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Midweek Drinking Thread [24 to 27 February 2020]

Can’t believe it’s Tuesday! Can’t believe I’m starting yet another drinking thread… Apologies if you’re utterly sick of seeing my face. :grimacing:

But anyway! A lovely mid-week Claret for us this evening, the last bottle from an order placed over a year and a half ago, after a TWS Bordeaux tasting in Brighton:

This 2014 bottle comes from the Côtes de Bourg, and is made by the charming Victor Mischler, who showed us his hard-working hands as a proof that he was first and foremost a vigneron, not just a winemaker. The other half particularly liked this one, for its accessible, fruity and spicy character and its good amount of verve. With a bit more time in bottle there’s some added notes of undergrowth, tobacco and menthol and the plummy/cherry fruit is more stewed fruit now. Tannins are quite woody and grippy, acidity still lends a freshness to the finish. This is a quaffable, uncomplicated and joyful sort of Claret, and should go nicely with liver and bacon.

What’s gracing your glass this midweek? :wine_glass: :grinning:


I remember the two of you being taken with that one! :smiley:

I’m back home for just under two weeks and have opened the first of a case of young drinking Clarets I bought last October:

This is really very good value. A fruity, smooth, well balanced and easy drinking claret for £6.50. What’s not to like about that? Not massively complex but still surprisingly good quality at that price.


Rioja Ardanza 2010 Reserva Selección Especial for me tonight.

I’m thinking still a touch too young but with good potential. I have 12 so will take a few months in between bottles. I found the 2001 of this wine sublime quite a few years ago.
Vina Arana 2009 (2011 linked) seems to be drinking more balanced for now


Kept back a bottle of Pol Roger White Foil for a year and drinking it tonight to raise a glass to some good news.

I have been underwhelmed by vintage Pol recently (02 alright, 04 a tragedy, 08 a car crash), but this, as always, is a delight. Airy and clean, it is all about the spaces in between. Why do they make such a great NV and such poor vintage wine?


Hmm. Instead of sweet and plumptious i get sour and thin. I also find his regular bourgogne a bit astringent and insipid. Is it just me? Have i waited too long? Or not long enough? Will the Longeroies I have finally live up to the billing?


Claret for me as well! I picked up a bottle of 2016 Chateau Lalande d’Auvion for a tenner from Waitrose a couple of weeks ago having read a decent review online somewhere. I opened it on Friday and was completely underwhelmed. A couple of days getting a bit of oxygen changed it dramatically, however, and I was thoroughly whelmed with it last night. Concentrated flavours of blackcurrant, plums and cedar all very nicely balanced. Tannins had softened and smoothed. Decent length on the finish. An absolute pleasure to drink. Might be worth keeping an eye out for Waitrose reducing the price again and picking up some more to stick away for a few years.



You didn’t like it! Are you going to leave a Munro on the TWS website?:rofl:


I have a similar reaction to the Pataille wines I’ve tried but then I seem to just not get pinot noir. I do have a couple of slightly more expensive pinot noirs that I shall be trying sometime soon, but my comments so far always seem to be along the lines of sharp and thin.

Kind of makes me skeptical of TWS notes. Fresh/racy/pretty fruit/bright - all descriptors in EP offers which would work here, but the sweetness, plumpness and roundness is certainly lacking. I did grow to like it, but the expectation is the greatest cause of disappointment. I may just avoid Pataille in future.

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Might not the problem be that it’s 2013, rather than that it’s Pataille?

I agree it’s surprising that the wine received that tasting note, though.


I was treated to a midweek dinner at the very fancy Kitchin in Edinburgh and I’d volunteered to pay for the drinks … we went for Garzon’s 2018 Albarino from Uruguay which was definitely dramatic (salty grapefruit seems a good description) and possibly a bit overwhelming for some of the food. However neither our wallets nor our school-night obligations could cope with the suggested wine pairings


@Sally, I went to Kitchin a long time ago when it was still brand new and before the Michelin star(s)? , I lived in Leith for 3 years so I sometimes took customers there . I still remember the food it was that good & the wine list at the time was also excellent ! It sounds like much hAsnt changed ! I’m extremely jealous :yum::yum:!

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Finally got round to trying this wine over the week. Hmmm :face_with_monocle:, I don’t love it but appreciate its attractiveness and appeal to others . I will also say it’s great vfm but for me it’s pretty one dimensional, lacks finesse but does have an abundance of tropical fruit and freshness about it ! Probably a great party wine which would satisfy the masses !


Improvised chick pea curry with this. Really fresh with white peach and nectarine fruit. Quite high acidity, but worth trying if you enjoy dry riesling/chenin/furmint.

The 2018 is now in stock and straight in my basket.

Might have a drop of Disznoko Tokaji 5 Puttonyos 2015 that’s in the fridge.

Just occurred to me that this wine reminds me of Romorantin (Cour Cheverny) and Mrs Nick agrees. (Obscure variety like obscure variety!)


at least it was cheap…

VERY :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am back…a midweek roast chook with this little Aussie number dryish and all the attributes of oaked Chardonnay.

Followed by some port with fromage bit of a wild Wednesday :smile:


I’ve just started a job at the Scottish Government so this trip was in celebration of that. The food was excellent and the wine list was really impressive. Our only reservation was that the service felt a bit full-on … which does sound excessively grumpy now I write it down


First glass in French wine scholar this evening was dedicated to @onlyawino, aka Sully. It was his favourite St Eulalie, and easy to see why he loved it so much!

Ripe, plummy, and peppery. Quaffable!

Other reds we tried:

Smoked meat, mint and mulberry, with something a little wild about it. Fresh with a distinct minerally finish- this was great!

This had lovely nose, good fruit and pleasant structure, but didn’t make my heart sing.

This, on the other hand did:

A fantastic alternative to Tuscan Sangiovese, I loved its pale but bright colour, its herby, cherry and bramble nose and its lovely mouthfeel and berry/wild herbs combo. Definitely going in my next order! :+1:

And this white Cassis was just my sort of white (a blend of 30% Clairette, 30% Marsanne, 30% Ugni Blanc, 10% Sauvignon blanc):

This was an utterly delicious, minerally example, with a touch of tropical and stone fruit but also with some savoury undertone. Great texture too!

Now bed is calling… :sleeping::sleeping:


I can’t decide if this has softened with a few years or is a bit lacklustre. I think the former. I feel old when I see a Gigondas at £15 and think that it is fully priced but it is actually 1/3rd off. Not bad value. sigh