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Midweek drinking thread ( 21 to 24 October 2019 )


Found a 2017 version of this in a box somewhere, slung it in the fridge on Monday and then had it with fish pie at 10pm last night after returning home from a long rehearsal waving a stick at 100 cubs and scouts (don’t ask!).

It went down an absolute treat. Bags of fruitiness and freshness.


Completely agree with @Embee - this lovely Italian red is superb. Well worth the money in my opinion.


We had a lovely afternoon tasting at Mittnacht Frères, where we were served for the first time by the younger generation in the shape of the very charming 25 year old Pierre (that’s not him in the picture :wink:) .

Highlights for me were the 2016 Muehlforst riesling, which has every bit as much ageing potential as the 2013 we drank last night; a 2016 GC Osterberg riesling of crystalline purity; and a sneak preview of the 2016 GC Rosacker pinot gris which is exceptionally long, smoky and spicy, yet with fruity grapefruit zest and mirabelles all mixed in - it is being released around Christmas.

Changes are afoot at the domaine, which is splitting in two - Christophe (one of the two cousins who are sons of the original brothers) is setting up by himself in order to create a business that he can hand on to his children. It will be interesting to compare the wines from the two in the future.


Took delivery of a download from reserves last week and have sampled a few already…

And an Exhibition Chianti Classico 2015, which is into day 2.

The 2009 Poujeaux is in a good place at the moment. Young but showing some development already. Will look forward to seeing how it goes.

The Burguet Gevrey 2009 from a VCP years ago has a rather simple, flat nose, mouth a bit spicy and dark fruited. Not sure it has much in the tank. glad I cant remember what I paid for it.

The Chianti is deeply flavoured, good fruit and also a touch of herb and spice. It seems rather spirity to me, alcohol level 14% but seems more prominent. Nevertheless, good.


Take THAT, Wednesday afternoon!

Ah, autumn in a glass.


This is a personal favourite in every vintage. Lovely with cauliflower cheese tonight.


Have discovered that young Riesling is the perfect eto wine - finished the Gunderloch tonight five days after opening - a bit more wax and spice but still fresh.


We enjoyed a fabulous lunch at L’Atelier du Peintre in Colmar, accompanied by a half bottle of Weinbach Clos Des Capucins Pinot Gris 2018.

A dry pinot gris like this is such a good grape for restaurant dining - it goes with a really wide range of dishes. Just a stripling of a wine, but drinking beautifully - layers of mandarins, pears, nuts, honey; a touch of sugar that fills the mouth but still tastes dry from the acidity; and a long, peppery finish. The standard set at the domaine is as high as ever.


Best bottle so far from this case. Floral perfume, soft red fruit (cranberry, redcurrant, loganberry), some bacon jam and a soft, fresh finish. Wondrous.


Something totally new to me. Fantastic spiced berry nose, subtle but ripe fruit. Medium length and lightish, but for just over a tenner this is great stuff!


Didn’t do much for our corned beef hash supper, but working remarkably well with some nutella on toast!


Lustau/M&S ‘very rare’ dry oloroso going beautifully with homemade Szechuan food - and a ridiculous bargain at the £4 I paid for it


Opened this tonight to accompany a couple of rib-eyes.

A bobal from La Mancha, , 2014 vintage, 14% ABV. I really didn’t know what to expect as I don’t think I’ve ever drunk a bobal, certainly not as a varietal. For the long story, read below, but eventually it was a delightful match with steak.

Deep, dark purple with a slender pale rim
Nose was very ripe, dark fruit with tertiary aromas I couldn’t pin down, but hints of coffee, cocoa and leather and a little perfume in the background.
Taste matched the nose, balanced beautifully with super-fine tannins and crisp acidity. Better with food than without, though I’ve nearly finished the bottle trying to finish this post.

However, it really wasn’t very appealing on first opening. A bit stinky, my first thought was brett, but (not knowing much more than fuck all about brett) I decided to give it a bit of air. Swirling in the glass didn’t change things considerably so I decided to go extreme, sloshed half a bottle into a decanter then gave it quite a vigorous shake - we’re talking pink froth - I was just glad of the stopper, despite its appearance (see even further below).

At this point the rib-eyes had rested for a regulation 10 minutes and was too late to open something else to my satisfaction so just went with it and was not disappointed.


Opened a bottle knowing very little about it - Peixes da Rocha 2016. It seems to be a red blend from Galicia, but I have absolutely no idea where I got it… Very easy to drink (low tannin, not over-extracted, decent but not aggressive acidity) and delicious. Only wish I’d found 6 of them (I’m going to finish it before looking up to see how much it costs).


Ribeyes on a thursday! Very nice.

You just keep that stopper firmly secured in it’s rightful position.


Was staring at me in the butcher, couldn’t resist.

Don’t worry, there was a tight seal


I tried the same wine yesterday with a hake steak and a buttery sauce and can see why you bought six each.!

The nose was fascinating. At first it reminded me of a cherry bakewell tart, then an egg custard one with nutmeg, before settling down to orchard fruits, spice, butter and minerals.

Squished pears, nectarine, spice, minerals and a touch of buttery pastry on tasting. A silky texture, as per TWS notes, provides further interest and notably fresh acidity, for a PG, perfect balance. Really light on its feet presently, I guess it might become softer and richer with a little more bottle age.

I think I may need a couple more.


It’s long been a go-to pinot gris for us. As you rightly say, very balanced and light on its feet for a PG, which makes it super versatile.


Planned foursome for tonight’s dinner-party foursome to accompany melone con prosciutto, salmon with caramelised lemons and herbs, chocolate bread and butter pudding …

As far as fizz is concerned, great minds drink alike, @Jcmwooldridge :wink::champagne::clinking_glasses:

Plus the Vinsanto which was a kind gift from Paolo de Marchi when I last visited Isole e Olena. That’s the one I’m really looking forward to tonight, plus whatever the guests bring (TWS members, #natch!).

Oops! I’m on the wrong thread! :roll_eyes:

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