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Midweek drinking thread [23-26 March 2020]

Had a catch up with a good friend on Zoom. It was just a 45 minute catch up, rather than the normal IRL all nighter with great food and wine on the town, but much needed anyway. By coincidence we both opted for Alsace on the wine front. He had a dry Gewurztraminer, the vintage and maker I forgot (UPDATE - Kuhlmann-Platz 2017). I pulled the cork on my well coravinned 2012 Marcel Deiss Altenberg de Bergheim GC. The wine is still fabulous… to bad it is gone now. Need to check back with Lea & Sandeman to see whether they have anything from them.

I think there is more midweek drinking nowadays… judging from the recycling bins at the back of our block of flats. What is it you are opening?


To cheer ourselves up a bit, we decided to make Wiener Shcnitzel and mash this evening - one of my favourite meals growing up. The cheerfulness did not last, though, as I realised there is not even one bottle of Grüner Veltliner left in the house. How did I let this happen?! Das leben ist grausam!

In any case, we’re sticking with the Germanic theme by opening a Riesling instead:

This one (Boeckel 2017 Brandluft) we last tasted at the WS Alsace Growers’ tasting - feels like a different era already, and it was only last November. We loved it then - and we love it now!

The nose is understated: some orchard fruit, a whiff of tangerine, white blossom and the faintest note of honey. Much more intense on the palate, with ripe red apple, pear, citrus and delicate honey note on the finish. The (high!) acidity frames it and gives it good structure. Good mouthfeel too. Fantastic wine, that should continue to evolve, no doubt. This one won’t, of course, but its siblings will.

Happy Tuesday, everyone - hope you’re all keeping safe :clinking_glasses:


Now, now, we’ve had our lecture on anecdotal evidence…I agree with you though :wink:

I am assuming that these were empties, unlike the food :rofl:


Quite light as they go. Rather floral, not yet at the bacon stage, remarkably fresh and gentle with a peppery afterthought. Further evidence of my conviction that 15 years is optimum for Thalabert.


Celebrated my birthday, yesterday, with Chicken in a red wine sauce, washed down with a lovely fresh and vibrant Beaujolais. Most enjoyable. Was forced to have a little prosecco as well! :wine_glass::yum:


We enjoyed a(nother) bottle of our house Chenin Blanc with a tuna bean salad. Sadly only 2 bottles left with no early prospect of securing reinforcements :frowning:


This evening, to accompany the escapist “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,” whilst rummaging in my freezer, I discovered a KFC chicken breast from last Christmas. Oh Joy!! lol And to pair it, a Half Bottle of The Society’s White Burgundy 2017.
This has taken on a smidge of limestone on the back palate, giving rise to hope that this vintage may well deliver the goods, with it’s more illustrious wines.


Last night I opened a half bottle of this primarily for Mr. Leah as I had terrible sinus. His ship is currently on lockdown in the north sea with 2 suspected cases so doesn’t look like he is going offshore anytime soon…
Obviously I had a small egg cup portion to ensure it was ok and boy was it. Still really young so has a lot to still give but lots of lovely fruit of dark cherries, bramble and red fruits. baking spices and layers of complexity with a long smooth finish. I’m glad a bought a case of halves now. Excellent value for money.


I really like that Chenin with oven baked salmon.

An excellent alternative is the Fistful of Schist. I’ve got a few bottles of this left…



Me Too!
Several cases of bottles and one of halves.
Great for the midweek. as are the halves of Guigal CdR 2016.
I also buy the Clos du Cazaux Sarrasine in bottles and halves.
The 2013 on its day, was a wonder to behold.


Made my wife an aperol spritz which always makes me think of iron-bru and opened a bottle of Cairanne 2017 for me. S’aright.


With a pan-fried salmon fillet served on a creamed Puy lentil sauce sprinkled with cubed pancetta, came this white wine - a gifted bottle. I served it too cold but as it warmed the oak notes faded into the elegant fruit and it went really well with the dish.


I know it’s midweek, but it’s my brother’s 40th birthday! So to celebrate, in his absence (:cry:) I decided to have fillet steak, baby new potatoes and and a chestnut mushroom and shallot reduction, washed down with my favourite Argentine Malbec! Yum! :yum::wine_glass: Should I send him a picture or is that cruel? :thinking:


What did I drink last night? Nessum Dorma, Lirac rouge from Domaine Maby 2015, and delicious it was. I’ve bought a number of vintages of this en primeur as it is such a fantastically made, and affordable wine.
The white from Domaine Maby is also wonderful, but just keeps evaporating??


I love Dom Maby. So consistent and a great QPR.


Hello Mark - welcome to the Community! I moved your post to the midweek drinking thread - we usually run a midweek and a weekend thread, where members post about the wines they had, their impressions - as well as photos! :blush::+1:


Under the pressure of the Rioja tasting I decanted a bottle of Lagunilla GR 2003 a while ago. Smells good in a leathery way, but haven’t tried it yet. Meanwhile have been trying to perfect my Turkish stand up routine. Surprisingly difficult even with a small weight. 3 on each side and breathing heavily already; this is an excuse for a break!

P.S. A couple more and shoulders knackered. Back to the wine - oaky, leathery, tarry, chocolatey. Quite soft and mellow to drink but not much fruit except a lingering aftertaste of maybe black cherry and raspberry.


I was worried about where that was going… :sweat_smile:

Although you could simply have had a talent for languages (and comedy)! :thinking: