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Midweek Drinking Thread [29 April to 2nd May 2019]



What? No Midweek thread yet? I’ll do the honours, then… :grinning:

Decided to open a 2015 ‘Sans les Mains’ Pineau d’Aunis this evening:

Our first try of this variety.

The husband suggested we do the tasting ‘without hands’ like the chaps on the label, but feeling a bit too tired for this sort of experimentation! :roll_eyes:

Anyway! A really interesting grape – like a Gamay and Pinot Noir love child. The colour was already showing the relative age (very light, but distinctly brick-like), and the nose was all earth, mushrooms, decaying leaves but also red fruit and something a little spicy.

Similar notes on the palate – the red fruit was on the cranberry/pomegranate spectrum, chalky mouthfeel and lively and lovely acidity. It had more tannins than we expected – and they were quite grainy, in a nice sort of way. Nice spiciness on the (not-so-long) finish, too.

Light wine, perhaps not mind-blowing, but worth a try, for sure – for life is short. :clinking_glasses: :+1:


Started on this

Nice and smooth, uncomplicated and delicious. This wine benefits from a year in the bottle, definitely much better then the very first one I had.


OOOh thank you @szaki1974 for doing the honours and tasting this for me as I put away a case at the time and haven’t come back to it.


I hear this all the time :zipper_mouth_face:




You and him, both! :flushed:


Oooooohhh… Have got to try this - sounds perfect! (gently moving this thread back to fermented grape juice and the delights therein :wink:) Happy Tuesday!


Enjoyed that wine a while ago. Would certainly get another bottle if the next vintage is available. More commonly see Pineau D’Aunis in Loire rose, where the peppery flavours work well.

Cool label!


Hello there all,
This is my first post here actually. Please do forgive me for making mistakes in markup and editing!
I recently got the Beaujolais 2017 Cru Classics Case

And unfortunately opened this wine.

Domaine des Côteaux de Font Curé, Brouilly 2017

It wasn’t bad, but it just wasn’t good either - it tasted sadly like something bland, like watered down juice. It was inoffensive, but nothing really there. It’s sad, and maybe a harking back to the old times of Beaujolais. I think it’s maybe classic bland, big supplier fare that’s sadly spending more time on the graphic design of the labels than the vinification. This is sad, because the Réginé in that set was really interesting, and the Chénas quite lovely. You felt with both that there was some thought behind it.

With this, I can see one drinking it in some bistro and maybe its faults would be hidden by the label and the ambiance. But that would be a £6 bottle of wine with a 150% markup…


I’d love to try that! Did TWS ever had one on the list? I don’t recall seeing one.

EDIT: by the way, it was your post about it way back, which made me buy it, @NickFoster! :smiley:


This was in stock a while ago

This was also nice


Looks good! I’ll keep an eye on the list, in case some come back in stock. I can completely see how this grape would work well as a Rosé! :+1:


Another thumbs up for Pineau d’Aunis in rosés (and probably some reds too) - it is quite distinctive and a nice change if you are beginning to suspect all rosés are minor variations on a theme.


Maybe I should stop this Alsace Pinot Gris thing, but a chicken and mushroom pie with fresh asparagus beckoned and - well, you know how it is.

Sadly this is the last bottle of the case. They have held up well (bar one which was corked). I love that oddly creamy effect that matured PG takes on, though strangely this bottle tasted quite young. But that’s probably what you get for maturing under cork.


But you’ve got sunshine to go with the wine…!


@Ghost-of-Mr-Tallis, the reserve personelle has got to be one of my favourite wines . I love it for many reasons.
Tonight I’ve had a glass of this:

It was fine with a venison steak, mushrooms and spinach, nothing too complex but good for a weekday tipple :+1:


Same here in the shape of the Tahbilk Viognier, the 2017. Delightful, prefer the Marsanne… just…


I went to Searcy’s at St Pancras this evening and had a bottle of:



Nice enough, but very surprised they only have champagne from two “growers”, the other one being Paul Déthune.

I had heard of neither of these…


The Society used to offer Veuve Fourny’s BdeB. Nice wine. Two growers is pretty meagre fare for “the biggest Champagne bar in the world” right enough.


When they opened they had a much more interesting selection but I’ve noticed in recent years the list has shrunk considerably. I suspect the average passing traveler wants something fizzy and recognisable to celebrate with, and the average Champagne afficianado would prefer to enjoy their wine not sitting under the arches of St Pancras freezing themselves next to the train tracks. But maybe I’m unfairly generalising. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: