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Midweek drinking thread [28 June-1 July]

Starting this week’s thread with a bottle that we aren’t opening yet. Anyone had any experience of this at all?


“Regional Quality”

That’s a new one.

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I have. I was not impressed.

It had an odd bitter quality to it, a bit like eating citrus pith.

Admittedly this was circa 2012, so it might have improved since then!

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Inoffensive. Opened to cook with as was the cheapest white on the racks. Didn’t pair well with the tomato pasta but a fine aperitif and quaffable on this warm evening. We’ll see how the rabbit terrine turns out! Needs a good rest.


Gaba do Xil Branco 2019 | Decántalo (decantalo.com)

Nice example of Godello at a good price. Decent acidity, long finish and texturally very pleasant with bright fruit.


Really!! :open_mouth: :dragon:

TWS used to stock a Telmo Rodriguez Gaba do Xil Godello, maybe the same, or certainly very similar, but suddenly stopped in 2016 or 2017. No idea why; I thought it was a lovely wine.

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I’d probably pass. It’s made from two hybrids; seyval - which can be palatable in a sparkling if it’s sufficiently acidic yet with a bit of RS - and triomphe (fairly unpleasant imo)
They are long-established business and are likely stuck with these legacy pre-climate change varieties and probably would prefer to replace with viniferas now…
But as ever it’s personal taste.

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They seemed to stop selling it at exactly the time that it appeared to go up in price rather dramatically. From memory it was a tenner or a bit less on the WS list. Last time I found it stocked by a UK seller it was close to £18. Possibly the WS couldn’t justify stocking at the price they were offered it for.

Yes, could have been the price hike. Interesting that Decantalo is offering it at around 11 euros a bottle. Wonder if the price has gone down again.

(almost) what @PHarvey says.

I think Seyval can make an excellent sparkling wine, but the red colour comes from Triomphe which I avoid. Wine Grapes says it’s a ‘slightly foxy-tasting red hybrid’ which probably accounts for the odd taste you experienced

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Late lunch so as to clear the decks for a certain footie match which kicks off soon.

Wanted to go with an English theme as vicarious support for the Boys, so this lovely chardy from Kent went with oven baked salmon (OK well yes it’s imported from Canada) but with all-home grown garden veg; new spuds (first harvest), broad beans, courgettes and a dill, parsley and butter sauce, followed by home-grown fresh-picked strawberries.

The wine ? not too bad. Not a monster, but a fresh and zippy melange of green apples, quince, pear, a ??? teeny bit of hazelnut and some very subtle kisses of lees, only in the background. Defo a lunch not supper wine. I have one of their step-up level Roman Roads to try too.


My first Fruliano today with the football and I am liking it very much. Refreshing with an attractive briny character. Need more of this type of white please.


Spicy and rich - still young, but sumptuous. Nothing “intellectual” about this; just sheer drinking pleasure. One of my better WS en primeur choices…


In view of the day’s happy event I abandoned another AFD and opened a bottle of this

Quite startling, powerful aroma of blackberry, blackcurrant, raspberry on opening. Raspberry probably the strongest in the mouth, with quite an initial bracing acidity. Is this what WS calls vibrant, crunchy fruit I wonder? I’d certainly go with that. Over time it’s softening and mellowing, but to me it seems very young for its age and I’ll happily keep the other bottles for a good while.


Cockburn’s white port tonight with some homemade chicken liver parfait and other snacky things. Had been opened to cook with, as usual. The only white port I’ve ever tried, other than Nieport (which I maybe wrongly remember being a lot drier). The label suggests tonic, which I may have to try, as it is very sweet for my tastes.

Last time I looked, TWS didn’t have any white port in stock; so an uncharacteristic non WS wine post.


White port is a very Portuguese thing and I wouldn’t expect to find a wide range here.
That said it can be used for very refreshing drinks suck as P&T. First time I had that was in Porto quite a few years ago and it was a surprise to see port in a drink.
The year after that it was everywhere. Some houses also make a port rose.

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It’s there now

Think it was part of the Summer / 1874 list.

I’ve only had a port and tonic once, but it was great.


I got quite into the white port and tonics in Porto. Solid drink on a hot summer day by the river, not sure it would work as well here.

This bone dry zingy Jurancon Sec does kind of stand up to the lousy British summer weather we have in the east right now.


Looking forward to opening this one. Got it an order or two ago. Never had a Jurancon. They are known for their sweet wines also aren’t they?

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