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Midweek Drinking Thread [4 to 7th October 2021]

The husband asked if he could taste blind today - quite literally blindfolded. I thought this was a strange development in our (wine) relationship, but he explained that he wanted to check whether absence of any prior knowledge might allow him a bit more freedom of expression :thinking:

Well, I’m all for a bit of free association, so opened this M&S 2019 ‘Found’ Xinomavro/Mandilaria blend, made by the great god Thymiopoulos:

Well, he guessed it was red (but of course), and immediately suggested violets, dried herbs and a distinct savouriness - but really struggled with naming the fruit. He was convinced this was either a Cab Franc or a Mencía- which actually, isn’t miles off the flavour profile. He was quite surprised to discover it was a Xinomavro blend.

And what a lovely blend! Fragrant, for sure, and savoury and herbal - but also juicy (sour cherries, bramble, cranberries) with bright acidity and dusty tannins. I sense that the Mandilaria adds a certain friendliness and warmth I usually struggle to find with 100% Xino (not a popular view, I know). Maybe that’s why I find the Rapsani so much more appealing.

Anyway, for £9.50 this is a smashing glass of wine! :ok_hand: Whether this will go with the salmon chermoulah - I have no idea, but hey! we had some fun :partying_face:




An improvised but slightly lacklustre veg box stew tonight with this. On the young side, but a lovely Bordeaux blend, although its proudly and obviously Australian in style. Quite minty and eucalyptusy almost like a Coonawarra, blackcurrants from the Cabernet Sauvignon. Another good value Society wine that should keep for a decade or more.


A 2016 Savennieres Le Bel Ouvrage from Damian Laureau opened this evening. What a fantastic wine (with matching price tag). With some air it is going from strength to strength. Quite young, but very drinkable nevertheless. It was a punt as needed to buy some wine from the L&W offer early summer, but no regrets.


Lots of bramble fruits, nice balance. Dark, peppery slightly sweet. Lovely. Almost made bake off bearable.



Tried this for the first time. It’s really punchy, in fact i’d say boisterous. Plenty of fruit to spare, and a bit of savory too on the finish. Petty smooth.
Great interest for a tenner and worth a try.


Very dark in colour, silky smooth, dark berry, prune and a hint of spice. Pleasant if not outstanding. Probably worth the £13.50 paid.

Have a nice evening.


I had one of these recently and found it very enjoyable! I’m not sure it in any way improved Iron Fist on Netflix though…


There is nothing that could.


That being said, a couple of glasses of this:

…went down rather well with Blair & Brown: The New Labour Revolution, on BBC Two the other night. Available on iPlayer.


Only managed the two dry days this week. The arrival of my winter supplies delivery from reserves, last week, has not helped - too many temptations on a dark, chilly evening.

Some Bordeaux tonight, from a case I cobbled together in preparation for Autumn, earlier in the year.

Good, purple-fruited Bordeaux. Smooth and rich. Hitting the spot without requiring me to think too hard, which is lucky as the day involved too much thinking for my liking.


Just a couple of botts this week since Sunday, before I head off south then north east tomorrow.

Once again a star from Lebanon - the last from one of the best TWS random mixed 6-s I’ve had; every one was lovely and each was distinct. This one complex fruity - herby blend with enough structure to keep things interesting. Better on day 2 as well. Bargain at 12.95

The Burgundy was also pleasantly agreeable and unexpectedly extremely similar to Kumeu River’s Estate label, same balance of apple/citrous fruit, same contribution from the oak, same level of acidity. Interestingly 2015s of both labels each retail at around £25. I’d struggle to choose between them, and I suspect vintage variability would be the arbiter - but this Burgundy would just shade it as the final mouthfeel was slightly more rounded and satisfying than I’m used to from the KR.

Stood up well to the strong flavours of baked fresh Cromer crab (last of the season for me - mussels arrive soon !) with mushrooms, cream, PX sherry and gruyere cheese, plus home grown sweetcorn, carrots and spuds.


The Kompsos seems a bit more boisterous this year, as you say; on the basis of this, I put a case in reserves yesterday as I think the 2020s are likely to become a truly lovely wine with a bit of time under their belt. IMO Liatiko really can produce a majorly good & interesting wine for the price, but not always straight from the outset. IMO x 2, it drinks best when slightly chilled too. Needless to say, I speak as a big and utterly joyously biased fan of this grape!



I absentmindedly opened a bottle of this for the next few evenings, thinking in the dark of our garage that it was something else [the Florão] - a Quinta da Fonte Souto Branco, Alentejo 2019.

Not a little extravagant for a Wednesday evening let me be the first to say, but best to proceed once opened. Very very nice indeed - that beautiful savoury & deep cheerful fruitfulness of the Verdelho balanced perfectly for my tastes with the arinto. Slight oak and a snip of acidity gives a lovely structure and framework. Very good indeed IMO :~}


That’s what you need on a Wednesday


It’s excellent, I have to say!

No intro needed.
Fresh as a daisy, disappeared way to quickly paired with a Brazilian sirloin steak(s) and parboiled and then roasted potatoes.


You tempted me to hit the buy button. I really enjoyed the 2017 vintage of Quinta da Fonte Souto Branco, and it sounds as if the 2019 is well worth buying. A case to reserves.


Bardolino very enjoyable with Chorizo and roast peppers, followed by the very enjoyable Lubanzi red.

Easy midweek drinking😀


This is rapidly becoming our house red for autumn/winter. Berries, cherries, black currant, a touch of herbs, smoke, leather. A medium tannin. So perfect for quaffing in front of the tv.


Love your enthusiasm. My current hobby is to make up mixed cases of Greek wine for reserves. Must be on the fifth or sixth iteration by now. The Kompos has forced itself into the reckoning.