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Midweek Drinking Thread [2nd to 5th August 2021]

Good to know. If I wasn’t on a ‘dry fortnight’ I would be tempted!

Indeed. Seems to be about double elsewhere.

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Ooo, I have two bottles of the 2017 from the same source which I’ve yet to try. That’s a very tempting price too ( the same as it was for the 17 ).

IIRC, bought off the back of one of @Inbar’s beautifully descriptive posts :+1:


I admire your restraint :innocent:

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I’d like to read @Inbar‘s notes. Any chance you recall where they are Mark?


I posted my notes about the Comtes d’Eguisheim, but then realised you were talking about the Schlumberger GC Spiegel… Doh! :woman_facepalming:

Those were my notes (Dec 2019):

“It never fails to delight, with its orange blossom, pear, apple, honey and ginger nose, and its stewed apple, tangerine, white flowers and Chinese Five Spice palate. The texture is just wonderful – it’s full, without being overbearing, off dry but balanced by a zesty acidity, and the depth of it is just stunning. It keeps going on and on… simply delicious!”


Thank you @Inbar, your notes are making my mouth water!


It’s the wine that got me into wine… :heart_eyes:


Nice one, must say they’ve made my mouth water too, I really must try one soon !

IIRC, congratulations to you and Mr Inbar on your wedding anniversary, I hope you’re having a lovely day ( and that you’ve finished your kitchen refurb ! ) :champagne:


Although your question has been answered it’s probably worth mentioning that the search function ( top right of the page ) is a really useful tool if you want to see if anyone has posted previously about a wine / topic you’re interested in.

I’d guess, over the years, there must be tasting notes for thousands of wines on it by now. On a personal level, I’ve often used it if I’m in two minds when buying to help make a decision.


A bumper crop for us this week, away on holiday in Devon. First up the Vina Cubillo 2011, with steak, mushrooms and cider sauce. Really lovely, glad I have another five of these.

Then our first bottle of this, bought recently on the basis of the Domaine Jones name and - being honest - the huge discount TWS was offering. (thanks to @Brocklehurstj for the tip iirc.)

Not sure what to expect, having never had Grenache Gris before and bought without really thinking. I took out of the fridge and decanted about half an hour before drinking. The melon and pineapple promised on the nose didn’t really follow through to the taste, which didn’t have much discernible fruit at all. It was savoury, stony, with a slight bitterness on the finish, which was refreshing enough but didn’t really make me want to sip again. Got a small glass or two left, will see how it fares on day 2 tonight.

All this gave me an opportunity to open the first of six LRA 904 Gran Reserva 2004, which I did have high expectations for, which were duly met - lovely nose of vanilla, curry spices, and coconut, all present in the taste too as was beautiful rich, dried fruit, figs maybe. Acid was in proportion, tannins polished, incredibly long finish. One small glass each last night leaves plenty to accompany duck confit tonight, great news. I have a feeling this will continue to improve for ten years or more and I will do my best to hang onto at least one or two for a while.

EDIT - day 2 of the Grenache Gris and I must apologise to it as I’ve done it a disservice - today it’s much fuller and richer, quite amazingly mouthcoating in fact. Still not much fruit but there is a more tropical, caramel flavour that I didn’t get yesterday. It’s Rhone-like with enough acidity to keep it lively on the finish. I’ll give future bottles a longer decant.



A busy week, but it started off quietly.

Monday - roasted cauliflower steaks (and some added florets) with crispy okra and tarka daal and this beauty

2017 Undurraga Carignan Cauquenes (Chile, Maule Valley)

Tuesday The Grumpy Old Men have kept going for more than a year over Zoom so it was really good to resume meetings at restaurants. DavVero is Gerry W.'s local so it was his choice. With my Pollo Corleone (Breast of chicken cooked in a spicy tomato, sauce with onions, peppers and black olives) with fried potatoes and mixed vegetables I had

2017 Vini Menhir Salice Salentino Riserva (Italy, Salice Salentino)

80% Negroamaro, 20% Malvasia Nera from Puglia and a winery I visited.

Wednesday son Toby and wife Emma invited us for dinner at the Prae Wood Arms. We had an aperitif of

N.V. Louis Dornier & Fils Champagne Brut (France, Champagne)

and Toby chose the red wine

2019 Tesoro de los Andes (Argentina, Mendoza)

A Malbec Bonarda blend which was soft attractive and eminently drinkable.

Thursday - our U3A wine tasting group meets tonight The theme is wines from countries playing in the recent football and I have been allotted Hungary, so I’ll be taking

2018 St. Andrea ÁLDÁS Egri Bikaver Superior (Hungary, Eger)

and I’ll probably definitely be tasting drinking the other wines as well.

And so we career into another weekend. Toby has invited us to his gaff on Sunday for a barbecue. The weather forecast doesn’t look good, though…

Fingers crossed.


A lovely wine for us last night with BBQ (in the rain) burgers

Another Aussie wine… I must be feeling patriotic with the Olympics going on.

This really blew my socks off. So different to a typical Argentinian example with that kind of four square block of fruit. This example was smokey, tobacco, clove spiced plummy/blackberry fruit. Really well balanced with the acidity and oak very nicely judged/integrated.

I would love to give a glass of this to someone who turns their nose up at a) new world wines and b) Malbec as a variety.

If I had to guess I would have maybe said St. Emilion but then there is also something Southern Rhone about it also. Mrs. Chief very happy to learn 5 more in the cellar :innocent:


Ha ha! well remembered! :grinning:

Celebrating our 15th year together/8th wedding anniversary, and although usually we’d be out, it’s been nice holing up today. I was hoping to go for a wild swim today, but rain and wind made us ditch the plan and we ended up swimming in the posh school next door’s swimming pool. It was actually rather fun!

Lanson Extra Age Champagne to start the celebration:

Thank you to whomever it was on this forum who flagged it up when it was on sale in M&S - it’s a cracking Champagne! :star_struck:

Very yeasty on the nose, but slowly other notes emerge - lively citrus, Bakewell tart, ripe pears, honey and sourdough. Weighty on the palate, this really felt like serious fizz; rounded and creamy but full of verve and zest. It was incredibly good with our potted shrimp on sourdough.

We’re soon going to make the main - a favourite - Keralan scallop curry, and to accompany - 2016 Rotgipfler ‘Satzing’, made by the Reinisch brothers in the Thermenregion of Austria:

For me, this wine might as well come from another planet, and although it’s only the third bottle I’ve had, it feels like an old (and somewhat flamboyant) friend. It’s exotic, full of flavour and interest and it really takes you on a journey from sip to sip.

Decanted for 30 minutes, the nose started a little muted with a whiff of paraffin, but soon unfurled to reveal notes of exotic fruit (papaya, lychee), banana skin, spiced pears, mandarins and very faint vanilla.

On the palate it is just so flavoursome! Texturally it is creamy, but has a nice chewy dimension from the lees; there’s exotic fruit (similar as on the nose), citrus and crystallised ginger, as well as quince and poached pear. There’s a honeyed background, but it lost none of its citrus freshness. Acidity is medium and despite its 14% it is well balanced - a harmonious and beautiful wine!

For dessert we shall have a Basque cheese cake (shop bought, I ain’t doing no baking on holiday!), with this 2017 Château La Rame ‘Gourmadise’ Saint Croix du Mont:

Happy Thursday! :clinking_glasses: :smile:


No vineyard visits yet?

Tonight I’m following hot on the heels of @peterm with a Salice Salentino, which I don’t think I’ve had before.

Came as part of a mystery case - note the stained label. What I read is textbook cherry flavour, soft, smooth mouthfeel but with just enough of a bite. Just now to decide whether to put pineapple on the pizza.


Tomorrow! :grinning::+1:
Langham and Furleigh (Brides Valley was fully booked, unfortunately).


Congratulations to you both once again !

Must say it looks like you’re celebrating in style there :champagne: :yum:

By the way, your new garden looks fab :wink:


Furleigh Estate white PN is one to look out for ( the red less so). Also I hope they give you a taste of their Oenotheque 10, which we thought was fabulous.

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My first ever Rubicon and wondered if this was going to be a case of infanticide.

Whilst I am sure that it has a very long life ahead, I found it drinking really well now. Its an accomplished wine, quite serious but also very approachable.

Its an excellent wine and I suspect is half the price of a left bank bordeaux of similar quality.


That was all very enjoyable.