Midweek Drinking Thread 20th April - 23rd April 2020

Someone has taken a machete to the Rhone listings! :open_mouth:

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It was probably @Taffy-on-Tour :crazy_face:


Moi!! :open_mouth: :open_mouth:
I think that this may be a method of making despatch easier, but that is a pure guess.

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Now back to normal, maybe it was IT!

The end of a line and better than some of its forebears (kept too long :unamused: ) but held up with enough fruit before the short finish served with pan-fried venison steaks, French beans and (served hot) salad potatoes.


Is it midweek already? Oh, thank God, I was having a nightmare that it was still Sunday…


@Claret1961 WOW! That’s an old bottle, please it was still drinkable . Tonight a large glass of

There have been mixed views on this wine maybe a bit like marmite but I enjoyed it . If you’re not expecting a Burgundian or even a spatburgunder, this is an easy drinking wash down kind of pinot . There is a mix of ripe sweet fruit but also a defined fuller cherry flavour that you get after a few sips . Tannins are very soft which I think contribute to the wines quaffable nature . This is uncomplicated, juicy and probably exactly where is should be price wise .


Given by a friend. Do you like the smell of sweet dark plums? Do you like the taste of sweet dark plums? This is the wine for you. Full bodied, low acid, soft tannins. Did I mention sweet dark plums?


I enjoy a light, bitter greengage. is this anything like that?


The only way to generate bitterness with this wine would be to pay full RRP.


Chronic Cellars wines have been my guilty pleasure 1-2 years ago. Lack of visits to Majestic means I have not had any since february 2019. Need to get some more once this nightmare is over. Sofa King Bueno is one of their best… jealous a bit. What is the vintage?

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It was 2016, very plush, rich but easy drinking. Couldn’t imagine it improving although I’m not wise in such matters. It hadn’t altered in the decanter on day 2.
I really enjoyed their rose a year or two ago. It had a bit of everything and importantly was fun to drink.

Foradori 2014

Elisabetta Foradori’s wines are authentic like few others, a true labour of love. Everyone should try them at least once. One of those i always recommend to sceptics of “natural wine” as one of those masters of her art (Leflaive, Foillard, COS/Occhipinti…) who ended up there after many years as a maker of excellent “conventional” wine. I’ve long been a fan of this, her house wine (100% Teroldego), but am sorry to say that this one shows just how difficult the 2014 vintage was (though I’ve had some lovely whites from not too far away in Sudtirol). it’s always a food wine, and never a big one, but this year seems to have stripped out something of the aromas and character as well as the weight. It’s still a pleasant wine to drink, and is probably at its peak, now with the tannins tamed, but a shadow of a better vintage.


Where do you buy Foradori wines @suiko?

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In recent years I’ve been buying them from Spain, Italy or Germany. I used to get them here but its a long while now, and naturally I can’t remember -maybe Caves de Pyrene? They’re much more appreciated in an arc around the Alps, i think - Brits don’t in general seem to be interested in alpine wines!

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I’m pretty sure I picked up the Teroldego from Buon Vino at one point.


Could well be! They have loads of good stuff - it’s just usually cheaper to get it from abroad!


Who do you buy from in Germany?

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This 2014 dry Hárslevelű from Tokaj this evening:

We’re making Syrian chicken for dinner, which combines some sweet (honey, sultanas) spicy (cinnamon, cumin) and citrus (lemon) elements.

My initial thought was to open a Riesling or a Pinot Gris, but then remembered the Hárslevelű - and decided to go for it instead. I only ever drank this as a varietal twice, one of which was a South African example of all places (made by Lemberg, and a fab wine it was too!); I remembered it for being quite peachy, citrus-y and creamy, so was hoping it would complement the dish.

Glad to say it looks like it’s going to be a great match!

Pale gold, with green hues in the glass, the nose hits you with peach, lime (I think the name of the grape means ‘lime leaf’? @szaki1974 might correct me!), delicate honey and white flowers. Could be mistaken for a New World Riesling, methinks! On the palate this is just lovely… a much richer mouthfeel than the nose would suggest, with citrus notes (we thought tangerine or orange), stone fruit and a slight bitterness like a fruit peel. The acidity is high - again, very reminiscent of a Riesling, but it’s quite creamy in texture.

We’ll definitely buy again! :+1: :smile:


Pretty sure i got some Foradori (the single vineyard amphora stuff) from Vinello