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Midweek Drinking Thread [27 to 30 January 2020]



A bottle of 2018 Xinomavro for us this evening, to accompany a Magret de Canard:

I can see why this wine generates so much enthusiasm in this community! It’s utterly lovely – fresh, perfumed and light, but with real substance and quite haunting flavours of wild berries, sour cherries and dried herbs.

A million miles from Thymiopoulos’s Xinomavro bottling for M&S, which I had a while ago and found rather underwhelming. This, by contrast, is the very definition of value for money; I absolutely love it! The husband, on the other hand, is approaching cautiously; he found this a little too sour at first, but is growing to appreciate the complexity for the price with every sip. No reasons to divorce just yet, then. :+1:

What are you drinking this midweek? :wine_glass:


Bargain basement for us tonight at our friends for a pasta meal. We kicked off with a 2015 Bordeaux we bought in the summer at a market stall in Lacanau Ocean for less than €5. It is more than drinkable! Delicious nose, not quite delivering on its promise but not far off. Our hosts have retaliated with an Aussie. Ritter wine from Lindemans. A nose of cough mixture and tar and a taste of sweet bramble jelly. They overpaid at £6! I am hoping the pasta sauce comes quickly to help it down🤞


We really enjoyed this wine - a recent “test” purchase - which partnered Farmhouse Bacon Bake. Wonderful richness on the palate with great acidity in the finish. Better at white burgundy serving temperature than straight out of the fridge. Will certainly buy some more.


Good news for @Wineman74

On the wish-list, thanks @Claret1961


A bit fed up with Veganuary (I mean I did not strictly follow, just tried to have less meat generally), so just started on the Daube Provancale recipe shared by @ChinChin in @laura’s Rhone food pairing thread. Using the Vacqueyras Domaine de Montvac Variation 2015 for the marinade and a small glass on the side.

Note to self, check the recipe, just before starting… needed to go back to the marinade to add a couple of things (beef and wine I remembered). Using brisket as it looked like brisket on the video… and some oxtail as I love it (just don’t love trying to get some chunks off the bone).

The meat will have to marinate over two nights rather than one, as going out with a friend tomorrow to have a bit of BYO at a local restaurant, who switched their BYO night from Monday to Wednesday. Just dropped two of the wines off at lunchtime today and also had lunch while I was there. the wines to look forward to tomorrow are a mixed bag…

2015 Blanc Fumé de Pouilly, Didier Dagueneau - This is an allocation from L&W, will see if it is worth trying to build a vertical…
2017 Domaine du Grapillon d’Or Gigondas - My friend’s contribution, very well rated by JLL…
2016 Dönnhoff Niederhäuser Hermannshöhle Riesling Auslese Goldkapsel - got this from The Sampler in a mixed case


Brilliant :+1::grinning:


Yum, sounds (and looks) great.

I also love oxtail, but find it needs a bit longer than 2 hours to break down the collagen and get that amazing unctuousness in the liquor. Also means you don’t need to pick anything form the bones, it just drops off.

Let us know how you get on with your BYOs, a high quality mixed bag by the look of it.


I was just trying to get some meatier bits off the bone… the rest went in the pressure cooker to make stock.


Yes, that is a faff


Decent straightforward syrah, full and fresh and varietally correct. Out of stock but apparently its a cheaper label for Milbrandt Vineyards and there are a few on the list. Not dissimilar from a Hawkes Bay Syrah at the same sort of price.


I really hope the recipe works out for you :pray: and thanks also for the pointer on checking the recipe :joy:, very wise words :wink:


Seems like a generally pretty abstemious week so far. I’ve just done my 2 dry days and this evening opened a Porta 6 Reserva 2015. This was a big Majestic favourite a couple of years ago, and perhaps it still is as it’s a very drinkable wine.

Dark colour and lots of blackberry with a bit of chocolate dominant on the nose. To taste still the blackberry with some spice. I was going to say some acidity, but it’s more like a slightly unsweetened fruity freshness in the mouth. You could easily drink it in summer (I could anyway!) and the 14% alcohol sits very lightly. Great value at something around £9 a bottle iirc.


From the current German offer…


…a Kappelenberg Riesing Trocken from Knipser. Green apple and lemon citrus flavours with either bags of minerality or lots of lees derived freshness. Lovely purity of flavour, those tart flavours are quite severe though, the warmer the wine became the more rounded it tasted. With or without food this would really hit the spot on a hot summer’s day.


I was going to open a bottle of Trentino Nosiola this evening, to go with a light pasta dish. Alas! The husband vetoed it most vociferously – he wanted a ‘huggable, gluggable’ wine, not a ‘cold, high acid Italian white’. OK, I can take this sort of feedback :face_with_monocle:

So I’m making a veggie stew instead, and opened this 2018 Jumilla Monastrell from Juan Gil:

I had both his 12 meses (the ‘meses’/months refers to time in oak), and his somewhat hedonistic 18 meses, last summer in Spain. This is the more approachable, straight-forward version and jolly, juicy, not to say ‘huggable, glubbable’ it is too!

The nose and palate reveal notes of plum, cherry compote, spice (black pepper, chilli pepper), dark chocolate, a whiff of smoked meat, and Mediterranean herbs. Big and beefy, it nevertheless handles its 14.5% ABV rather gracefully. Jumilla is definitely a place to go for some incredibly good Monastrell :+1:


Cracked a Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 2010 this evening to end a compressed working week and mark the start of a long weekend away. It is a thorough treat as expected, perhaps a little outshone by the 2009 at the moment and may improve with time. It’s such a delight. I suspect it will be the last drink I enjoy from a taste perspective before tomorrow’s stag weekend!


Strictly speaking past it’s drinking window but quite perfect to be honest , lovely fruit and a little coconut on the palate. Easy relaxing teroldego :+1:.


For reasons too boring to share, this got opened last night.

Bought from TWS as part of a mixed white Bordeaux case EP and this was my first bottle from the case.

The sauvignon blanc ans sémillon were quite distinct, a bit floral on the nose but the palate all lanolin and grass. Not entirely harmonious but there was so much flavour that it really held my attention, so not the worse for it.

Nice treat on a Thursday with a jacket potato, ham and coleslaw.


Just a quick update… this BYO did happen.

The SB was sublime, one of the best I have had so far. Nothing in your face.
The Gigondas was so pleasingly sweet fruited and perfect with our mains.
The Donnhoff I forgot to bring… so got a glass of PX to accompany my rich chocolatey pudding, fantastic.


Dageuneau wines are stunning, if pricy!


enjoyed a glass of this last night with sea bass, cherry toms and sea bass

Shame its out of stock at the moment as its a very good food wine and lots of interest here