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Midweek Drinking Thread [26 to 28 May 2020]

A 2016 Marcillac from TWS this evening, one of my favourite summer reds:

This is the ‘Vieilles Vignes’ from Domain du Cros, and it certainly shows more concentration, depth and length of flavour than their Lo Sang del Païs bottling. Still looking young in the glass, the nose is a fantastic combination of iodine, wet soil, bramble fruit and clove-like spice. The palate is just as good with deep berry fruit, followed by savoury, spicy and even ‘meaty’ notes, ending on a bramble tanginess. How this delicious, concentrated and well-made wine is £9.95 is beyond me. If you like Mencía or a Loire Cab Franc I’d be surprised if you don’t like this wine.

Should go really well with our pasta and venison sausages - in fact, ten out of ten from the Galinsky-Johnson team! :ok_hand: :wine_glass:


A really super Chinon. Clos de la Dioterie 2009. Great with ribeye for lunch today. Beautifully balanced, attractive colour and nose. Quite long, tannins have mellowed leaving delightful red fruit. Outstanding


Grilled fresh sea bass fillets with French green beans and baby spinach was accompanied by this wine which I found in the cellar. It was as fresh as a daisy being under screwcap which impedes aging. Just superb. Bought some years ago from Sainsburys. The label is not too easy to discern but the vintage is 2010 and the estate is Bellingham based in Franschhoek, W. Cape.


I’ve got three bottles of the 2019 vintage… Sounds like there’s no rush! But might have to give one a go… :heart_eyes:

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Ha! I just found a bottle of that (well, 2017), and was wondering what it was and where it came from. Sainsbury’s as a random addition to 25% off 6 is very plausible. Glad to hear it’s good - I might try my bottle soon.


Meanwhile I’m finishing a bottle of Fontodi Chianti Classico. Delicious as always (unlike Flaccianello, which I’ve always found particularly finicky about when it wants to be drunk).


Actually consumed slowly over the weekend between other things. The open bottle (no eto used) progressed from lime and chalk to orange, jasmine and fennel over 3 days. I am drinking these far too soon but they are difficult to resist, especially when they can be opened and just put back in the fridge to develop like this. Lovely wine.


Opened this yesterday

Most importantly, the wax cap came off with no trouble in two pieces.

Enjoyment-wise, a little young, but absolutely delicious. Bright acidity and intense citrus fruit, which develops and lingers as it warms in the mouth.

Perfect with a BBQd hand of pork (yeah, never heard of it either), which the butcher fobbed off on me when I went to see her on Sunday.


How do you rate the value? I tried a [looks up email] Brandnetel 2017, and thought it was delicious but very simple. Didn’t regret it, but also didn’t feel remotely inclined to explore further Thistle and Weed (especially given that the next bottle I saw was 20% more expensive).

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I also had the Brandnetel 2017, thought it was great, but foolishly took it to my mother-in-law for lunch. There were more people there than I realised and only had a small glass. As such, I can’t really say much in comparison about the complexity. Was the Brandnetel slightly more rich & buttery? Less defined acidity? Maybe. but it was drunk last summer.

That was £23 and the Duwweltjie £19. To me this weekend was better value, but my experience of the Brandnetel is tinged with regret from watching my in-laws glugging theirs without any consideration of what they were guzzling!


Nerobaronj 2011, Gulfi Inspired by Will’s note on the 2010 last week, i opened this. Gorgeous perfumed nose, tons of complexity. On the palate it is the complete article too, with some tannic structure disssolving most delightfully to make a rich wine with dark chocolate and spice, and a long finish. Absolutely delicious, and as one of Gulfi’s single-vineyard Nero d"Avolas from the very southern tip of Sicily, a big step up from the Nerojbleu. Rare to find a wine with such a sense of place, and yet so damn delicious. This really is one of the wine world’s great bargains - there is certainly nothing in any of the “classic” regions that comes even close to offering so much for twenty quid, and while an utterly different style if wine, it blows anything from Etna in this price bracket right out of the water. One of the best reds I’ve had in ages.


One of best Loire growers. I visited domaine last year on a Winegb trip. Fascinating tour. One real plus is that the owners have a very enlightened approach to seasonal workers they treat them as part of their family, educating them and getting them involved in all vineyard aspects.
The wines are lovely and i recommend them wholeheartedly.


Had a socially distanced catch up with a friend and he presented this:

What a delicious wine. So easy drinking - TWS notes of extremely satisfying and mouth filling are spot on. Loads of sweet fruit, so if that is not your thing, avoid.


As you can see by the level in the bottle cooking and prepping is thirsty work…

…er, not that it took more than 20 minutes !

Glazed Pacific Red Salmon with a bottle of J-P Brun’s Beaujolais l’Ancien 2018. Not one that requires a great deal of thought, just a wine that’s eminently neckable and that hits my sweet spot in spades. Red fruits in abundance, wild strawberries, raspberry, red cherry with a tannin free slippery texture that’s meeting no resistance from me right now. Simply delicious, I should have bought six !

30 minutes in the fridge before opening BTW.


I often find myself getting awfully thirsty in the kitchen, too, especially in this hot weather…


Thanks Inbar. I seem to have lost all track of time !


Ha ha! The community is certainly drinking, with all the Drinking Threads about!! :smile: :clinking_glasses:


A new local Lebanese restaurant opened up just as coronavirus hit, which was awful timing. Anyway, they’ve reopened for takeaway today so I picked up a few of these (never tried a Lebanese beer):

And I’m eyeing these up too:


I think most of us are losing the plot right now !

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I think I might have posted about the previous bottle of Clos des Papes 1997 (the neck label fell off during the house move!!)

The best things come to those who wait. Really quite light in colour, with age showing at the rim. Lovely soft sweet fruit, no tannic bite and a savoury soy note. In some ways more Burgundy than Rhône but a wine that makes me wish I’d bought a dozen rather than six. Long finish and I’d wager even the Chateauneuf deniers would take to this.