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Midweek Drinking Thread [24th to 27th August 2020]

Sells on amazon for £58 for 6 :+1::+1:

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Extravagant Wednesday night tipple.
Really excellent sparkling wine. Crisp apple nose. Lovely long rich biscuit flavour. But somehow fresh at the same time. Better than most champagne in the same price range by a country mile!!!
Have another bottle so will try and store away for a year or so. Not sure if I can wait!!!


Thanks. Fairly certain ours didn’t come from Amazon though!

Thinking about another case from reserves. :grinning:

I bought this one on the back of a great member review, maybe some whites for the late Summer as well.

Hey ho!! :wink: :grinning: :dragon:


Opened this last night but it wasn’t very impressive. Angular and acidic. I vacuvin-ed it and today it was much better. Broader with nice dark cherry and blackberry but still very fresh. I’d recommend decanting it.


Tonight’s ‘wine’ was Barefoot Merlot NV, California. Proud winner of the 2016 Sunset International California wine award, or something like that. We need a cooking wine for the weekend and having consumed our allotted number of bottles for the week I suggested we open this for a sneaky glass with our meal. A marginal decision. On the nose, a promise of sweetness and chocolate. In the mouth, cloying sweetness, chocolate and boiled sweets. Irredeemable. It got worse the further down the glass we went. I suspect @Herbster’s mother would turn her nose up. Didn’t go with pasta but went smoothly down the sink.


Working my way through the ‘Wine Champions 2020 Reds’, and saw "The Footbolt’ Shiraz is in my to do list next. £12.50/bottle from the Wine society. Then after work today noticed the same bottle is in Tesco currently on offer. £12 down to £10.00, with 25% discount discount for 6 ie £7.50/bottle. Not a bad deal from a ‘non co op, profit making’ enterprise. Anyone been drinking recently and have reviews to share before I return and clear the shelves…


It’s only Wednesday! What are you going to do by Friday?

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Having seen that the WS now stock this, I thought I would pick up a case locally. However, it was the 2019 vintage, not surprisingly, and so I suspect I need to leave it a couple of years - if I can!


We drink beer on Fridays! Two bottles of wine a week, starting on a Saturday. I really wish we hadn’t watched that programme on alcohol consumption by the Van Tulleken twins last year :weary:


Agreed! We decanted it (only cause we decant virtually all reds we open - not due to some great foresight) and thankfully missed the ‘acidic and angular’ bit. We thought it was lovely and fresh, with ripe cherry fruit - an uncomplicated red and good vfm.

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Couldn’t agree more with the notes @strawpig provided …

…vivid purple red colour. Plenty of sweetly spiced red cherry fruit on the nose. Red cherries dusted with baking spices on tasting. TWS notes mentioned cinnamon, perhaps that influenced me, but I’d have to agree. Good fruit concentration and weight of flavour with fresh acidity to balance and light ripe tannins adding some discreet grip. Uncomplicated but delicious, food friendly and all too easy to drink.


Thanks for adding this @Embee I was mulling over this offfer and specifically the Crozes being a 6 pack. Time to buy I think.


A quick mention of our enjoyment of the penultimate bottle of this wine last evening.


That must be Gwin Llyn Wines, on the car park square. They have a very good and interesting selection – there’s always something to tempt.

We stay in Criccieth two or three times a year usually and make a point of visiting the shop to try something new. Unfortunately the last time we went in January they were closed - owners on holiday I think.

We’ve not been to Wales since for the obvious reason but are hoping to get there before the end of the year to see our son who lives in Porthmadog


Super! Mrs M was particularly taken with it.

It’s got gorgeous fruit with a bit of attack so it’s ideal with food. I’ve ordered more, there’s no higher praise.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Ive had her zweigelt, not bad but there are better.

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Expecting delivery of Vouvray Pure Loire Bugrier. My wife says that her mother would really enjoy it, and could she come down for a few days. Ok by me, Right oh I’ll get her out of the loft then.


I think “not bad but there are better” is a good description of this too. I had the Ink (Zweigelt/St Laurent blend) which I remember enjoying, but couldn’t tell you much more about.

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