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Midweek drinking thread 21 to 24 June

I’ve just noticed that CT lists this as a Petit Manseng. I’ve reported it, as I have a feeling Manseng Noir doesn’t exist yet on their database. That needs to change :sunglasses:

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It does.


Yes its a great one

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We’ll they definitely need to change the listing now then! :smiley:

With you on this Taffy. Opened a bottle of the 2016 Raspail-Ay last weekend. Not sure what I was thinking of! Big wine, loads going on and very disjointed. Time is the missing ingredient and sure that this will come together nicely in a few years.

Interesting @Prufrock that your '15 was drinking well but I will be leaving my case to slumber in Reserves for a few years yet.


The plan this evening was to open a Tavel to go with a Provençal tomato tart and salad, but the stupid sun had all but disappeared, so I grumpily opened a more fitting autumnal offering instead (me? moody?):

This is a lovely surprise for a whim purchase in Lidl (£7.99). A 2019 Shiraz-Mourvèdre blend called Vis à Vis, and made by Spier - it’s a spicy and fruity number which is likely to disappear all too quickly if we’re not too careful.

Deep ruby – but not opaque in the glass, the nose first hits with offering from the spice rack – pepper, nutmeg, clove maybe even cinnamon. Call it ‘baking spices’. Then there’s woody cedar and then the fruit reveals itself (plums, bramble, blackcurrants). Maybe there’s a whiff of pot-pourri too.

Absolutely lovely on the palate – mainly because we were expecting a fruit bomb at 14%, but it is actually medium bodied and has a lovely, smooth mouthfeel. The fruit is rich for sure (plums/damsons, bramble) but is accompanied by a slightly medicinal note and those Christmas spices. Tannins are woody in texture, but nicely balanced with the acidity and fruit, finish is medium.

It’s not the most complex glass, but it’s well-made, delicious and generous. Might even help me rid of my grumpiness. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Happy Thursday, all! :wine_glass: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I agree, it’s very nice and excellent value. Don’t tell the others though, or there’ll be none left!

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Too late…! :grimacing:

We’re popping to Lidl tomorrow to get a couple more! :smiley:

Very surreal label! :rofl:

It’s really pretty, actually, though the blurb at the back is awfully cheesy: “When the surreal comes face to face with the sublime”… Wtf… :crazy_face:


Reminds me of illustrations by Czech artist Emma Srncova.


Just Googled her - you’re not wrong. Lovely illustrations - love the colours!

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On the second night of the Coche Bizouard Chardonnay (before the fall!) and am struck by the warnings that it is non-filtré, and that I ought to “servir délicatement”. But in fact it is as clear as any other wine I’ve drunk, and probably clearer than quite a few, so I’m a bit baffled.

(P.S. @Inbar: yes, very vibrant)


Light vegetable pasta tonight so went Italian white. The Gambellara was pleasant but not sure it was worth its price?

Medium minus lemon, gold. Light nose. Lemon and lime notes. Green apple. Medium minus palate. High acidity. Citrus fruit. Apple. Herbaceous notes. Some mineral notes as it warms in the mouth. Shortish finish. Pleasant accompaniment to food.


Unusual that you were able to glean the producer from a Lidl-labelled wine; usually that’s not mentioned, and one of the reasons I’ve stopped looking at Lidl’s wines. Maybe a new era is emerging ?
Anyone else bought some Lidl wines lately which do state the producer ?

Yes, this one clearly states (albeit in very small print) “produced by Spier”. I find experience with Lidl and labels mixed. Sometimes it’s easy enough to trace it with a bit of online sleuthing (e.g. 'Adler ’ Gruner Veltliner was easy enough to identify as Cantina Valle Isarco in Alto Adige), sometimes it’s stated - e.g. Purple Heron Cinsault was made by Fairview or Medici Riccardi for Chianti and Bolgheri. So in my experience you can tell many times, but other times it’s definitely more obscure.

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I finished school on Tuesday and Mrs. MCK finishes tomorrow, so I’ve cracked open a favourite Ribera del Duero to accompany chorizo, chicken and king prawn paella.



I’m blessed to have my parents staying with us for the first time since February 2020. They like a glass of wine every evening so I’m enjoying sharing a bottle or two with them.

This is my first Armenian wine, bought from a local Hove offie. This was from 2014 and had a lovely mature richness, combining honey and savoury flavours in a really interesting complex mix. Something different🙂


This Vergelegen bordeaux blend (2013) is a personal favourite. This aged vintage seems widely available and tastes much more expensive than the tenner it costs.


Painted Wolf Peloton Rouge for us tonight - tastes more like a barbecue (or should it be Braai) wine, that a mid-week quaffer. There is a sweet berry opening, but then it’s just a lot of heat and spice, and a decent smack of tannins. It tastes really quite hot and alcoholic. It’s got a quite acidic, tomato leaf-ish finish. Still, it’s not bad, and would be much better in the company of some slightly burnt barbecued sausage.


Oh, what a surprise: Burlotto make a delicious Dolcetto. The usual weighty cherry quality of Dolcetto but with a balancing savoury edge. Not fancy but good winemakers make good wine.

We’re drinking it with ragu while on hols in Devon, which never hurts. :grinning: