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Midweek Drinking Thread [3rd to 6th February 2020]

Tonight I’m drinking mango, avocado, and matcha smoothie. It’s not too bad actually and is apparently going to do wonders for my heart. But the consistency is very thick and at times it feels unpleasantly like the base is egg white or similar.
Looking forward to a decent glass of wine tomorrow; maybe even time for a reviving champagne!


Lasagne washed down with this little beauty. Great value, cherry, spice ,herbs. Light but packed with flavour, perfect for a rich dish. Yum. Sadly now out of stock.


Good. I have a couple of bottles of this Nebbiolo so might try one soon.

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That is lovely stuff. I really hope Sarah can source some more.

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I think that’s how they keep freeloaders at bay, keeping people to a Monday. Must be hard offering very nice wine to drink for free! There would be hordes on a Thursday

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It is sometimes a Thursday. David normally likes to hold the tastings on a flower or fruit day, though when there is a winemaker present, they can be diary dependant.

There are always freeloaders though. Going back a while I recognised an older chap from at least three different Majestic tasting counters!

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Wanted to try some “local” wine this evening on a business trip. However in my hotel in Cyprus they interpreted that as wanting Greek wine (which can be good). Had a red and a white. Both of which were a far cry from good. I know that there is good stuff out there. But not for tonight!

The white had a smokiness that is usually associated with craft beer and brisket. Not pleasant in its form. Red was dismal.

Enjoy yourselves with your wine society curated stocks :slight_smile:


What was the tasty drop? No photo / link?

Second night of this clearly outstanding wine. A medley of full and concentrated fruit flavours integrated with lanolin, slight cedar from the gentle oak and a balanced acidity demonstrating this wines multi layered complexity.
What a fantastic blend! I’ll be buying again.


I have kept a place on nearby for work, which I attend every other week. Relative to the family home in Cardiff. I’d be very happy to have the place on my doorstep there. Not aware of many good wine places in Wales. Would love to be corrected!

Ah, yes. Well done.


I feel completely doolally, after a difficult and long working day, followed by French wine scholar course, and an early flight to the holy land awaiting me tomorrow :crazy_face:

But the highlight of the evening’s lesson (covering the Jura, Savoie and SW France) was without a doubt a big glass of this, with some Morbier cheese…

I’d love to come up with coherent tasting notes, but I suspect I’d sound like a Neanderthal. You’d have to take my word for it - this was a taste of heaven… :heartbeat:

And so to bed :sleeping::sleeping:


I’ve loved Spice Route Chakalaka for many years; I’ve thought of it as a lower cost veriosn of their Malabar with a much better QPR. I’ve now only got one bottle left of the 2015 Chakalaka that I bought from TWS for £14.95 in 2019.

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Hi @tom

You are correct that there are so many wines available there’s no need to risk one’s you don’t think you’ll like. And I agree that many RSA wine did used to have a certain funk; but there’s been a revolution in winemaking with huge strides made in recent years.

I’m glad your gamble on Spice Route paid off. I haven’t had the Terra de Bron Grenache, but I’ve oft enjoyed the other Grenache they have.

Spice Route (and Fairview, both owned by Charles Back) are real innovators and back was the in the Cape first to plant varieties such as Petite Sirah, as found in Chakalaka, and Italian varieties.


Last night I had Majestic ‘Definition’ Stellenbosch Chenin Blanc 2018 with homemade pizza (below).

Advantage to the retailer of an own label is they can change the supplier while keeping the same label, but the 2018 has the RSA code A1169 on the back which identifies the winery as De Morgenzon, which is a top Chenin producer.

This is a powerfully restrained wine with very well integrated oak giving an underlying backbone. It needs time in the glass to allow one to fully appreciate it’s magnificence and depth of flavour. Dry, but not acidic, voluptuous but not blowsy. An incredible Chenin for the price - £8.99.



Greetings from Israel! I’m still a bit spaced this evening, but nothing a lovely glass of wine and catching up with the family can’t fix :grinning:

We opened this yummy Israeli 2016 Viognier this evening, made in a boutique winery of tiny proportions in the Golan Heights.

Vines are planted in elevation of up to 1000m, and the resulting wine is incredibly zesty and lively, and carries its 13.5% well.

Peach, nectarine and subtle honey notes on the nose follow on the palate, with a touch of spice from 6 months in French oak. It disapeared incredibly quickly… :heart_eyes:


Also on the chenin blanc this evening after finding this in the fridge

But 2017 not 2018. Enjoying it very much. Lots of apple and pears on the nose and on the palate a sort of savoury apple with a little oak, or perhaps a mixture of different apple varieties would be a closer match.
The label suggests 12-14 C and a decant. Mine is probably a bit colder but it warms in the glass, and I haven’t decanted it though I think I will if I have another bottle. Happy to be drinking it.


Had a treat yesterday - a tasting at Nyetimber Vineyard with their Classic Cuvee, Blanc de Blancs, Tillington Single Vineyard, Rose and Cuvee Cherie! Aside from the Classic Cuvee, which I know I love and always enjoy, the Blanc de Blancs was my new favourite. Very exciting for a Wednesday afternoon!


Blackberries and herbs, a tiny bit medicinal, good balance and freshness. Very good winter glugger!


Opened this tonight.

Latest vintage of this £10 bargain (mix 6 price) from Majestic.

Very tasty, bone dry, lemon on the palate and a slightly saline finish. Great with Tuna steak, sautéed cauliflower & courgette and brown rice.