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Midweek Drinking Thread [21-24 January 2019]



Yes of course you are correct , I meant the GUIGAL white :see_no_evil:… ! Either Crozes or CdR … pay attention Leah :rofl:!
However I didn’t realise there was a Gigondas Rosé…now that’s interesting :wink:


Moulin de la Gardette definitely do a rosé…



The nose is initially all coal tar and some cedar, the tannins are quite forward and dusty. However, it mellows and opens up with a quick decant.

The tar and cedar nose carry through on tasting, there’s not much fruit evident, but it’s a satisfying and savoury wine. I really enjoyed it and will be interested to see how the remainder is tonight after being open for a day. I can see this being a wine which divides opinion!

There are five grape varieties in the 2005, which I’d not noticed until I read the bottle. There’s a little Malbec which shows in the colour more than the taste.

I may have to buy a couple of the other year’s now. Enjoyable and sensibly priced in my opinion. :+1:


That’s what I would have thought but this is their own page:

It’s very good but, and very much speaking from my lack of knowledge, the Mourvedre component which I believe gives it structure, is possibly giving a little too much structure this early in its life.


I honestly think it’s a mistake. I can’t see how these flavours would be present in a red.

Occasionally I come across inaccuracies in TWS site (“no oak flavour”, where there is clearly oak flavour etc) , so can imagine mistakes in uploading tasting notes occur all the time.

Hope you enjoyed it, regardless! :wink::+1:


I saw the same comments on other vendor sites but it looked to me like they had just copied Guigal’s description modifying a word here or there. Does that classify as plagiarism on a vender site? :smiley:

But I agree I can’t imagine such flavours in a red!


I too thoroughly enjoyed the Altos de Torona, and have been (relatively) disappointed by other Albarinos listed by TWS. I have since sourced the 2017 Altos from Decantalo, a Barcelona-based source of a great range of Spanish wine, and have found them reliable and good value if ordering by the case.


Well I have drunk that, it was available in Waitrose not long ago, not as good as many other Gigondas and no peach that I could taste, perhaps the note writer had drunk to many samples and confused him/her self.
If you read all the reviews of this wine on Cellartracker, I did not read all, no mention of peach or apricot, the general view is it is a bit commercial, with which I concur, perfectly drinkable but a bit alcoholic.


Yes I’d agree with that. Though given a few years it might be a lot better.


And the Jaboulet viognier is excellent with fish pie. Great combination!


Best get one last order in - I shall miss the access to these Spanish wines (though of course they have much better albarino too!)


Hi Inbar. Do you by any chance know what the difference is between this and Ch. Beaumont (which I enjoy)? Maybe younger vines? Different grape proportions? I’m not sure…


Good question!
The honest answer is that I have no idea! I think the wine making process is the same, and the blend same too (60% Cab Sauvignon, 35% Merlot and some Petit Verdot), so I’m unsure whether it’s just a matter of labelling, or whether different plots are used…? One for @Ewan or @martin_brown, perhaps?


Thanks Inbar. It will be interesting to see…


Last night me and the other half attended a fun tasting called ‘Posh vs Plonk’. It was run by the Sussex Wine School, and - as the name suggests- was about trying to distinguish every day bottles from slightly more interesting (and more expensive) ones. All tastings were blind - and it was great fun trying to guess the grape, style and location.

The two bottles from TWS, which were examples of more complex wines, were both my favourites of the evening:

First, this savoury, leesy, layered and delicious Spanish white:

which I definitely have to have again - it was so complex!

And then, this unfiltered, concentrated and slightly wild Cairanne:

Both were interesting, moreish and certainly worth paying the extra money for. Sheer delight! :heart_eyes:

The third more complex example (of NZ SB) was also fantastic:


All in all - a great evening! :+1:


and did you manage this?


Ha ha! Managed two out of three! First pair was unmistakably Sauvignon Blanc from NZ, the third pair were also fairly easy to recognise as GSM blend. We all failed miserably on the second pair - which were two (very different) examples of barrel fermented Spanish grapes. The cheaper example was a Cune Viura, which I had a few times before, but couldn’t recognise blind. It had a very mute nose, none of the ‘vanilla’ one was supposed to smell, and very faint fruit even on the palate. I mistook both for Chardonnay, and the other half thought Chenin.

Tasting blind is such a good way to focus the mind - wish I could do more of it!


Ribeiro is a great area currently for interesting, complex whites at good prices.


@Leah I was browsing the recent marketing from TWS that dropped on my doormat over the weekend and lo and behold this is in the 2017 Rhones list…

For anyone interested in a putative white Gigondas made from Clairette, I can recommend this. A few bottles heading towards my basket now - like I needed more wine this month!!


Great thanks @Alchemist, like you this place is FULL of wine but I’ll stick a couple in the basket all the same :wink: