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Midweek drinking thread (25-28 November 2019)



I usually abstain on a Monday but somehow this ended up open yesterday. Perhaps I’m easily influenced !

Enjoyed with roasted red peppers, halved and semi-stuffed, with sobrasada* and tomatoes with some burrata on top to finish. The wine was a good match for the creamily robust flavours of the food.

Medium crimson colour. Deep red cherry and red berry aromas on the nose, nothing complex just lots of juicy, slightly savoury, fruit. Starts off fresh and bright on tasting with red cherry and raspberry flavours to the fore. With air, or perhaps it was the food, those flavours became softer, deeper and more rounded. Medium bodied, well balanced and with good weight of flavour it provided plenty of uncomplicated drinking pleasure.

*I hadn’t come across sobrasada until two weeks ago. If you haven’t heard of it before, like me, it’s a spreadable Mallorcan sausage similar in flavour to chorizo. I found it amongst the pate…

…and now can’t get enough of it. Thankfully a little goes a long way !


Well, as the weekend and the end of our alcohol free period hoves into view, I can report it has been remarkably easy to abstain. Sadly that was due to an unwanted side effect of my cold being a total loss of the senses of smell and taste for about five days encompassing last weekend.

Thankfully both are slowly returning and I am looking forward to sniffing and swirling once more. If I needed any reassurance that my love of wine (and alcoholic beverages in general) are mostly about the smells and flavours rather than the alcoholic effect then this has been it.

Lemsips and Night Nurse now back in the medicine cupboard where they belong. Some nice teas and coffees, Nanny State beer and Pepsi Max will power me over the line from now on. Reading about the community’s wine adventures whilst abstaining has been interesting and vicariously satisfying in the meantime. Keep up the good work folks!


Glad to hear you’re on the mend. There are many disagreeable things about having a cold but losing ones sense of smell, and as a result taste, must be the most frustrating for a wine lover.


Is it like Nduja? Sounds the same, but from Southern Italy.



Yes and no !

I’d used nduja paste for the same dish previously but found it too fiercely hot, so was chuffed to find something that, to my mind , was more wine friendly.

Having said that, it seems to come in two versions, spicy or sweet, dependant on the type of smoked paprika used in its making. The one I found is the ‘dulce’.

In the Balearics, after looking online, it seems you would be more likely to find a whole sausage in its casing, but still spreadable, rather than the pate / paste I used.

I haven’t tried adding any to stews or casseroles as yet, or for that matter, with pasta but looking at recipes it’s commonly used in that way and I’ll certainly be giving it a go.

I can vouch that it’s delicious on toast with butter though !


Nduja has chilli in it, sobrasada normally doesn’t. And even if it does, Spanish tolerance for chilli is so low it’s effectively imperceptible for me. I prefer nduja myself, but then I probably have high chilli tolerance!


I thought I had a high chilli tolerance too until I tried it but it left me with a runny nose and a mouth on fire !


Nduja would also normally come in that form… reminds me I have one in the fridge, sounds like lunch tomorrow.


Brave man ! With a large glass of lhassi or milk as a cooling agent ?


We enjoyed a home-made Melanzane alla Parmigiana last evening with a bottle of this wine which was a perfect accompaniment.


planning to follow this recipe (as you said a little goes a long way), just realised that it lists sobrasada as an alternative


Nduja is only mildly spiced for my tastes. Can see this might be an issue for some wines though, esp French. I don’t find chilli a problem with most of the reds I drink (largely southern European) - and never with whites of course (given I don’t normally like oaked whites).


That looks delicious, thanks for the link and perfect timing too.

Basil, pecorino and fennel have just been added to the shopping list which I’m just about to go out and do.


I first encountered samples of it in the market, thought I was in heaven!

The Italian chap running the stall said it was 1/3 pork meat, 1/3 pork fat and 1/3 chilli. Perfect proportions.

Great on pizza too


What did you have with the melanzane? There is a recipe for this in last weekend’s Sunday Rimes magazine and I am tempted to make it as it sounds delicious. Just on its own, perhaps with some nice bread or as an accompaniment?


Just the Melanzane itself with the Chianti. It was the recipe from The Sunday Times


This rather lovely 2018 Santa Rita ‘120 Reserva Especial’ Cabernet Franc this evening:

Although different to a Loire example (slightly bolder nose as well as riper palate) - this is actually reminiscent of a Chinon from a warm vintage. The nose has violet, cherry, tomato leaf, bramble, fresh earth and even bit of sandalwood aromas; the palate has similar notes - ripe cherry and bramble with a little twist of cedar and a savoury, quite umami finish. Apparently this is another wine that tastes ‘silver’. :grin:

This is a steal at £5.99 (when you mix six) from Majestic. Not too complex, perhaps- but I can’t really fault it for anything either. It’s quaffable, with just the right amount of acidity to keep ripeness in check, and it should (hopefully) go well with liver and bacon. :crossed_fingers:

Looking forward to watching Rick Stein’s next sojourn (Perigord this time) with a glass of this in hand… Happy Tuesday, all! :clinking_glasses:


Don’t normally drink much wine through the week, but do enjoy a small dram.

Soft oak and spicy, does need a dash of water though. Very enjoyable indeed.


Not your typical midweek wine but off work tomorrow and wanted to try this ahead of Christmas. Wow - really wish I’d just bought a case now - the depth of exotic fruit flavours with a mineral edge is incredible, I’ve never had a white before I would describe as ‘nourishing’ but this is it. One of my wines of the year… is that an idea for a thread?!


Bit of a mistake today. From finishing off a Greywacke last night, without much though I opened a bottle of Las Mulas Chilean SB tonight, a fairly budget buy from Waitrose a while ago. Rather like changing from a silk shirt to something made of sailcloth. The sailcloth works but it’s much more comfortable wearing silk!

Also realised that the Chilean SB came from Miguel Torres and in my subconscious I’d associated this with Torres in Spain. But actually I’ve no idea if there is any connection at all; it could be a fairly common name. Reading this community is generally quite helpful; sometimes though it upsets a comfortable status quo!