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Midweek drinking thread 25th to 29th October 2021


Quick out of the blocks this evening. The notes say it all, except that it’s genuinely mouthwatering.

Janare always good vfm.


Well it should have been a quiet night but we had some of our first Partridge this season sitting in the fridge so rude not to enjoy a glass.
This to accompany the game birds….delicious

Anyone tried the 2019 as this was my last bottle?


Landed in Prague this afternoon; camping on an island in the Vltava here Camping Prague | Praguecamp.cz - day cycling into the city teed up for tomorrow

Camper van cuisine - my turn - a simple take on spag bol creating a sauce from various leftovers including a rondo reduction.

To go with - a splendid red cuvée from one of our visits this morning in Moravia - a blend of Cab sauvignon and André; the latter being a Czech cross of Blaufrankisch and Zweigelt.


Yes. And I enjoyed the single bottle. So promptly bought 6.

Very correct and typical PN, lovely to drink and for the price a steal.


We both needed to take some holiday time off this week - so it’s not a full week. Which means wine. Nice wine. With nice food, naturally :smiley:

So this evening, we’ve kicked the week off appropriately, with Venison haunch, roast pumpkin and Swiss Chard, with this…

Absolutely weightless - and effortless - finesse, a core of bright fruits with an acidity that dissipates the second it feels it will overwhelm, and this-is-early-in-it’s-drinking-window grippy, tannic finish.

There are those who would argue the Rabaja, not the Monvigliero, is the true jewel in the Castello’s crown. It’d be hard to argue with them on this showing :smiley:

(Earlier in the week I was considering @szaki1974 point about having not enough drinkable vintages of Piedmont, and was about to part with more money on older stock. Instead, I just parted with more money on more of this.)



Autumnal root veg casserole with this absolute bargain. Great fruit, spice and balance! Simple and delicious any-day red. Glad Bulgaria is still under the radar as a few bottles in my order keep the average spend down, but rarely disappoint.


The society’s gruner veltliner. Yum. A tangy pear and pepper number. Bit of mineral flint in there as well. Perfect aperitif.


Oh no. You know what, I won’t have another glass


Venison tagine is doing its thing on the hob, and this gem of a wine will accompany it shortly:

As cheap Nero d’Avola go - this offers stupendous value for money! Don’t get me wrong - nothing complex or overly intellectual is going on here, but it’s an honest, juicy, jolly, delicious and satisfying wine all the same.

An ode to plums, dark cherries, bramble and spicy Christmas cake - it sings on both nose and palate. The fruit is juicy - without being ‘a juice’, the spice is delightful and the rustic, grainy tannins give a nice kick on the finish.

Appetising and joyous - and all at £7.50… The Society has done it again! :star2: :metal:


Hope you have a chance to listen to Smetana’s Ma Vlast, particularly Vltava.

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One of my favourite Champagnes.

The great feature of growers’ Champagnes is the info on the back label.


Should be in the weekend thread really, went down to Exmoor with the family and mum & dad. No working internet and zero phone reception necessitated frequent forays down-river to the tea room for clotted cream and free Wi-fi.

These were (mostly) enjoyed over the past few days, plus an Emeliana Salvaje Syrah Roussane and an oldish Monbazillac we’d picked up last year - both delicious with Bolognese and Roquefort respectively.

Bin 010 was delicious, a lovely Galician blend.
Bellavoine 2018 was faulty, unfortunately. Had a stink to it that wouldn’t blow off and no fruit at all. A far cry from my other bottle a few months ago.
The Etna rosso was the stand-in for the Pinot (pinched from a mixed case I put together for him) and proved more than worthy. Fine tannins, soft red fruits and just a hint of something savoury to keep the interest.
The Zeppelin Riesling 11%, Kabinett equivalent, though not on the label and Barbaresco with roast belly pork.
Slightly disappointed with the Barbaresco; for me it promised more on the nose than it delivered on the (perfectly pleasant) palate. Maybe the pork was too much for it, but
Riesling was nice, meant for early drinking, sugar and acidity playing off one-another, cutting through the fatty pork.

Also popped in to a local wine shop and grabbed 3 of these. I had the 2015 a few years ago, which was fantastic, so looking forward to cracking one, we’ll see how long I can hold out.


At the museum with Sundays left over Roast Beef….a thoroughly enjoyable visit.


Love this wine (and label!). I find bottles tend to just empty themselves, a bit of a mystery.

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After paying the reserves bill ( yikes ! ) this morning and then splurging further on the Pataille Aligote case this afternoon I felt in need of a calming drink tonight.

This was the victim…

…a Jechtinger Grauburgunder 2018 from Kaiserstuhl producer Bercher with a bowl of garlic and hoisin-braised smoked tofu, udon noodles and pak choi ( thanks to Waitrose for the recipe ). Which for a meathead like me was a giant leap into the unknown. The wine comes from volcanic soils so I was hoping it had a smoky quality to it to match the food.

Anyway, smoky and spicy stone fruit and citrus on the nose. White peach, conference pear and tangy citrus flavours, spice and a distinctly smoky minerality on tasting. Lively acidity provides lift, balance and an easy drinkability to the medium bodied fruit and it worked well with the food, phew.

Oh, and the first time I’ve cooked tofu at home and was happy with the end result, there’s hope for me yet !


Actually Andrew I know that work quite well, and we did go to a concert by the Prague Phil this evening in the Dvorak Hall, we’ve just got back from cycling it. But the programme was Bach and Mozart…

Pics of the preceding dinner - slow cooked wild boar with a Moravian Pinot, the concert and TOH posing in the foreground of the Hall.


Thanks Peter
Great photos. Hope the Bach and Mozart was good. I haven’t heard Czech phil for many years. Must catch up with them when they are next over.

Monday - Carried over from Friday, lightly dusted lemon sole delivered by Waitrose in substitute for our usual plaice, served with new pots, peas and mixed salad, last this year with solely our own tomatoes, tho’ I have a few I hope will ripen on a window sill, and the second and thankfully last of this savvie:

2020 Waitrose Sauvignon Blanc Blueprint (New Zealand, Marlborough
An anonymous bulk-shipped UK bottled wine and at £8.99 doesn’t even have low cost in its favour.

Tuesday I toasted cashew nuts and stir-fried them with diced chicken and red pepper strips in black bean sauce, then quickly cleaned the wok to stir-fry pak choi in oyster sauce, all served with basmati rice and a condiment of chopped home-grown red chillies in fish sauce.

Thankfully the wine was easy to serve

2018 Bruwer Vineyards Colombard Closilo Sandland (South Africa, Robertson)
Columbar is probably Mrs M’s second favourite white variety, and I really love it too. It’s greatly underrated which is probably why this one from TWS, which is is terrific with good acidity and bucket loads of flavour, is reasonably priced. Even tho’ its price increased by £3.55 this year to £10.50

Wednesday This week it’s the turn of crispy slices of aubergine in tomato & basil sauce and penne and with a mixed salad and no-brainer™

2019 Casa Vinicola Roxan The Wine Society’s Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (Italy, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo)

Thursday I’ll be making Chilli sin Carne which we stuff into pitta with which we wash down, or perhaps I should say delicately sip


2019 Beyerskloof Pinotage (South Africa, Western Cape)

And another week is over, but next week will be different!!

(Blueprint Sauvignon Blanc from Waitrose, Beyerskloof from Sainsbury’s, Colombar and Montepulciano from TWS)


Lovely photos - brought back good memories of a visit to then Czechoslovakia in 1991. Enjoyed a super concert at the Dvorak Hall - included Elgar’s Cello Concerto. Several other concerts were also attended including a very small one at the top of Prague Castle to which the British ambassador was the guest of honour. Food looks to have improved no end!


For our visitors on Tuesday evening we served a mushroom risotto (including some dried porcini for extra flavour) followed by cheeses and then individual apple crumbles adorned with vanilla ice-cream. The Bourgogne rouge was a perfect match for the risotto.