Midweek Drinking Thread [21 to 24 November 2022]

Hope the operation was a success and he recovers in good time.


Best wishes and :crossed_fingers: for a speedy recovery ,


Have a great time we were there two weeks ago it’s great and beer was an education.

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Very sorry to read the news about your dad @Jimmybob. Best wishes to him and you all for a good recovery. Life changing issues in our family too. Going up to stay with my mam on Sunday for a week, at the end of which I shall be delivering her to a residential care home :cry: A diagnosis of mild mixed dementia over the summer and the realisation that she is no longer safe to live on her own demanded some action.


Yes Garzon are a decent producer; have a large estate and they have actually the highest altitude vineyards in Uruguay (which is not saying much) and are located out east; north of Maldonado - as opposed to being around Montevideo, and the climate is cool-ish and influenced by the Atlantic.

Very welcoming visit; they do tours, tastings, and have a good in-house restaurant for lunches and dinners.


Wow! What an amazing site. Looks like you had a great visit :slight_smile:

I also bought a few of these on the strength of recommendations on here, but had thought they might need a few years yet. Sounds like I should try one!

Tonight a solo supper 'cos the Lady Lapin is out at Pilates: Langhe Nebbiolo A Mont, Paolo Conterno 2019. With home-made Lamb Korma, as this recipe from the Grauniad but with leg of lamb not thigh of chicken. How to make chicken korma – recipe | Food | The Guardian.

Wine is in the decanter as of 16:30, meat is marinading in yoghurt. All ingredients bought, and might chuck some green chilli in at the end, feeling hungry already.


Please be kind and let me know your thoughts on the Paolo Conterno 19 as I have three bottles not opened one.

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TWS notes are very accurate indeed: Nebbiolo for those who love Burgundy. Quite drinkable right now given a couple of hours decant and time to warm through, although the tannins are ‘not quite’ resolved, so will keep for a few years. Personally I’m very happy to drink right now and not risk the decline of the fruit.

On the nose it’s very Burgundy; plenty of bouquet, spice certainly, oak yet not overt.

Conclusions; different and MUCH better than cheap Barolo - certainly it needs time to warm up and evolve before drinking. Open a bottle and try it over a weekend?


Couple of drams whilst I plan a much needed walk out in the Yorkshire Dales tomorrow.
Hopefully some wine to enjoy over a long weekend. Cheers.


Best wishes to you and yours

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One of a small selection of Crozes Hermitage bought recently from TWS

Crozes-Hermitage Trois Chênes, Emmanuel Darnaud 2016

To accompany a chorizo, cheese and coriander omelette of all things. Everything in balance for sure, dark fruits and some spice, subtle and restrained, it’s very drinkable.

Taking it relatively easy this week, in anticipation of a potentially boozy birthday weekend, kicking off with a visit to Greyfriars Vineyard on Saturday morning.


Interested to hear what you think, have a good time!

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I went in 2019, tried all of their wines (hic)
I liked their Velvet Volker which had quite an interesting story- the Greyfriars owner had a friend in Germany who had too many pinot noir grapes, and so he drove to Germany and put them in the back of his van and drove them back, and made quite a nice wine out of it. Dunno if it was a one off thing.
Also Hogs Back brewery is next door


Thanks, we’ll try :grinning:

Will report back…

Interesting story indeed. Will try to sample as many as possible, as I’ll not be driving.

Agree that the Hogs Back Brewery is excellent, some great beers :beers:

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I bought a number of these a few years ago; this is the first one I’ve opened and I’m very impressed. Lovely aroma of dark fruit, black currant, blackberries, cherries, even perhaps a bit of raspberry. Delicious fruit flavours with a discreet but definite background of tannins. It’s a good wine and very good value at around £10.


One of a limited number of things I miss in moving from Guildford to Yorkshire is a good pint of Hog’s Back Tea!


Likewise, it’s just not the same in a bottle!