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Midweek drinking thread 26-30 July

Looks like the honour of starting the midweek thread falls to me this week. Well, I am on holiday.

I was booked to spend 2 weeks in South Africa, joining the lions tour, but of course, that was cancelled…ah well. Australia next time.

So I find myself in Cornwall, at the end of Frenchman’s creak, enjoying a fabulous South African Bordeaux blend from Ginny Poval.


Lovely Mosel Riesling. Mass of ripe primary fruit and racy acidity. Rich, needs another two years



A really rather absurdly and wickedly indulgent Monday night for me with free head-space coming up tomorrow [football camp for the wee lad tomorrow & Wednesday] - an Ürziger Würzgarten Riesling Alte Reben, Dr Loosen 2015.

I rather guiltily put a case in reserves two weeks back on impulse and for fear of it selling out, and bought a separate single bottle last week to check my decision. All I can say is wow! What a wine … certainly rather unusual, but an incredible taste sensation - candied ginger, BBQd lemon, wild honey, dry but juicy, a bit of spice, a very subtle spritz, dense-but-light, acidity to wrap it up, and a long lingering complex nuanced yumminess that brings about that lip-licking-thing several minutes on. Very special and certainly one I’m going to keep in reserves a few years - I think this is barely a toddler and will really come to be something very particular and very special, I must say.

Happy-in-Herts :~}


Un Repas Espagnole (as opposed to an auberge Espagnol…) for 6 amis tonight prior to my return to UK tomorrow. Food and wine entirely sourced from our recent foray into Iberia

Aperos were accompanied by this MC brut Monastrell rosé from Empordà, and the plat principal was a Pochas Riojan style, (we cribbed the recipe from a leaflet obtained from a winery visit there, but forget which one) - Spanish beans, chorizo, stewed lamb shoulder, pancetta, green peppers and paprika. Sort of a Catalan version of cassoulet - then Spanish cheeses, and to finish, home made Creme Catalan.


Opened this last night:

A lovely wine. Still plenty of fruit and loads of Syrah fuelled pepper and spice and lush smoky savoury notes. An incredible mix of 6 grapes blended together to give spice, fruit and structure. I would imagine it will go well beyond TWS’s 2023 window, but no surprise there. First time I’ve had this wine; I have another, which I’ll probably keep for a year or two, and I’ll certainly be getting more. Impressed!


Thanks for the heads up ( didn’t know it had been listed ) and the notes, it sounds like a must try !

My intended buying moratorium doesn’t look like it will even make two weeks though. I can feel a trip to Stevenage coming on already :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit - oh dear…

…saves the bother of travelling, mind.


Thanks for the German listing - got my order in just in time, now out of stock.

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You’re more than welcome although I should probably apologise too if the discount pushed you over the edge, as it did me, though !

Might have…:roll_eyes:

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Continuing my birthday-related indulgences from Sunday, we opened this for supper/dinner yesterday, which we partnered with a range of cold meats and terrines. It was another present (somewhat outside my normal price range!) and the first time I have had this wine.

We found it to be a real block-buster, powerful and with a great depth and complexity of flavour, both dense and rich. The first taste had an element of oak - which I can do without - but that quickly disappeared as the concentrated earthy fruit took over.

I get a hint of why the leading Napa Cab Sauvs are so highly regarded (and so expensive!) and I appreciate having had the opportunity to experience this.


At least we can console ourselves that, in essence, one of the bottles is a freebie :wink:

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2018 Muscat from Bussay from around where my in-laws live. It is in the Alsace dry Muscat style and a very decent example. I am an hour ahead I hasten to add.


A delectable and approachable Pinot Noir from Cave de Beblenheim this evening, to accompany calves liver:

Not a wine for soil analysis or Terroir thesis – suffice to say it’s juicy, a touch savoury and incredibly drinkable.

The nose is delicate, with notes of rose petals, cherries, strawberry Petit Filous and a nice whiff of the potting shed. On the palate it’s feather-light, with that strawberry yogurt and cherries note, but also a savoury edge (the husband thought tobacco leaf) and a cherry pip sort of bitterness. Acidity is medium, and tannins float earthily in the background – all elements play nicely together and make this wine rather moreish.

Happy Tuesday, all! :wine_glass: :grinning:


An extravagant choice for a Tuesday perhaps but there are two sound reasons behind it. The first being, I cooked a venison and bean ragu yesterday which, to my mind, always tastes better the day after and which deserved a good wine to pair with it…

…anyway, medium ruby with an amber rim. The expected nose of pot pourri, red fruits, strawberries and cherries in the main, and a pleasing whiff of drying hot tar makes repeated sniffing impossible. Similar impressions on tasting, deep and complex flavours, medium body, fresh acidity to balance and lift and some ripe furry tannins to structure. Those tannins were a bit tongue curling to begin but with an hours air are now merely grippy Its subtle depth, complexity, and long savoury red fruited finish makes it stand out from my usual midweek choice of a Langhe Nebbiolo. I feel like a lucky man right now !

Er, the second reason being, after a brief audit of my Barolo / Barbaresco stocks, I realised, taking into account my usual rate of consumption of three to four bottles a year, I had enough to last until I was in my early 80’s. Of course, this is exactly the kind of first world problem I’m more than happy to resolve !

All the best everyone, especially the workers amongst you.


Camping in the South Downs.

With Southern fried chicken and tempura prawns done over the fire.


Today is our thirtieth wedding anniversary, and we marked the occasion with lunch at the wonderful Auberge Frankenbourg, followed by a walk up to the Frankenbourg Castle. The food was superb, as was the wine - Domaine Weinbach Riesling Grand Cru Schlossberg, 2014. The finesse to go with both octopus and red mullet dishes, and a depth of flavour and body to match both a raw beef starter, and rack of lamb. A great way to celebrate.


Congratulations!! What an occasion!



@robertd great milestone to celebrate!! :wine_glass:


Congratulations!!! :tada: what a fabulous way to celebrate! :clap:


Congratulations @robertd and Mrs @robertd. This is a beautiful photo of you both.