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Midweek drinking thread (21st to 24 Dec)

YAY can’t believe I have managed to create a thread upon the mighty TWS community site thingy, at such a time of excess, good fortune and joy. Or something like that.

Tonight, TWS “The Liberator ‘The Good, The Bad and The Sangiovese’, Western Cape 2003” a truly awful name (and label) for a rather good wine. At 17 years old; you get a wine heading towards an antique mahogany colour, a nose like a light vintage port / dirty aquariums, and tastes like an old wine that isn’t too far gone yet still quite drinkable with the Nebbiolo etc coming through clearly.

I appreciate that might not sound too enticing… but to old wine aficionados, it’s like catnip.

With Steak and kidney pudding, buttered spring greens.


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Congrats! Please take over till next year :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I’m Brexit planning.

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Wonder if somebody could usefully merge this thread and the Christmas drinking thread so that they are not running in tandem on much the same subject.