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Midweek drinking thread (23 -26) November 2020

Very nice plate…even better with the vino…we were taking a break tonight😢

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Unlike them though, so many here actually know what they’re talking about :smile:


Tonight this garnacha. Light on its feet, smooth red berry, still young tannins but a freshness and an old vine intensity.

Good now and I wonder where it’s going. Drink dates say until 2024, I think longer.


Just finished the Brazin Zin which I opened on Sunday. Normally I drink a bottle over 2 or 3 days. 4 days is quite unusual but although I have enjoyed a largish glass each evening I’ve found myself quite satisfied with just one glass. It’s a delicious and very big wine and 1 glass every night has been quite sufficient.

Does this mean I’m nearly grown-up now?


Shame I can’t like this post twice! :slight_smile:


Monday we had the other half of Sunday’s roast chicken. Our Henry of Pelham tasting on the Saturday reminded Mrs M how much she like Ontario Cabernet Franc and that’s what she asked for. I didn’t have any from Ontario so offered this

2019 Famille Bougrier Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil Les Cailloux (France, Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil)
Mrs M was dubious thinking it’d be stalky and green, but it wasn’t. Silky and lovely. I thought the artfully torn label was deliberate, but this bottle came from a mystery case and TWS site shows a straight edged label. The torn stained label save me £3.25 !

I put cannellini beans to soak before going to bed.

Tuesday - boiled the over-night soaked beans, then added thinly sliced onion, chopped carrot and celery, tinned tomatoes and lots of EVOO, put into oven on low heat for cooking till dinner by which time the liquids had gone, the onion and tomatoes dissolved and the beans plump and silky in a smooth sauce.
I also made a couple of loaves. We had the beans with a hunk of fresh bread and a mixed salad. This approximation of dishes we’d had many years ago on a Greek island called for

N.V. Greek Wine Cellars (D. Kourtakis) Retsina of Attica (Greece, Attica)
from Morrisons. TWS no longer stock Retsina and when they did it had almost no taste, which is pointless since those who don’t like Retsina will never buy it and those that do want one that tastes like Retsina.

Wednesday - I browned some diced chicken, added roughly chopped onions, a can of tomatoes and left-over beans, then added my secret ingredients. Served with new pots and veg, and

2019 Famille Jaume Côtes du Rhône The Wine Society’s Côtes du Rhône (France, Côtes du Rhône)
Another from my mystery case and jolly pleasant too.

Thursday - a tussle for pans as Mrs M needs to make marmalade as we are on our last jar and I need to cook penne to go with long time regular aubergines in tomato sauce, and no-brainer
2019 Casa Vinicola Roxan The Wine Society’s Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (Italy, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo)

and so ends - almost - another week…


Have gone for the first of my 2016s. Happy Thanksgiving!

Rich, deep and fruity, Christmas spice finish. Haven’t had a C9dP in ages and this is indeed an age apart frrom the inevitable xmas supermarket plonk for the season.


Very nice!

My turkey is still in the oven but I’ve opened this already:

And it’s so lovely I am worried it won’t last until dinner is ready :rofl:

Happy Thanksgiving. I’m very grateful we have so much to be thankful for this year.


Me too, I’ve been reflecting on that all week.

Is Thanksgiving a usual celebration for you??

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It is since I met my wife - she’s from MA. Just us this year, but I’m off work this week so we managed the full shebang even so :smiley:

Couple of British additions to our tradition :wink:


Happy Thanksgiving


I am sure you have a standby if it all goes pre Turkey fest!

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Just opened this for dinner this evening and cheers to mates in :us:


Some happy news for us this evening - the daughter had been invited for an interview at Cambridge - she’s hoping to read Music. Nothing is guaranteed (the College she went for only offers 2 places a year :scream:), but we were so happy for her that I immediately suggested we opened a nice bottle of fizz to celebrate. No, said the girl. This was just the sort of pressure she could really do without. She wasn’t talking atmospheric pressure, either, so I’m having a glass of Amontillado to celebrate instead.

Never mind! This evening’s wine is delicious enough without fizzy embellishment - a 2018 Chignin-Bergeron from TWS:

Lustrous gold in the glass and a nose full of yellow apple, pineapple, honey, fresh herbs and a touch of nectarine is a good start. Lovely on the palate, it is creamy yet fresh, herbal and focused; the honey note intensifies over time, but there are also notes of citrus (tangerine?), stewed apples, freshly cut herbs and peach. Finish is fairly long, ending on a note of ginger spice and citrus peel bitterness. Lots going on! :ok_hand:

On reflection, it’s perhaps not as beguiling and sensual as the 2016 La Bergeronnelle I had last year, but a damn fine wine in my book nonetheless, and one which would definitely develop further depth with time. Having this with pasta in butternut squash, gorgonzola and crème fraiche sauce.

Happy Thanksgiving to those celerbrating! :clinking_glasses: :turkey: :tada:


Anyone else joining the TWS Thanksgiving wine tasting tonight?

Pinot Bianco, Südtirol-Alto Adige, Hofstätter 2019

From TWS recent ‘Fine wines from Italy’ 0ffer, not bad for £12 ish. With what is almost certainly not an Alto Adige dish: gratinée of chicken, mushrooms, white wine sauce & tagliatelle - with an inappropriate devilled duck egg. Oh… and pickled green peppercorns because I like them.

To my surprise an excellent match - the creamy Pinot Blanc works well with the egg + sauce and bounces along with the mushrooms & green pepper. I’m thinking this would be a good wine for those days between Xmas & new year where there are plenty of cold meats to be eaten.

Be VERY interesting to see how this wine ages… definite re-order. (my thanks to @inbar & @strawpig for their buying advice)

ps: tastes better than it looks


@Inbar Good news indeed! You’ve got to play these things cool - nothing one’s offspring hate more than over-enthusiastic parents; I know from experience! Let’s hope for the best - nice to celebrate even getting an interview! :grinning:


Fantastic photo - !


That’s a lovely colour. Fingers crossed for your daughter, all the best people study music :wink:


Fabulous news :crossed_fingers: