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Midweek Drinking Thread [25 to 28 March 2019]



Sunny Tuesday, and the feeling is easy. Nice to live in denial.

Making some grilled mackerel tonight, so decided to go with a simple wine – which is already open in the fridge:


Had this Fiano before – a fragrant and peachy wine, so peachy in fact, that it brings back memories of student days filled with glasses of Archers. ‘Tis very peachy on the palate too, and has a fairly creamy mouthfeel, with nice citrus acidity to round it off - but I think what makes it feel rather ‘simple’ is its very short finish. Difficult to believe it’s the same grape as Planeta’s Cometa, but there is a time and place for both, methinks.

What’s in your glass this evening? :grinning: :clinking_glasses:


No alcohol today chez nous as usual for a Tuesday. Tomorrow we will have a glass of sherry, either the Soc’s fino or Maribel amontillado and finish this

It is a lovely full rose benefiting from not being too cold. We tried it as part of our exploration of Sangiovese. Would we have identified the grape if we had not known? Not in a million years😏

Then Thursday instead of my usual alcohol free day I’m off to the Society’s press tasting in London!!:yum::crazy_face:


Oh, gosh yes! Forgot about that…!! You’re going to have a fab day, for sure! Can’t wait to hear all about it, should memory remain clear and focused! :wink:


A partner to spicy pasta. Think this is the 3rd consecutive vintage of this wine I have tried and it may be the best. Lovely expression of Xinomavro fruit and a well priced introduction for those who haven’t tried the variety.


That’s a terrific wine for the money. Having tried previous vintages, at different points in their drinking windows, personally, I’ve finally concluded that I prefer to drink it as young as possible.

Anyway, a similar dish last night for me ( minus the spice ) with this to accompany…

On its own, I was a bit dismissive, it seemed too sweetly ripe and lacking the tannic structure to support, plenty of fresh acidity though. However, it chimed in beautifully with the food and was a very pleasant accompaniment.


Just opened my last bottle of this:

Still a little beauty, especially for £12. Hasn’t lost anything since last year: fragrant, lovely balance, lots happening on the palate. What a find, fair play to the buyers :+1:



I’m pretty sure I got this at a discount - something closer to a tenner. It’s a bargain at that price and not bad at full whack. Loads of fruit on day 1, and even on day 3 there’s plenty of brambly, black curranty goodness. If i see it on offer again I’d be tempted to pick up a case, as I think this is age worthy. Delicious!


Done my two dry days for this week and just opened a 2013 Ravenswood Zin, Still delicious but the colour is definitely fading and perhaps developing a rusty tinge. Nice dark berry fruit with a sort underlying liquorice flavour and aroma.

Have to apply myself to finishing off a few bottles in the coming months.


Made some beef stroganoff and matched perfectly with a Vincent Ledy Bourgogne Rouge 2014. This wine is singing right now after a longish decant, happy to own a few more bottles.


I went to a tasting of natural wines last night. I don’t know much about so I did find it interesting. I wasn’t blown away by the wines, a couple had a cabbage smell which I didn’t enjoy… apparently it’s down to a lack of oxygen during production. However I tried an orange wine for the first time which I was actually quite delicious, very dry, and some really unusual fruit mineral flavour combos.


We tried this one by Italian producer Radikon


Last night I attended a SA tasting in Hove. A full house, and a great event, it hammered it home just how good SA wine can be. There were seven wines, and although I definitely preferred some to others, there was no duff bottle in the house.

We had the following:

Cape Chamonix - Cap Classique Blanc de Blancs 2009, Franschhoek – a very evolved fizz; fruit was rather mute, some notes of bruised apple and a very pronounced bready/yeasty aroma. Very dry on the palate, with that same bruised apple note and leesy creaminess, good length and a very delicate mousse. Felt quite refined!

Adi Badenhorst Papegaai White, 2018 Swartland – this is a blend of 88% Chenin Blanc and 12% Palomino, and an interesting blend it is, too. Soft peach and honeyed notes end on a dry, zesty lemony finish, with some pear notes making an appearance too. This was one of my favourites.

Delaire Graff Chardonnay, 2017 Banghoek – this was a stunning Chardonnay. Classy, restrained and well-made. Delicate oatmeal and vanilla on the nose, with some pineapple and peach. Gorgeous mouthfeel, with apple crumble, vanilla and tangerine zest that lifted it, and an incredibly long finish. This was probably the star white of the evening.

Iona ‘Solace’ Syrah, 2015 Elgin – I struggled with this one a bit. It was definitely made in the style of a Northern Rhone – the fruit was ripe, but very restrained with some damson and blackberries, and a very nice perfume. The palate was a little difficult to pin down; plummy, but very peppery – perhaps a bit too peppery for my taste. The tannins were smooth, and it had a nice bite of acidity and even a pleasant ‘smokiness’, but it didn’t feel like a harmonious wine to me.

Lanzerac Pionier Pinotage 2016, Stellenbosch- if there was one Pinotage to convert me – this was the one. There was none of the burnt rubber, charred meat sort of nose/palate; the fruit was beefy and deep, with a very lovely touch of earthiness to it, smooth tannins and a good length. But at nearly £38 a bottle, my conversion ground to a halt.

Meerlust Estate ‘Rubicon’ 2015, Stellenbosch – I don’t need to convert anyone here to this wine. What a beautiful, harmonious, ripe but elegant wine! Wowzers… I was smitten on the spot. This was definitely the winning red!

Mulderbosch Noble Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc 2010, Stellenbosch – an absolute winner for me! The colour was a stunning amber, the nose all marmalade, mango and dried fruit. The palate continued with a tangy marmalade note (actually, it tasted a bit like a liquid Membrillo!), and a succulence which was out of this world.

If only all Wednesdays were this indulgent! :grinning::+1::+1:


Whoops, still got a couple of these left over from last summer…

Bit flat now, hmmm. Great fun for the money, but knock it back as soon as (or shortly after) you get it.


I found this, ordered a whole lot for a party and it pretty much poured flat… don’t think anyone cared much by the end of the night though :relaxed:


A glass of this tonight I think. Its sold out on TWS but a regular in my house.


Juicy mid weight Brouilly, waiting for a casserole. Very pretty perfume, nice red fruits, some length and a smidgen of minerals. Sure I’ll drink more of this in the summer!


This today, very good, tastes like a good beer… less the alcohol. Its sister is stocked by TWS.


I picked up a couple of bottles of that fizz from Chamonix a few years ago, and really enjoyed them. Franschoek is a lovely valley, with some fantastic producers, and I’d love to get back there some time!

Opened this last night, so having a little more this evening:


Tonight whilst reviewing the garden design.

This is so Syrah, so northern Rhone. It’s lack of fault, Brett or such, just gives it away. The last of a case of six. Its just losing its fruit, so is all savoury blackberry and earth. Yum


Business lunch today. Bottle of Primitivo with our steaks, then a bottle of Felton Road Bannockburn Pinot 2016 afterwards with more chat.

I really enjoyed the Felton Road - very clean and pleasant to drink - but I’d much rather have a village-level Burgundy for the same money. There’s something appealing about wine that isn’t quite so scrubbed-up and blemish-free (but still juicy and cherry-fruited).


Just noticed this appeared on the list: