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Midweek Drinking Thread [4 to 6 May 2021]

We rarely drink three nights on the trot (bar on holidays – what are they, I hear you ask), but the day had been long and exhausting, with constant issues and problems to solve - so there we are!

In my defence, this evening’s wine is light – 11.5% to be precise - and if any red can pull such low ABV off, Mondeuse is the one:

Made by a very good Domaine (they make a good Crémant, as well as a delicious Rousette de Savoie), it’s a lovely if rustic example of the grape. In fact, this would make an ideal lunchtime bistro red.

Colour is gorgeous – ruby red with magenta glinting from the rim; on the nose there’s violets first, then bramble, cherries and berries with maybe a touch of pepperiness. On the palate it is light with youthful notes of crunchy forest berries and bramble dusted with some spice, and quite a hit of violets too – or ‘ultraviolet’, as the husband referred to it. It slips down easily, for sure – but lacks, in my opinion, the feral and slightly unruly charm not to mention structure, of better examples such as La Belle Romaine or Le Comte Rouge from Chateau de Merande, stocked by the Society once upon a time.

On the whole, though, a delightful and quaffable red, which will work nicely with our goat burgers, I’m sure. Penance tomorrow! :grin:

What are you drinking this (truncated) mid-week?


Is this another outbreak of synaesthesia? :smile:


Ha ha! Spot on! Mind you, I could relate to this, as opposed to describing yesterday’s Godello as ‘A strudel with vanilla ice-cream on the side’. It’s getting worse with age! :smiley:


Making (ahem) space for the mid-May gold rush, we’re having this with a duck Pastitsada this evening…


Although today should be an AFD my back is playing up and one of my teeth is wobbling. So, purely for its analgesic properties ( dodgy excuse #231 ) and as part of a German double header…

…a Ruppertsberger Linsenbusch Grauburgunder Trocken 2019 from the town co-op and received as part of a recent German wine mixed case. Simple but pleasant nose of fresh and spicy orchard fruits. Similar flavours on tasting, plump fruit, zippy acidity and a bit of oily texture combine to make a balanced and refreshing whole. Food friendly, easy drinking and a very good painkiller, it gets a thumbs here.

Hopefully the soothingly floaty nature of the record will now provide a full cure :smile:


Grah! I’m going to need to make a strudel now! (and my partner doesn’t like cooked apples, so I’m also going to have to eat it all on my own! Woe is mine!).


You know you can substitute the apples… right? :wink:

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(argh, the sites grammar thing says this isn’t a complete sentence and won’t let me post it on its own).


No tasting note needed, save to say that I have drunk it more quickly than normally…that says it all. Used my voting card as a drinks mat. Which is perhaps an insult to the Chablis


With a mid-week pick me up ‘ploughmans’, the cheese being Stinking Bishop, the Ham being Serrano and the pie bing Melton Mowbray…

So delicate and mid-weight, yet with plenty of cherries and strawberry, bright acidity and a touch of savoury tanin on the finish. Fine Burgundy you say? No, just LRA on song. 6 left, and a lifetime to ration them over, should have bought a container load! :sunglasses:

Everything is rubbish at the moment, even LRA’s modernisation, but 2010 Alberdi isn’t. :smiley:


This is a real pick me up too, fresh, sherbet, lime, long, just about sums it up.


Inspired by catching up with Tim’s master class on Beaujolais, we opened a bottle of Depagneux’s Vieilles Vignes Cuvee Louis. A delicious example of a Beaujolais.

Red centre with purple hue. Purple rim. Perfumed nose - medium plus intensity. Blueberry, strawberry and violet sweets. Floral notes. Hints of black tea. Medium palate. Fresh acidity. Soft tannins. Ripe, juicy fruit. Strawberry, blackberry and raspberry. Medium plus finish. Lovely wine.


We did a cook along class last night where the theme was Peruvian Japanese fusion.

Made pisco sours, tuna and quinotto (risotto with quinoa instead of rice)

Drank this with the Tuna which is excellent and really singing atm.


Not enough of these in my life. Thanks for fine weekend inspiration.


Bought in a vertical tasting case a couple of years ago, I drank, and was very impressed with, the younger '10 and '11. There were two '09s, one of which I opened and found very flat and disappointing (a little strange for a property that is only just outside Bordeaux) and so decided to keep the other to see what happened. Well it turned out to be nothing good. This was just a mouthful of tannin that sucked your mouth dry. If there were any other flavours in there then I couldn’t detect them through it. My fault, as it’s now past its window, but it was worth a try, however, the rest went down the sink!

That still left me with a bottle of the '07 and '08, so, with some trepidation, I opened the '07 which is in it’s last year of the TWS window but fortunately it was okay though definitely on the decline. Again my fault for keeping it a little too long I suspect. And that leaves me with the '08 whose window closes in 2022. Probably better to go for that sooner rather than later!

For those who haven’t come across this wine it’s worth noting that I do think it’s an excellent wine; it’s just been sadly neglected by me and I suspect it is at its best at around 9-10 years. It’s also interesting as, not being bound by current Bordeaux rules it harks back to an older style of Bordeaux when some Syrah used to be included in the blend.


Monday Easy and very tasty dish; penne with puttanesca sauce, mixed salad and no-brainer™

2019 Casa Vinicola Roxan The Wine Society’s Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (Italy, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo)
Yummy comforting wine.

More of a challenge; Country 14 on our Lockdown World Tour was Hungary so I cooked Goulash (as a stew, not soup) and served it with new pots and spring cabbage and this

2013 St. Andrea Egri Bikaver Grand Superior Hangács (Hungary, Felső-Magyarország, Eger)

Meal and wine described here in Its Time to Travel thread.

Wednesday I had a night off cooking, made a small mixed salad and ordered Nando’s half chicken and chips for us both from Deliveroo, then opened

2017 Luddite Wines Saboteur Winemaker’s Selection (South Africa, Walker Bay, Bot River)
This is Niels Verburg’s second label and is a Syrah blend with Cab S, Mourvèdre and Grenache. I’ve known Niels since he was winemaker at Beaumont. I used to regularly by Luddite Shiraz, his first wine and his passion but this has since risen in price to silly levels.

Thursday another easy evening in the kitchen, I’ve just got to boil some rice and heat up some Indian dishes which have been in the freezer for long enough.

But tonight’s our U3A Wine Tasting Group’s (hopefully penultimate) Zoom meeting. It was decided we’d all buy half bottles of the same three wines, so I’ll be having these with dinner and afterwards;

2016 Château de la Commanderie (France, Bordeaux, Libournais, Lalande de Pomerol)

2020 Jacques Depagneux Fleurie The Society’s Exhibition (France, Beaujolais, Fleurie)

2019 Paul Jaboulet Aîné Ventoux Les Traverses (France, Southern Rhône, Ventoux)

and so into another weekend…

all wines from TWS


One too many in my life. Just before lockdown last year we were in Lima and enjoying freshly made Pisco Sours, did a cookery class at a seafront hotel and made our own. Next day awful gippy tummy both ends for both of us which lasted over a week. Give me Covid any day.

I read up about it - seems a common problem with these beverages for visitors; it’s the contaminated eggs endemic to Peru apparently.


2012 seems to have landed @MikeFranklin. Think I’ll pop it into my next order. It’s one I had years ago and forgot its existence until seeing your TN

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Yes that’s exactly what reminded me that I had some that were probably getting a bit long in the tooth. I too shall probably be picking up some of the '12.

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I thought this was Chilean propaganda in the never ending “who makes the best Pisco Sours” argument between the two of them.