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Midweek Drinking Thread [29 July to 1 August 2019]



Crappy old weather out there, so holing up at home with some fish marinated in a home-made tandoori paste. Looking at the wine rack, I didn’t fancy a Riesling or a PG – so opted for this mid-week gem:

A 2018 white St Chinian from ASDA (£8) – and a gem it really is! Made from Grenache Blanc and Marsanne, it has quite an intense nose of lemon, pear, white plum chamomile and a very delicate honeyed note. On the palate it has a really nice interplay between fruit (lemon zest, tangerine, white peach) and herbal notes (fennel, chamomile) with a lively bitter almond finish. It’s reminiscent of a good white Rhone, and although there is nothing overly complicated about it – this wine isn’t going to send you into ruminations about Baudelaire’s Fleurs du Mal – it is an honest, well made and delicious mid week white.

What’s in your glass this windy evening? :grinning: :tornado: :clinking_glasses:


Rustic bean casserole with this fruity B-V tonight. Have enjoyed it in the past and 2018 is meant to be a good vintage.

Last night I was impressed with this:

Certainly could taste the Manseng, but the oak and Sauvignon Blanc reminded me of expensive white Graves. If you like the sound of this, snap some up before it goes. Smart and would be interesting to see how it develops over a few years.


Had this on Monday/Tuesday:

I’ve had the 2014 and 2015 of this before, and the 2016 here is definitely my favourite so far. The sweet & sour cherry nose slowly sweetens and fattens over 24 hours into something resembling strawberry cheesecake, and all the while there’s the gentle baking spice that seems to be common to many of his wines. The palate leans more towards acid than tannin, as you’d expect, and with a dry, satisfying finish.

I’ve got two more bottles, but now I’m starting to wonder whether that’s enough… :wine_glass:


I enjoyed this yesterday with a shepherds pie. It’ll be finished tonight with the same dish…

…AOC was only granted in 2012. Apparently the reds must contain a minimum of 40% Syrah and 20% Grenache. This one’s 80% Syrah, 20% Grenache. Medium to full purple/red colour. Plums, red berries, black pepper and herbs on the nose. Similar flavours on tasting with sweetly ripe fruit, a silky texture, soft tannins and sufficient acidity to bring freshness and balance, finally closing with a medium length ripe fruity finish

I didn’t get any smoked meat aromas / flavours, and wasn’t reminded of Crozes-Hermitage, as other tasters have mentioned. To me, it tasted like a decent quality Syrah dominant Cotes du Rhone Villages. And pretty good value at £10.50 too.

Oh, and I love the appellation name, it’s almost as pleasurable to say as Pouilly-Fuisse !


A friend gave me this white wine from Brumont recently - a combination of Sauvignon Blanc and Gros Maseng from Gascogne. Combine fruit and richness - excellent with food.

Clear and bright. Pale yellow. Clean nose. Medium intensity. Floral, lemons, grapefruit, white pepper. Clean palate. Rounded and rich. High acidity. Dry. Lemon, red apple, pear. Medium/long finish. Satisfyingly rich wine with good fruit.


Excellent note! I had a bottle the weekend before last, and my immediate thought was that it could use a little more time in bottle, and so planned to leave the rest of the case for a little while


This tonight.

Very nicely wrapped with copper wire around the top (but a bit of a pain in the arse to get into)

Back label spiel: The blend is 50 CS, 30 CF, 15 Merl, 5 PV planted in 1935, 1899, 1956 and 2001 respectively. 18 months French oak barrels. 15% abv

Plums, black cherry, cola, meaty. Quite delicious. Warm cuddly tannins with a bit of heat. Very much a new world BDX blend style. Which I happen to dig.


Trying the first of a recent case of

with rest going away for a few years probably. Very pale colour, not much aroma but it’s quite cold. Lemon, lime, and guava and I think a tiny hint of petrol. The thing that surprises me most is that it’s very, very soft in the mouth. Food coming in a few minutes and will see if anything changes.


Is 1899 just a typo? Sounds extremely old otherwise.


Nope, 1899 for the Cab Franc


Mrs W has boldly taken the 4 mini W’s and a couple of their mates camping tonight.

So I thought the only thing to do was cook a nice steak and have a glass or 2 of this

Happy Wednesday all :wine_glass:


A one off from the L&W brokerage list. Aromatic, complex nose and a balanced palate framed by slightly drying tannins. Slightly short - but nice RB for the money (£14 IB)


Roasted root vegetables with a spicy tomato sauce and this


Interesting spice jar flavours as well as grapefruit. It is closer (in colour as well as flavour) to most orange wines I’ve tried than most pinks. Has enough guts to cope with a fairly hot tomato sauce.

Unusual but good.


That’s what I need! :+1:


Big family get together (including from Australia) - I don’t drink like this every day!

Champagne Michel Arnould extra-brut - does what it says on the label really - I do think I prefer their standard brut though, but I’m not complaining!

2004 Lupé-Cholet, Dom. du Chateau Gris, Nuits St. Georges Blanc, Les Terrasses du Chateau, magnum - Not sure I’ve had a white Nuits before - quite rich, and developed. No threat of any poxiness or strange ladybird notes that affected this vintage. Enjoyed by all.

1979 Ch. Batailley, magnum - Classic Pauillac fragrance here, not perhaps as big as a more famous vintage, but still a class act. No fading at all in this size.

Porto Barros, colheita 1979 - (a single vintage tawny). Very concentrated, and the aftertaste went on for ever. Definitely recommended if you want a port on a warm summer’s day.


WOW! What a line up :+1::+1:


Two from 1979. Someone’s 40th celebration?

And yes, what a line-up!


It was someone’s birthday, but the two '79s were just a coincidence!



I am a 1979 child. I have been seeking a mag of Batailley '79 for almost a year for my birthday in two weeks… I’m incredibly jealous. Glad it was good. Maybe I will track one down in time for next year.


Nice one thanks for the note, picked up a bottle recently to round out an order and have been really curious about it.