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Midweek Drinking Thread [29 June - 2 July 2020]

Since I’ve opened an unexpectedly good bottle for a Monday to see if I want to buy some more, I thought I’d open this thread. So far, not sure I do; excellent, but not special unless it develops some more.


At the opposite end of the spectrum to Prado Enea on a Monday night (!), we’re having a bottle of the Society’s Picpoul de Pinet with this Mackerel recipe…

And very nice it is too. :smiley:


Another Rioja here though a rather lesser Crianza. I opened this tonight:

I have previously had the '09 which I also loved but this one, despite being from a supposedly lesser year is, I think, a better, more approachable wine. Bright fruity nose with spice and leather. Smooth tannins and oak all well integrated. This is at the end of the TWS drinking window but no surprise that I think it still has a year or two. A lovely, easy drinking, unpretentious glass of Rioja.

Much more sensible. Acually had it stood up for Friday, but it was still too hot for good wine, and I have a time-limited option to buy more at a good price. Besides, still working from home and gradually losing all sense of time passing.


I’m not familiar with Prado Enea (though I did buy a couple of 2010’s which is a vintage to buy on sight throughout the appellation), but what I would say is that 2005 is a high-toned, quite acidic vintage (I think it’s the VA that’s generally high, rather than the PH)and will probably live forever. But, what I would add, is that the ‘Super Cuvees’ of all the vaguely traditional Rioja producer are really not going to come round for approaching 25 years in any halfway-decent vintage.

This is decent glugging wine, a touch of earthiness from silvaner and fruitiness from riesling. Hard to beat at the price.


I think Picpoul is ridiculously good value. A pleasure drink that matches well with lots of foods.


Rainy day here in the south west so a longish lunch and following the Picpoul theme this delightful Rosé, dry and summery berry fruits. It’s tremendous value.

With an avo salad , prawns and cocktail sauce


A bottle of Crémant de Bourgogne from Sainsbury’s this evening, to go with our first Fish ‘n’ Chips takeaway in about 8 years, I reckon (I’m not a huge fan of Fish ‘n’ chips). It’s really rather horrid out there, so the other half ‘volunteered’ to go and get it… :innocent:

The Crémant is made by Prodiguer, and it’s a blend of Chardonnay, Aligoté, Gamay and Pinot Noir- very enjoyable it is too! The nose has notes of pungent sourdough, orchard fruit (crunchy apple) and white blossom. On the palate it has lovely notes of baked apple and citrus (mainly lemon) rounded by a creamy texture, and a shortbread richness on the finish.

Not the most complex of wines, but approachable – not to say rather moreish! Chin chin :smile: :clinking_glasses:


Trying to find a house Zin right now, want something for under a tenner so appreciate I’m limiting options unless I wait for Brazin to be reduced in Waitrose again

Completely torn as to whether either is suitable. Like the blueberry nose on the Definition but it’s rather sweet, whereas I think the Society one is slightly more complex but just can’t warm to it like I can with some of the other Society Reds.

Appreciate there has been a discussion on this before

None the wiser as to which one I prefer if either…may need to wait for Brazin to discounted to order in bulk!


Put the Rosé back in the fridge and now with dinner of spicy meatballs and pasta. Our first go with this red from Sicily. Loved it . Fruity
with a cherry finish and perfectly á point. Great VFM and will buy again.

Wondering how the next vintage might be?


You just need to slosh more malt vinegar on it :+1:

No … more than that, keep going keep going :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I used to buy a lot of the Ravenswood Lodi Old Vine Zin when it was below £10, but not for about 4 or 5 years, and the price has leapt. Then the Brazin, but that’s going up too. The Majestic is too sweet for me, TWS is better but a little sweet.
I went to Morrison’s the other day looking for The Wanted Zin, from Italy, and currently on sale at £7.50, but also currently sold out! If you manage to get any I’d be interested to hear about it,


Thank for the suggestion @Andy999 . Brazin is great but just slightly more than I want to pay for a mid week zin.

Think I’ve tried The Wanted Zin but can’t remember, will wonder to Morrisons later this week to see if any left in.

I want to try the Sainsbury’s taste the difference Zin again, it’s by Chronic Cellars and has been reduced from 11 to 9 for most of lockdown.

Currently not likely to go to back to TWS or Majestic again, neither are doing it for me.

I believe there’s a special badge for avocado and prawns, darling of the TWS Wine Matcher function


Tonight we had wraps ( sea bream, bacon rashers, spring onions, tomatoes, mini cucumbers and cheese) accompanied by this simple white burgundy


It’s not Zinfandel in the bottle, it’s Primitivo.

Genetically the same, according to DNA but obviously vastly different clones - different berry sizes, different harvest dates and most important different flavour.

But is it nice to drink? Would like to try it to see.

That’s the most important thing, I agree.

I’ve not tasted this wine, I’ve tasted other Italian Primitivos using the more marketable Zinfandel name and they’ve never struck me as tasting like Zinfandel.

Primitivo can be good, but they are not Zinfandel IMO


We opened this Grace Wineries Koshu tonight to go with our soy glazed fish. Brought it back from Japan last year.
Like most mose Japanese Koshu I’ve tried, it is light and refreshing with good acidity. Not a huge amount of character but once aired some steely apple-y aromas come to the fore, matched with pretty apple blossom, lemon peel and green melon on the palate. An elegant, pleasing wine that would be a good match for more subtle dishes.