Midweek drinking thread 30th May to 1st June 2023

Excuse number one ( of many ) for broaching a bottle on what should be an alcohol free evening is that tonight’s dinner demanded wine. So, with a bowl of mussels to start and griddled sardines to follow, this here tonight.

A Muscadet Sevre et Maine ‘La Haie Fouassiere, Le Clos du Chateau l’Oiseliniere’ 2015, Chereau-Carre.

Apologies for the many missing accents BTW. I’d probably be arrested for crimes against the French language if I tried to pronounce its full name too !

Anyway, despite it’s age, a youthful pale yellow colour. A fragrant nose with notes of fresh flowers, lemon zest, apple peel and leesy minerals ( it was aged on its lees for 30 months ). Similar sensations on the deeply flavoured, fresh and saline, palate. What really makes it stand out from, admittedly cheaper, examples previously drunk here is the sheer weight of lip smacking flavour and its subtly creamy texture. A super wine for the price paid ( £13.50 ) and a wonderful match to this evening’s food.

Are any of you on a similarly slippery slope this week ? :grinning:


My inner monologue is debating between fwaz-i-air and few (like a Welshman would say) azi-air :grinning:

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My Thames Estuary accent would be inclined towards the latter. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Anyways, with rump steak and a nice (if I do say so myself) Greek Salad…

I’m not sure I can add much to the mountain of praise heaped on this man and his wines, safe to say he deserves every bit of it (though in mitigation, I’m not that taken with his non-single-vineyard Rapsani).

It’s a perfect summer or winter wine all the time, but is excelling on a lovely warm evening - being medium bodied now the tannins have relaxed. It’s probably more savoury (or perhaps vegetal??) than fruity as was previously, and as someone on CT noted, Xinomavro has a knack of tasting nothing like it smells, and they were spot on here. Mediterranean herbs, tomato paste, and other earthy indicators on the nose, but more sour red fruits and good clean acidity on the palate.

Truly, we as members of TWS are blessed that the thing we’re members of has such a good relationship with the winemaker of such a good - and good value - wine. I’m confident it’s still plenty left in the tank for more ageing too. Glad I also bought plenty in other vintages too :grin:


Tondonia 2010. Bliss. I think people who wouldn’t regularly like Tondonia would enjoy this one.


Maximin Grunhaus Abtsberg Kabinett 2020. Very nice, everything you want from a young Kabinett.


First two wines of a half term break which looks set to be wall-to-wall glorious sunshine :sunny:

I’d heard good things about this Grenache Blanc and it lived up to expectations. Lots of complexity and interest in this wine and I think this would be even better in a couple of years.

The Rioja was a modern style and a good example of the type. It’s a hefty 15% and I missed some of the savouriness and acidity you get with more traditional styles, but this (2017) is also still a pup by Rioja standards so might develop. And no complaints at this age. It’s a very enjoyable, well-made wine.


Tasting and dinner at a local restaurant last night, with wines from Creation in South Africa. Food was excellent, wines were good but somehow I couldn’t get excited by any of them. The Reserve are the mid range, priced at about £30, as are the MCC and the sticky.

In addition to those on the menu we tried a chenin blanc; I think it was pretty good but it’s not my favourite grape variety. The viognier was quite light and floral, and the chardonnay was good; but on the whole the wines were somewhat overpriced.


Beira Interior Branco 2014, Anselmo Mendes 100% Siria (Roupeiro in the Alentejo, Crato in the Algarve). Drinking well still at nine years old, despite a cork that fell to bits like a thirty-year old Musar. Relatively full-bodied and with some unctuosity, the wine remains balanced and savoury, perfect with a fish like tuna. This grape is never really about primary fruit, more balance and texture, and it clearly does age.


In-laws around for half term. Roast chicken and burgers with some Barolo today. From s mixed TWS case from 5-6 years ago. Drinking nicely, not my favourite ever, but very decent.


Interesting post, I have actually been on there website this week as I am in SA on business next month as was going to tag on some wine tasting tours. The top end wines are priced quite high, branding comes across as somewhat pretentious and the work of a marketing agency. Based on your comments I will give them a miss.

The lady presenting the wines (I think one of the owners) spoke about the vineyard and their philosophy - unfortunately, because of the configuration of the room, I could barely hear any of it. What I did hear, though, suggests that the marketing speak might well be home grown, not from an agency. With a very dry presentational style, I’m afraid.

She came round to the tables to talk about some of the wines, in much the same vein. I did learn something, though: that the sixth sense of taste is chalk/calcium.
(No, me neither).


Still down in Cornwall, opened for later… corked. Having a bit of a run with TCA contamination atm!


Feels like eons since I posted some notes; our 8 days in Costa Brava were full of activity, and I never got round to noting down all the lovely bottles we drank.

But anyway, holiday is over and we both returned home with Covid as a memento :roll_eyes: First Covid for both of us, as far as we’re aware, but I don’t plan to make a habit of it. Smell and taste seem OK, although I suspect both are a little muted.

Vinous distractions so far this week:

Miras Joven Trousseau, Patagonia 2021

Bought on the back of @Tim1012’s recommendation - it is, indeed, a super enjoyable wine. It’s interesting to taste this grape outside of its Jura home (I’m yet to try it in its Bastardo manifestation), and it certainly transmitted the attributes I like about the grape well.

Nose was a mix of fresh strawberries and redcurrants, spice (I thought sumac, strangely!) and a touch of something more savoury. On the palate it was lightish, with lively and tangy red fruit (wild berries jam, redcurrants and strawberries) married to gentle spice and zesty acidity. Tannins were mellow and the medium finish on the savoury side. Nothing over complicated - but a joy to drink, especially slightly on the cooler side.

This evening, with leftovers Guinea Fowl bits in tomato-based pasta sauce:

‘Crudo’ Catarratto Zibibbo 2021

Another one of my Karlstad Systembolaget bottles purchased last summer (for SEK79), this is spirito dell’estate in a bottle! Pale straw hue, the nose is a pretty combination of peach, fresh apricot, elderflower and chamomile. There was a touch of grapey note when it warmed up a bit and the other half thought a whiff of kerosene too.

Absolutely yumptious on the palate - rounded and honeyed, with notes of ripe stone fruit but also zesty lemon and a tang of orange citrus. Acidity is medium and the finish leaves a nice lemon sherbet note. Quaffable, straightforward but utterly charming, and should work well with Springwatch too, I reckon! :+1:

Happy midweek all! :slightly_smiling_face: :sun_with_face:


Domaine des Carlines Le Calvaire 2017; last had this a few months ago and no less compelling - a pale yellow but quite a full nose, stone fruits and flint - but it goes off-the-wall too, seems to keep changing - maybe warm butter, preserved lemon… even porridge; also a touch of fennel and struck match as well. Round and buttery texture which actually seems to tighten up in time, a lovely bite of salinity and acidity that bring out the preserved lemon a little; some white pepper spice as well I think. The finish is tight and linear but seems to want to go further - I’d like to think has a few more years to develop and gain some more personality. I think this is excellent, very Jura-doing-its-own-thing. I’ve noticed TWS are stocking another cuvee which I’ll be trying in due course.


Ensconced in Rodvig, Denmark we were happy to buy Sole and Cod from the boat and we’ve BQ’d them over two nights with Cantine Torri Italian Chardonnay, TWS Sicilian bio White and the TWS Rose’ BIB. Lovely evenings in the sunny cool Danish air. Apologies M4rk not sure how I managed this!


:rofl: must be the sea air


Hishiyama Grace Koshu 2020

Strikingly clear in the glass.

Completely unoaked, stainless steel tank maturation. Quite pure and light. The acidity whilst present is less than I was expecting, still fairly high but no electric shocks here!

Fruit wise, apple, tart stone fruit, citrus

An interesting sample of the Koshu grape. Don’t think I’ll rush back for more but decent

Happy mid week all!


A rare foray into mid-week drinking for me.

An Italian Gruner Veltliner. Who knew?

Garlider Gruner Veltliner 2019 IGT Mitterberg, Sud Tyrol/Alto Adige. Not as surprising as it sounds maybe, as it’s from pretty close to the Austrian border (although nowhere near the main Austrian wine regions). Not particularly typical Gruner either. Quite dense with a lovely bitter note and a great nutty finish. More mineral than fruity other than some slightly bruised apple things as it opened up. Very much enjoyed and may try and pick some up from somewhere.

I can also confirm it’s slightly too cold to eat outside this evening.


Fritz Haag Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr Spatlese, 2012

Another night of sweeter riesling on holiday as it goes down well across the board. This was a cracker - lovely mature profile. There’s a settled richness here, but enough acidity to keep it interesting. The first Fritz Haag wine I’ve had, but happy to hunt out more on this showing.