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Midweek Drinking Thread [22-25 June 2020]

First in! Have the week off and making the most of it. (No mention of me finishing off the last glass of Riesling with my lunch of leftover ham toastie)

My Waitrose completely sold out of Whispering Angel. Several displays around the store, all gaping holes. Forced to try “Palm, by Whispering Angel,” and a delicious drop it is. Comparing across rosé season so far this year, better than than Miraval.

Pale salmon pink, suitably nice label. Smells of strawberry leaf, redcurrants and maybe even fields of lavender waving in the provençal breeze (ok maybe I got carried away with that last bit). Starts off with a certain roundness on the palate but has a citrus edge to it. Strawberry leaf, redcurrants and maybe a touch of grapefruit pith. Nice with food, pleasingly enticing on its own. Prefers not to be ice cold.


I’ve been eyeing the Palm in my local Waitrose for some time - so pleased to hear it’s a good drop! :clap::clap: Friday shopping couldn’t come sooner :smile:

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I honestly think whispering angel is a rip off. It’s nice but I’ve never found it exceptional enough to justify the price hike.


Depends what you pay for it I guess. £14 on offer at Waitrose feels ok, but as you say, unexceptional. £19-20+ at notional RRP feels (to me) like a triumph of marketing over flavour.

I’ve also found a surefire way of telling if a rose producer is aiming at style over substance - just check if they’re promoting magnums of it.


Has anyone tried this?
I find it really enjoyable ( hence we are on the 3rd case)


Yes, went through a case at the start of the summer it was excellent, although the 2018 was priced at £11.96, but when I went back for more the 2019 had gone up to £15.95, which seemed a bit of hike…

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£11.96 was a discounted price
Regular price was £14,95 if I’m not mistaken.
It did go up £1 since the 2018 vintage

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Saints preserve me. I have invited friends (semi-serious wine drinkers) to an early supper on Wednesday on the deck. She has mentioned bringing Kylie Minogue’s pink 'un!!!
I may never feel the same again. la la la, la la la la la, and repeat?


I agree , I like but don’t think it’s worth the price , Rock Angel is a lovely wine but totally not worth the money either :moneybag:.

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Ah, that makes sense. It did seem like quite a steep rise!

Enjoyed this last night, a good medium bodied peppery red, fresh enough for the summer. If you enjoy Loire Cab Franc this will probably suit you, fairly simple but very more-ish.


That’s Wild World by Cat Stevens (Yusaf Islam)…


come on @DrEm keep up with Kylie. It’s ‘I can’t get you out of my head’

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Are they bringing it Especially for You? You should be so lucky.
Sharing wine is how good neighbours become good friends.

Ahhhhhhhh got that out of my system. Apologies to everyone.


The truly sad bit is that you knew the song titles at all :rofl:


This 2018 Saumur Rouge ‘Les Nivières’, this evening, to go with a liver and Puy lentils concoction:

On a lovely warm evening such as this, a slightly chilled Cab Franc from the Loire always feels like a treat.

Lovely purplish-hue, with quite a bit of viscosity (this is 13.5%), the nose is a melange of strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrant leaf, clove and the faintest echo of pencil shavings. On the palate it’s summer pudding meets earthy, savoury tones (clay, I thought!), rounded off by bright acidity and chalky tannins.

Utterly quaffable, and at £9 (Waitrose) I’ve no doubt we’ll see it revisiting our wine rack/fridge :wine_glass: :+1: :sun_with_face:


And you say you didn’t @MikeFranklin ?!?!?!


Monday to Wednesday is usually dry but look at the weather!

Dinner will be some double lamb chops with tarragon salt, barbecued, accompanied by slow roasted new potatoes, radishes and baby beetroot from the garden.

My Somm hand reached without hesitation for a Provençal rose in a distractingly pretty bottle…


Cheeky midweek fizz, a blend of Chardonnay, Aligoté, Pinot Noir and Gamay. Delicious.


Barnsley chops always a treat…
I know them as Barnsley, anyone else?