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Midweek drinking thread 30 March - 2nd April 2020

I think this is Monday, but who knows in these strange times…anyway, we don’t often have wine on a Monday, but as I say, strange times. Wasn’t intending to, but felt like a ‘lift’ having toiled in the garden this afternoon and made dinner.

Had a glass of this

It was just what was needed, wonderfully refreshing pick me up which was also great with a gratin of smoked haddock with chard, leeks and mushrooms in cheese sauce.

Great value too.


Opened a bottle of OVR, which sounds to me like some dodgy shopping channel, but is in fact this

Mainly Zinfandel it says but judging by the very dark, almost black colour, must have a decent dollop of petite sirah. It’s only 13% which is low for a mainly Zin wine and is surprisingly fresh and dry. Easy to drink; can’t remember the cost from bin ends some time last year. And it comes from the pretty little town of Geyserville which we visited maybe 15 years ago. Decent but not extraordinary wine.


A simple dish on a Monday evening and, on the face of it, a simple wine. It is, however, a Bourgogne Blanc which belies its description. I buy this from TWS in most years and have never been disappointed. Went really well with a chicken and leek risotto.


Not usually a week day drinker but a bit of mopping up from the week end!

Sort of forgot I had a couple of these tucked away and was really rather impressed.

Initial hit is of mulberries and blue berries with the oak then joining the party but not over powering in any way. All quite harmonious with a pleasingly long finish.

Great accompaniment to a medium rare sirloin and (shop bought) dauphinoise potatoes. Yum, yum.


Unfortunately I’ve had to work late today, long day at home in the office but at least I’ve been able to drink this evening :grin:

I’ve opened a bottle of Majestic’s Definition Zinfandel as I took deliver of 6 bottles on Saturday all because the society isn’t … nah not going there

It’s a nice every day drinking Zin, tonnes of blueberry on the palate, could get used to this as one of my house wines. Obviously I can’t compare to the society because they won’t … nah definitely not going there. Life’s too short, plenty of wine available, might as well try something new and this didn’t disappoint for a sub £10 red


I agree great value for the quality especially given escalating prices…I wonder if these will soften in the current situation…

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Enjoyed this tonight with spaghetti bolognese… normally an off wine night but we had a curry ( which means beer) last night…our rhythm clearly challenged by the new world order.
Anyway delightful soft cherries and light tannins…perfect for what’s meant to be an easy evening.


There are no rules people !! :wink::wink:


Don’t drink any more of that antibac!

I know the %alcohol is really quite something, but the second sip never lives up to the first.


Speaking from experience ? :rofl:


I thought it was bleach! But it looks you’ve got something delicious to eat.

Hand sanitizer :rofl:! I cooked the pizza for Mr. Leah , homemade & I remind gimme everyday how lucky he is that I can actually cook :grin::wink::wink::rofl:!

Further to the message in the weekend thread, I have opened this bottle:

A very dark purple coloured wine, not much brown colour, nice mature smells on the nose, some fruit, complex on the palate, nice body, and long finish. This wine is still in its prime, I will not be in a hurry to open the remaining bottles. Perhaps the 2015 needs much more time to develop?


Trying not to drink the small collection of ‘special occasion’ wines in my cellar, plus keep spend down cos I’ve lost all my gigs to covid 19, so have resorted to looking for any cheap wines with character and interest available from Morrisons… So this week is Tio Pepe fino, and I also picked up some CUNE crianza… any other recommendations within those criteria?


Like @MarkC, we don’t normally have wine on a Monday. However, in these interesting times I decided to rummage through the cupboard and unearthed an ancient game from thirty-five years ago; Super Cluedo Challenge. Flashbacks to primary school in the eighties! It seemed only appropriate to open a bottle of the Society’s Côte-du-Rhône. You can’t go wrong with a wine from Vinsobres by Domaine Jaume. Yum! :yum::wine_glass:

Anyone else playing some interesting board games? Escape from Atlantis anyone?


We’re relying on 2 old house favourites. Scrabble and Rummikub. Both pass a couple of hours easily.

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Veggie ragu and penne with this, good solid midweek pasta wine. Not enjoying it as much as usual, but my better half says it must be me and the wine is lovely.


A delectable white wine this evening, a WS Roussanne, Marsanne and Grenache blanc blend from Corbières:

We loooove this wine! I got it as a bin end (£10.95 instead of £12.50), but would have been more than happy to pay the full price. Light gold in the glass, the nose shows tangerine, orange blossom, honey and herbs (dill/fennel). The mouthfeel is lovely- full but not oily- with notes of peach, tangerine, fruit peel bitterness (we couldn’t agree on which fruit), and a fresh twist of herbs on the finish.

Generous, food-friendly (having this with crab tagliatelle) and easy-going, in short - just what this region can do so well and at such a friendly price too!

Happy Tuesday, all! :clinking_glasses:


Getting a bit concerned about my wine consumption during the lockdown so I’m switching tactics - less often, more quality! This is in the decanter for tonight - the first of a batch I bought recently at auction and probably a little early but it’s still tremendously perfumed on the nose. Dark stone fruits, violets and a touch of mint. Can’t wait to get stuck in later with some nibbles. Stay safe everyone!


Tonight a Crimson Pinot noir Ati Rangi 2014
Can’t give you a tasting note as I have no taste or smell. The tannins are very smooth
Been the same for a week now. No other symptoms but had a cold last week. Hope it’s not the virus but if so it’s very mild ATM.
Anyway this is better than the Shiraz I also opened the tannins were serious, and it was sweet.
I now know what done if my friends taste.