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Midweek Drinking Thread [21 to 24 November 2022]

Two stressful days of work so far, but two delightful wines - so the balance sheet is a positive one on the whole! :grinning:

Monday’s wine, was this Gredos Mountains Garnacha with some veal ragù:

Vino de Pueblo Garnacha, Cebreros 2019

We drank and loved the few bottles of the 2018 (I think the first vintage stocked by TWS?), and this - the 2019 - is as good, with a very similar profile. It seems a rather unique expression of the grape, with mountain freshness married to concentration of fruit and an interesting mix of flavours. Almost Pinot-like pale ruby, the nose had notes of red berries, a background smokiness, a touch of baking spice and - to my palate at least - a herbal tang not unlike a rooibos tea.

Palate was a similar mix - crunchy red fruit (mainly red berries, a bit of pomegranate maybe) with black tea notes and a lovely mixture of blood orange and spice. My notes of the 2018 describe a ‘clove studded orange’ note on the palate - which is about right for this bottle too. It’s a lovely composition, and other than a little belly-warmth it’s hard to believe it’s 14.5% - loved it! :heart:

This evening, with some sesame crusted tuna:

Ziereisen Blauer Spätburgunder, Baden 2017

What to say - this is right up my Strasse.

I’m more familiar with his whites - having tried them in Germany before, but about a year ago drank a few bottles of his 2015 ‘Tschuppen’ Spätburgunder which we loved. Classic German Pinot in both cases, and ticks the ‘autumnal wine’ box with aplomb! :ok_hand:

Very pale cerise in the glass, the nose is autumn personified - a touch of forest floor funkiness, bonfire smoke, cherries and cranberries as well as clove spice. Something there reminded me a bit of an Etna Rosso-like pumice stone smell too. It’s been a long working day, so maybe I’m imagining things.

Palate is just as good and enticing with sour cherries and wild strawberries, wrapped up in leafy savouriness and a touch of Juniper berries too. It’s poised and delicate and full of charm.

Last day of work tomorrow - then off to Bruges for some Christmas markets! Yippee! :partying_face:


Koyle Costa Pinot Noir 2016; Here’s something that got forgotten about on my wine rack (see thread on too much wine!) But it’s pretty good, only slight hint of aging in the colour. Quite an intense nose - some red fruit, but quite a bit of leather, smoked meat, burnt match. Touch of cherry and redcurrant - quite a lot going on here. Nice creamy acidity, and some grippy tannins that persist. It’s very gamey and savoury, though has a rough-round-the-edges feel, rustic? A bit hollow in the middle. But, very good. Should go for a few more years yet, so I don’t mind forgetting about it a bit longer.


Bit of a treat for a Monday night, some of this left over from Saturday

Manages to combine a wonderful intensity of fruit with a sophisticated elegance. It’s clearly very young and quite a lot, but never too much. Yum

Also had this delivered in the mystery wine bottle

I think I was quite fortunate to be sipping the le Chant du Coq because there was something about the two of them that made me think there was a link - the quality / intensity of the fruit maybe. Anyway it was bloody lovely. A fantastic creaminess to it enhancing all that lovely fruit. I guessed South African Syrah, much to my friend’s amazement / disgust.

They both did a great job of washing down this (like I said, a treat for a Monday night)


Dom de la Rectorie Cuvée Thérese Reig 2020. Very fruity sweetie to finish. Dark, rich purple/red colour of grenache. Very prominent nose of plums and cherries; some herbs too. Delicious - the sweetness, fruit and acidity work really well together, it’s lush and very moreish. Some tannin in there too. I think it’s lovely for drinking now, it is very fruit forward without too much overall structure for keeping too long. But that plummy/cherry nose is wonderful, a delight.


Rustenberg Five Soldiers Chardonnay

Delicious, textbook answer for what I would want from a South African Chardonnay. Lots of joy in a glass.

A future waitrose 25% off staple for future orders and thanks @NW3Andre for recommending it

Hope your weeks are going well


It’s got depth and character. Something like this in the US goes for 2x the price, at least, in my experience.


I agree, I’d say it holds its own with say a Paul Hobbs Russian River Chardonnay which I also love.

Lots of interest, no faults, great balance, great execution.


Going with this later……Venison hot pot in the oven….

Initially on opening , quite closed, hence the decant as it’s also quite cool.


Thistle & Weed ‘Brandnetel’ Chenin Blanc, Stellenbosch 2018 £28

Way outside my normal midweek drinking budget, but my God I’m worth it. After a seven day span which I would never wish to repeat involving elderly parents, hospital (Stevenage), a broken NHS, gastroenteritis, senility (not me - yet) and long dark journeys on the A1 in torrential rain.

So, the wine: superb, incredibly complex and evolves in the glass. Bright and fresh enough to perk up the senses, than all manner of scents and accents on the palate. There’s green apple skin, unripe plum, definite scent of umeshu, a touch of lanolin, deft touch of oak, lovely bitter notes on the finish.


Good afternoon/evening from Montevideo! I suspected before I went that I would enjoy Montevideo the most of all the places I visit, and that has turned out to be the case.

While I loved Buenos Aires and Santiago, if you want to experience South America without quite the hustle and (manic) bustle of these cities (and where your dodgem - i.e. taxi - is much less likely to crash, but that’s another story and nothing a glass of wine didn’t solve), then Montevideo is likely to be the place for you. Wonderful food, wine and welcome from everyone I’ve spoken to, together with a certain extra cheer that was found on the streets yesterday morning after Argentina’s showing against Saudi Arabia.

Anyway, on to the wine for this evening. This is an Albarino Reserva. from Bodega Garzón, who look to be one of the bigger producers in Uruguay, and who came recommended from my AirBnB host as well as the good folk at Vino y Tapas (another successful @Robin63 recommendation).

There’s both a great salinity to this wine (https://bodegagarzon.com/en/wine/albarino-reserva-2022/) as well as the ripe, white stoned fruits and hint of citrus I associate with Albarino. This is also aged on its lees, so there is a slight roundness to it, as well as sherbet note on the nose and palate reminiscent of a Pouilly-Fumé. A delicious wine and a welcome relief in the heat.

To finish, a painting of vines from an exhibition of the work of Mario Giacoya at the Museo Nacional de Artes Visuales. A wonderful gallery to visit to get a survey of Uruguayan art from c. 1870 to the present day.

Happy drinking everyone. :slightly_smiling_face:

[P.S. there have been a couple of requests for some notes on my planning of the trip. I will post in the Argentina and Uruguay thread on my return, and try to expand on what I did other than ask @Robin63 for tips and follow them! :joy:]


There’s good news - that Garzon Albarino is quite easily gettable over here; and very good it is too, as you say - a lorra lorra vinous pleasure for the money :~}


I’m enjoying a few glasses of this for this evening - a 2017 Domaine de la Métairie D’Alon Sélection Parcellaire “le Palajo” Chardonnay; and very enjoyable it is too! All the more so as I snapped up a case of these a couple of years ago @ £10/bottle. One of those NDJohn specials. They have some really good deals sometimes and well worth being on their mailing-list IMO.

Nothing super-delicate etc; just a good firm buttery slightly oaky chardonnay, and still with plenty of fruit on P&P. Very tasty and a bit of a comfort wine on this dark cold evening before an early-doors start tomorrow.

Went surprisingly nicely with a Spaghetti Milanese lite [sub the chook for fishfingers! Yup - I’m home alone with the boy this evening and mummy is no fan of spaghetti. Or fishfingers for that matter. Our boy loves both however, as too do I].


Indeed you can! And not far off the same price as it cost me here (Montevideo is not a cheap place to visit), so I may well invest in this when I get back. It keeps getting better and rounder with more air.

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Very tasty beer we discovered on our holidays in September. Going down well this evening.


We’ll be in Bruges tomorrow! Might be one to try… :+1::grin::beers:


A cracking weissburgunder from Andreas Bender, the 2019:

Has taken the edge off a rather awful week as my dad was whisked into hospital at the weekend with a previously undiagnosed cancer in the small bowel. Cue one major operation, a zip up the M6 for me and my sister and re-evaluation of various short- and long-term life plans. Still too early for a prognosis but has been a major blow for him and us.


Sorry to hear that. Warm wishes to you and all the family.


Sorry to hear that @Jimmybob a good friend I had not seen in a while revealed his similar diagnosis to me last week. It was a shock and I wish I could have been of more help earlier.

What I do know is how grateful your Dad would have been seeing you turn up and the support it would have given him


Sorry to hear this - hoping treatment can start soon. Best wishes to you.


Best wishes for his recovery.