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Midweek drinking thread 27-30 September 2021

Using up leftovers here tonight - yesterday’s belly pork cubed, marinated and re-roasted Chinese style was a great partner for the last of the Jean Max Ext’hase, which was just as delicious this evening.
Also revised my opinion on the Beaujolais blanc, which seemed a bit blowsy on Friday. Had half a glass straight from the fridge, which is definitely how it is supposed to be drunk. Buttered pineapple cubes, fresh with the fridge-chill, remarkably tasty.


Just had palpitations when I saw the date. I think you mean September……

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Haha, thanks. Please don’t palpitate, you didn’t sleep the month away!

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Serenity restored……

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We just got back from a week on holiday where we variously made our way through:

  • Planeta Cometa 2018
  • Dandelion Lion’s Tooth of McLaren Vale 2016
  • Taberner Syrah 2015
  • Torbreck Woodcutter’s Shiraz 2018

Didn’t take the nice glasses with us though, but hey ho - that’s what holidays are all about, right?


Must confess I popped into TK Maxx before our last holiday and picked up a box for us to use while away - large and thin enough to promote enjoyment but cheap enough that I didn’t care about overseas casualties. Still got all 6 for next year and very glad I took them as the house only provided the tiny goblets.

Edit: lovely wine selection, by the way


Villa Cafaggio San Martino Toscana IGT 2007 14% alcohol

Clear, deep intensity, garnet colour.

Clean nose, medium+ intensity, primary aromas floral (blossom); and prominent red fruit (cherry, plum), also black fruit (cherry, plum); and cooked fruits (prune) some spice, dried herbs (lavender). Cedar and chocolate, charred wood. Tertiary sensations include leather, earth, vegetal. Fully developed.

Dry, with high acidity, soft medium tannins, high alcohol and full bodied. Intense medium+ flavours of lots of fruit, black berries, cherry notes, plum and developed fruit, prune and cooked cherry. Also some spiciness, pepper. Some cedar, wood impressions, cloves, leather, tobacco, and earth-like tertiary aromas. Long finish.

A well balanced mature wine which still has a lot of fruit sensations, with well identifiable characteristics, complexity and a long finish. Overall a very good wine, which is fully mature for drinking now, not for further ageing. This was my last bottle of three, it is soooo good, I wish I had many more…


I opened this last night and had a couple of glasses with my chilli con carne.
Very nice it was too with a real chocolatey note that I’ve not really had experience with before in Garnacha/Grenache.
Will finish it off tonight.


Scajeta - Monferrato Rosso 2013. Bought on spec 'cos I like older wines especially if around £20.

Which turns out to be a Piedmont Nebbiolo, more tannic & rustic than Barolo but still a VERY decent midweek glass full. From House of Townshend in Hull (I was working in Hull yesterday - a good indy merchant).

No idea what to eat with it - the fridge is bare except for a cold chicken & that wont work. I’m sure I froze some braised beef cheeks a few months ago …


another punt for what I have for years used as my first choice to accompany spicy curries, better than a dry or off-dry gewurtz imo. I usually have a few bottles “in” . It’s such a nice tasty but balanced wine.

This was to go with home made spicy Hake curry with rice and peas.


I’ve opened a bottle of this for the next few evenings - a 2018 Nicosia Etna Rosso Monte Gorna; from the WS.

I wasn’t, if I’m entirely honest, expecting a great deal from it, given its relatively lowly price for an Etna Rosso; but you know what - it’s actually really rather good, and certainly so for its price. Not the most delicate or nuanced of Etna tastes etc out there, but it struts its stuff with aplomb and gives a lot of wine-pleasure with its relatively rich fruit, grainy tannins & earthy smoke.

Started off perhaps slightly plump straight from the bottle and a bit too fruity for my tastes, but settled down quickly to allow that distinctive Etna dryness to come out, along with a nice sunny earthy-sweetness in the background.

Very impressive for the money, and one I shall be stocking up on a bit. I could see it going a few years yet and balancing out into something very impressive for the price paid.


Ha ha - I often think about this but never been quite organised enough to do it. We just booked a week camping in Auvergne and a week in the Pyrenees next summer so that might be the time.

I never leave for a holiday by car, at least in the UK, without a box of wine in the boot. But I have a feeling that is fairly standard behaviour round here.



First of a case of dry Tokaji that Matt Horsley recommended leaving for a couple of years.

Delicate, featherweight, lemon and lime dancing in the mouth. Maybe something missing that will come in the aforesaid couple of years? Looking forward to that. Very lovely now though, and not much left for the fillets of grey mullet which are planned for dinner …


I was debating giving a first one of these a go too. Glad it’s good!


A very attractive wine, drunk over two evenings.

On opening some sweet oak on the nose, but the taste certainly not oak dominated. Not a heavy weight, but plenty of interest. Well balanced. Now sold out, but worth looking out for in future vintages.


Went looking for Petrol this evening and my hand slipped and I drove into a Lidl instead. Some bargains in the end of wine tour section, 3.99 for Ventoux which got good reviews. But needed to try one of the new ones to see if I want to buy more, so took a bottle of the Cab Franc home to try.

Not had cab franc for a while, probably more full bodied than I was expecting, creamy oak is a fair description with a bit of chilli pepper thrown in. Worth a go at 9.99, absolutely nothing wrong with it and decent for the price but not sure I’ll hurry back for another bottle.


what a brilliant idea and I wish I thought of that 3 weeks ago! Definitely what I will do next year, not the same drinking Gigondas out of a tiny goblet!


Great tasting note. This wine is a regular in the Waitrose 25% off sale for me. I always think of it as a Tuscan Chateau Musar


I shamefully admit I bought a disposable top-end £30 glass on holiday whilst staying in a french gite. The rest of the group weren’t as “fussy” with their wine or glassware. I figured it was less than the mark up on a bottle of wine in a uk restaurant. No contemplation of bringing it back, I hoped future guests who stayed at the gite would find similar enjoyment


Fantastic Community dinner yesterday as detailed here