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Midweek Drinking Thread 27th - 30th April 2020

Well I’ll kick us off with the last glass of this…

Picked up from HR in their recent flash sale. 2009.

Just a lively well balanced delicate wine. Tropical fruits (pineapple) and stone fruit- ripe whites peaches perhaps. Long.

Slipped down very well as an aperitif in the sun yesterday afternoon. Equally well now sat quietly in the garden, contemplating life.


Being a Monday we’re normally alcohol free but these are different times and cracked one of our Grand Mayne Merlots from the new vintage 2017 with this …

Mushroom Risotto usually turns out well but this was delightful perfect with the Merlot…earthy with soft damsons and hint of blackberries …just to easy to drink…great VFM.


Now that looks like a good risotto. Wine sounds like a perfect match too.

For a while I thought EVERYONE has abstained last night, which is to be commened, but I thought unlikely… (I know you lot too well).

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The desire for some comfort food this evening seems a direct result of the sun disappearing, so a venison chilli made from leftovers is bubbling away as we speak. To go with it, I decided to open the last bottle from the vertical case of Chateau de Beaulieu (Cotes du Marmandais), purchased over a year ago - the 2005 vintage:

We loved the 2011 (classy, elegant), were really wowed by the 2010 (ripe and joyous), underwhelmed by the 2009 (over the hill?) liked, but weren’t too excited by the 2008 (slow burner) and thoroughly enjoyed the 2007 (lively, fruity and balanced). The 2005 is a winner, similar to the 2010 in profile, but with more gravitas, perhaps.

We double decanted, as there was quite a lot of sediment. Initial farmyard-y whiff soon dissipated, revealing tertiary notes mostly, with some fruit too – but of the dried/cooked kind. Very deep hue in the glass, with clear garnet on the rim, the nose is an ode to leather boots, cigar boxes and sandalwood incense. A sort of Gentlemen’s Club, with a New Age hippy twist. Fruit is dark cherries, bramble and blueberries. Some camphor notes are also present.

On the palate, it still has a tannic bite, with dried berries, cassis, leather and tobacco notes mingling with something more herbaceous as well as medicinal. Medium + finish leaves a liquorice and mint aftertaste.

I think the single bottle was about £12…. Talk about bloody amazing value for money! :ok_hand: :heart_eyes:


Trying to imagine a gentleman’s club with a New Age hippy twist… and failing :roll_eyes:

No doubt the failure is with with my imagination!

Kinda wish I’d bought that case. Was put off by my aversion to Cabernet. Think i do have the 2011 somewhere.

No doubt if more of those straightlaced Bordeaux had a hippy twist they’d get themselves one weirdo customer. Understandably they’re not interested :rofl:


A look at CellarTracker showed that Scheurebe is grossly over represented in the thirty odd bottles that are at home… This one opened to reduce by 50 percent. Perfect refreshing, light midweek drink with a lemon cordial flavour.


Had some duck breasts that needed eating and ended up making a slightly more extravagant meal than the average Tuesday night so decided to open this.

Had the 2015 and really enjoyed it, but this isn’t doing it for me at all. Not much fruit, something a bit sharp in there and a slightly hot finish. All completely disjointed and out of balance. Possibly a bad bottle but not sure I’d risk another.



I am also rebalancing what I have at home, and using the cold snap and a piece of beef as a pretext for a nice beefy southern Rhône.

I remain undecided about this one - there is some real quality to the fruit but the very high alcohol (15pc on the bottle and tastes higher) does cut across it. Won’t be something I buy again EP. I am also frankly amazed to see it retailing for £17.50 when it was £6.25 in bond EP.


I’ve had a bad bottle of this - Brett - but did brave a second (after checking with Member Services that there wasn’t any ongoing reported issues). Much better and a fairly standard Chilean PN. Nothing mind blowing and wasn’t sure about the VfM.

I had exactly the same experience, the 2015 was a revelation and the 2016 a deception. I made a similar post in the 22-24 November drinking thread.


Not yet had a Chilean pinot that I’d want to drink again.

I still have 6 bottles of the 2015, and very much looking forward to drinking them. I ordered one bottle of the 2016 and didn’t like it. One thing I have learned is to try one bottle first, before committing to buying 6 or even 12. The obvious risk is that by the time you have tried the one bottle, they may be out of stock, but I have decided I will live with that. Shame that this is impossible with EP purchases. Also this is currently a problem for me with TWS currently not selling single bottles, so my spending has gone down.


Yeah, mine has gone down to zero. Can’t see myself buying at all until i can buy singles.

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Me too, unfortunately :frowning: Supplementing with local merchants, and can’t wait till we go back to normal… I mean this in the broadest possible sense, of course. Not just on the wine purchase front!

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I’d stick with the wine purchase sense :slight_smile:

I don’t think we’ll ever be going back to “normal” in the wider sense. But that is of course not a matter for the midweek drinking thread :wink:

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A new kind of ‘normal’?.. Oh, I’m very much up for that! :+1:

I too am missing the single bottle purchase and thanks to the community I’ve a wish list of over 150 wines. That’ll take some time and some spend to get through.

I do need to order a case of Prosecco for early summer and will need to add a 6-case of something to make the delivery free. Option to but either a house red/white or gamble on something a bit more expensive that isn’t proven for my taste.

Has anyone worked out any rules to pair down their wish list?

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This is disappointing. I was on the cusp of exploring South America generally and especially for Pinots beyond France and NZ, Chile being a starter.

I have little experience from this part of the world, the odd Malbec from Cantena, TWS Limari Chardonnay and and Undurugga GSM. The best of the bunch was the Chardonnay. I possibly need to be bolder with the Malbec, and found the GSM had a sweetish finish so have not returned and stuck with tradition and Rhone EP offers.

Toby, TWS buyer talks quite highly of Koyle so what and where to go now. Pinot’s or other varietals.

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I have not given up on them (Koyle pinot noir), and will certainly try the 2017 once available. As I said I thought the 2015 was stunning, just won’t be going anywhere near the 2016 again.

Tonight a bottle of Mont Redon Lirac 2016, which was also lurking out of the way.
This was initially a brilliant bottle evidenced by how good the Grand Vin is. J L-L 6* Vinous 95/100 Jeb 93/100.
As I progressed through the case of this quite lovely Lirac, it’s initial exuberance began to calm down, with tertiary characteristics evidenced. I look forward to seeing how this, my last bottle is now showing! :grinning:
Might I add my sincere congratulations to those far sighted Members, who managed to secure an allocation of this wonderful CH9dP. :+1: It does appear that the 2019 vintage in the Rhone Valley, appears to be highly successful, so those who were not able to buy heavily from the 2016 should be able to fill in some gaps that they may have,
Good times head!! :wink: :grinning: