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Midweek drinking thread [28 June-1 July]

Jurançon Sec whispered the pedant in the corner.

Edit (that was aimed at the listing not you by the way!).

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I’ve reported this as faulty. No obvious off-aromas; in fact, it smells and tastes of nothing at all, just a vast empty space where flavour should be. Like the Cheshire Cat, the nebbiolo has disappeared, leaving behind only its grinning tannins.

Shame, I was looking forward to it.


This on our last night in Devon (for now…).

A beautiful rosé: a gentle note of bitter herbs (oregano?) supporting strawberries and cherries. Is there some mint there?

Plenty going on and not your average rosé by any measure. This winemaker is special.


This being?

Sorry - clumsy thumb hit the wrong button before I’d finished! Probably a symptom of all that tasty rose…

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Which was?

Rose de Xinomavro 2019 by Thymiopoulos.

Thank you.

Ah. I have one of these too. Was looking forward to this. Maybe not so much now.

Well, hopefully it was just an unlucky duffer, an outlier. It didn’t smell or taste like a poorly made wine - more like a faulty bottle.


I wonder if there’s a bad batch of it…? There were a couple posts about the possibility of a faulty batch on the Italian Inquirer (and the only review of it on the website sounds like a faulty bottle…?).

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Indeed. Here’s a picture of some Porto locals I spotted supping their white port for breakfast around 10 am !


My recent bottle of this went straight down the sink thanks to TCA, invoked the promise.

Monday Mrs M’s favourite penne with aubergine sauce, mixed salad and no-brainer™

2019 Casa Vinicola Roxan The Wine Society’s Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (Italy, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo)

Tuesday - homemade vegetable curry and rice with

2019 Beyerskloof Pinotage (South Africa, Western Cape

Wednesday - I was making loaves, so I made an extra one, quick without knocking down and a second rise, and we had chunks of it with home-made Greek-style slow-cooked beans with a mixed salad. And of course

N.V. Greek Wine Cellars (D. Kourtakis) Retsina of Attica (Greece, Attica)

Thursday I’ll be roasting wedges of Jack Hawking tomatoes and garlic to go on thick toast with grilled Cumberland sausages. Our U3A tasting group meets tonight and the theme is Bordeaux so I’ll be opening

2014 Château Tour St Bonnet (France, Bordeaux, Médoc)

I had this a couple of weeks ago and its just perfect…

(Montepulciano & Ch Tour St Bonnet from TWS, Beyerskloof & Retsina from Sainsburys)


We’ve arrived back home. The weather is gorgeous: heavy, lazy sun with an occasional wispy cloud. The garden is full of reds, pinks, purples and green. We are still on leave and there was a trio of aged Austrian Riesling awaiting our return. If those reasons don’t together justify a glass of luncheon wine, I don’t know what would.

A 22 year old white wine has no business still being a green-gold colour but that’s what we have here. In fact, this is in every way a very good example of why aged Riesling is such a pleasure to drink.

There is no heaviness. It is fresh and lively. On the nose, lime and melon but almost dried or toasted versions of them, if that isn’t bonkers. On the palate, there is masses going on: hint of hazelnut, honey, peach, marshmallow jelly beans (if you’ve had them, you’ll know what I mean…). Long and lasting. More toast.

That’s the second wine in as many days that’s made me regret not buying more than 3 bottles.

Edit: and then I noticed that it’s still for sale. Make room, reserves…!


The best nose of any white I’ve opened in an exceedingly long time. Luscious. Another non WS wine from a local merchant who was selling it for a massive £10 less than anywhere else online. Palate doesn’t quite live up to the nose, which is actually now quite delicate and short lived. Beautiful zingy mouthfeel. Probably not the best foil for the spiced rabbit terrine. Interesting though.


Blimey - ages since I posted some smug selfies. June 2017; Good visit to Dom Wachau as part of a cycle loop from Krems an der Donau crossing the Danube on the chain ferry (including a slog up to the Gottweig I seem to recall… but were fortified by a nice lunch at Loibner’s and a gruner chaser at Brundylmeyer), and back over the bridge.


Swedish meatballs and mash tonight, and I spent faaarr too long trying to work out what to drink with it. It’s a sure sign I need a holiday! :crazy_face:

Finally, decided to go with a good old Marcillac:

I could drink Marcillac with anything to be honest, but figured that it would work nicely here with the sourness of the lingonberry jam and the slight savoury note of the cream sauce (I use a bit of beef stock and soy in mine).

Deep ruby in the glass, the first notes to hit the nose are not fruity as such, but notes of iodine, tomato leaf and dusty gravel. With a bit more sniffing there’s also bramble and cherries and a twist of pepper

Similar impressions on the palate - everything about this wine is earthy (including the name). There’s sour cherries and blackberries, but what makes it interesting is the savoury and soil-like notes plus a nice twist of spice (pepper, aniseed). Acidity is medium plus, and tannins are only medium, and - again - rather ‘earthy’ in texture, if that makes sense. It’s light but boy it packs a punch! :facepunch:

A delicious drop, if you’re that way inclined - and we are! :wine_glass: :+1:


I feel like we need a separate thread where everyone names a vineyard and then waits for your photo!

Keep the smug selfies coming!!! :joy:


So my attempt at not drinking during the week went out the window on Monday evening, so I decided to open a bottle of this tonight

I bought it after seeing a load of positive reviews on the website.

It’s gorgeous! Perfect weekday wine for me, juicy red with floral notes. Costs less than £8 what could possibly go wrong. I should try to describe it properly but it’s just yummy!