizza

Tomorrow a big heart in mouth day, a drive to Cusco where there were impassive road blocks today, but Peru news suggests they may have called the strike off for tomorrow… If we fail our whole itnereray is bu**ered


Just checked the bottle (strange looks from Mme Lapin) - it was the Clos de Mosny, possibly accounts for the extra depth & beeswax notes. I’m now going through that inner turmoil where one self-justifies getting a six case. It will age wonderfully no doubt.

I had the Remus earlier this year - it was more towards the green apple spectrum.

Waitrose Cellar stock the same. When they have one of their 25% of 6 offers it comes in at £19.50.

I lack any self restraint - have already thrashed the debit card with 6 from TWS !

Justernii incidentally are cheaper per bottle, but then you get hammered with delivery.


Opened a bottle of Gigondas Signature, Cave de Gigondas only bought locally so, inevitably, it’s much younger, 2018, and is really a little too fresh and in your face to be perfect. Still a good solid Gigondas, with lots of fruit and pepper but the 15% is quite noticeable.


A cheap and cheerful Sangiovese this evening:

Duca di Sasseta, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Riserva, 2015

I so rarely buy a Sangiovese of any kind. No real dislike of the grape, but it never seems to fully grab my attention. But this was going for £9.99 in Lidl, so I thought – why not?

Why not, indeed! This is very enjoyable, and actually offers some tertiary notes’ pleasure. Medium garnet, a brick tinge on the rim, the nose is the real winner here; there’s pot pourri, leather, dried berries (the sort you can put in your cereal), clove and tobacco plus an autumnal rained-on earth note.

The palate is less expressive, but still delivers nice fruit evolution (plums, dried berries, sour cherries), coupled with tertiary notes of leather, spice and a certain smokiness. Acidity is still quite pronounced, and the tannins are leathery in texture. Short-ish finish but with a nice black tea sort of aftertaste.

Lamb kidneys and Puy lentils will accompany – let’s hope they work nicely together! :slightly_smiling_face: :crossed_fingers:


Leckford 2018 brut. Hadn’t realised was Waitrose owned vineyard in Hampshire. Not much nose tonight. Very nice leanness to palate, green apples aplenty, pleasant acidity. Perhaps very slight bitterness at end. Chardonnay, PN, PM.
Celebrating daughter managing to cycle by herself for first time today, the Leckford will do nicely.


Purely in the interests of research before the Austrian EP offer closes :innocent:

…a Gruner Veltliner 1OTW ‘Loiserberg’ 2015 from Jurtschitsch. Screwcap closure.

I’ve been really impressed by this producer’s wines, both red and white, in the past but have never tried one with this kind of bottle age, or at this elevated level for that matter.

Geez, it’s good. A youthful straw yellow colour. White peach, citrus, minerals and a floral note on the nose. Similar fruit notes, the citrus note tasting of ripe limes, on the palate. Tart, ultra refreshing flavours, with a strong and firm minerality, a touch of spice and lees, excellent depth with a light textural quality to boot. If ever a wine could be described as full of energy, it’s this. TWS drinking window, until 2025, seems conservative as, to my mind at least, it’s only just beginning to develop and hit its stride. Wow !

A case of their 2021 ‘Dechant’ bottling is now in the basket and I’m fairly confident of receiving an allocation. Hope I don’t live to regret my presumption though !


Similar research here @Embee with a couple of glasses of this, via Coravin.

This also is good, in fact very good, but I think even more so than your bottle it needs time to really shine.
Lovely light golden colour. Subtle stone fruits and a smoky/spicy/waxy nose. Lovely tart and refreshing whilst also slightly voluptuous palate with a spicy, peppery, though also slightly saline finish. Very balanced and clearly very well made wine.


These Jurschitsch reviews are very helpful! Sounds like they need 5+ years to even get going, more or less what I expected, but good to know.

This easy-drinking midweeker tonight: Blind Spot Sav Blanc 2019. Pleasant but nothing particularly distinctive. Not a rebuy for me. There was a Blind Spot Barbera on the list a few years ago - jeez that was good for <£10.


I think I recall @Freddy saying in previous offers of these/similar wines that they can be enjoyed within a couple of years of release or should be left a good 7/8 yrs


Your notes ( many thanks ), in addition to those of @Freddy in the offer, seem to confirm a house style of elegance and purity of flavour, along with an ability to age and for further development, that’s right up my strasse. The saline quality you mentioned in yours was apparent in mine as well. Even their relatively affordable ( £12.50 ) 2019 ‘Stein’ bottling displayed it too, of which, a single bottle of two remains to be broached.

Hmm, which begs the question, do I now push the budget envelope and go for the ‘Kaferberg’ too ? :grimacing:


Peru diary trundles on; thankfully yesterday’s road block to Cusco was dismantled and we managed an incident - free journey, so our gourmet walking tour of the old city with Reynaldo of Withlocals went ahead as planned
First up to the San Pedro food market for two freshly made fruit juices - ubiquitous in Peru. The first was orange and cherimoya (custard apple) and the other lucuma. First food dish was corn on the cob from Sacred Valley and local cheese - a hugely popular lunchtime snack

Next - a slice of Causita, a cold snack of layered shredded chicken, avocado, and mashed potato served with a mildly hot chili sauce

Next a Cusco-speciality, a type of empanada called a Saltena, a Bolivian-inspired take which in turn was named after the Argentian town of Salta, from where the inventor of the pasty came from. The crust was noticeably shorter and sweeter than an empanada and the filling very luxurious and moist. to go with - of course; the local beer.

Next - the classic Peruvian pork dish Chicharron, which is refried pork served with roast potatoes and a salad from sliced red onion, mint leaves and lime juice, with a herby sauce called Aji.

Starting to flag now, but no let-up
Next - a quirky local snack called Tamales. These are steamed cylinders made from well-worked maize dough filled with sweet or savoury flavours. So light and delicate.

Second wind having blown-in, next a mini Alpaca burger served with a selection of Chilcanos, these are fruit-flavoured pisco with ginger ale (and it has to be Schwepps’ apparently)
Actually the strawberry one worked best for me.

Ignoring our protests of no more, no more, Reynaldo took us for our finale dish - some Picarones - which are deep fried rings of dough made from squash and sweet potato served with syrup.
Surprisingly light and dainty and washed down with a good glug of Chicha Morada, the non-alcoholic version of the purple sweetcorn beer.

Needless to say there was no question of dinner, but we did share a bottle of an old favourite I spotted at an off-licence here in Cusco for S72 (about £12) which has ended the day most agreeably


I loved Cusco, fantastic place, just the right size; big enough to have loads of interesting places but not so big to be overwhelming.

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