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Midweek Drinking Thread [20th - 24th July 2020]

I drink very little rose so please take my comments with a big pinch of salt. Having thoroughly enjoyed the robust Senorio de Sarria Rosado recently I thought I’d give this a go with some fish and chips tonight…

…a Corsican rose made from Cinsault and Sciaccarellu ( aka Mammolo ). I’m probably missing the point but I find the colour insipid. Not a lot on the nose, some boiled sweets and fuzzy peach skin at best. Every bit as bland on tasting, a bit like water flavoured with a vague hint of redcurrants. Some grippy texture on the clean finish, is for me, its only redeeming feature.

I guess lovers of this style of wine might describe it as subtle and refreshing but I’m afraid I’m just finding it inoffensively bland.

Still, it’s always good to learn something new about one’s tastes.


The husband is making Coq au Vin this evening, and decided to choose a wine himself, and for me to taste it blind. This is rather unusual - he usually leaves me the wine choosing task. In any case, it’s nice to taste wine blind from time to time! :face_with_monocle:

My notes were: medium ruby in the glass, young looking, fairly viscous, probably 13% or 13.5%… on the nose: bright cherries, red plums, bramble a nice earthy note, light spice (pepper?), violets, no sign of oak. On the palate: medium bodied, fair amount of acidity, ripe cherries, plums, summer pudding, something faintly floral in the background. Very juicy with medium tannins, quite a chalky (medium) finish. Delicious but uncomplicated.

I thought it might be Cab Franc, but then settled on a German Spätburgunder - for its bright fruit and a touch of earthiness, as much as for the acidity. Well, I should have stuck with Cab Franc, for it was…

The Society’s Claret, 2019 vintage. We were not too moved by the 2017, really enjoyed the 2018, and like this one even more. Opinion seems to be divided on the website about it - a couple people giving it four stars and a couple two stars. We’re definitely in the 4 star camp, though! This is an easy-going Claret, juicy, smooth and food-friendly (well, I hope so!), certainly not complex but absolutely enjoyable for what it is. The husband decided we need to have a case of it, so it can become our ‘house red’. We got no such thing as a ‘house red’ but I ain’t going to argue! Looking forward to seeing if it works with the food.

But first, a(nother) small glass of rosé in the garden, in an attempt to restore some homeostasis in a mad world. A Chiaretto blend of Barbera and Pinot Noir. Easy drinking and does the job just fine! :+1:


Had a bottle of this, last night. Not sure that I would agree that it is “complex”, nor about the “nod to the old world” but it sure was delicious. In fact, it was probably one of the most moreish wines that I have had in quite a while and was consumed within a couple of hours… I think.

Definitely not one for the purists but full-bodied, with bags of blackcurrant flavours, although not Ribena sweet. It was very nicely balanced, with very decent length. It reminded me somewhat of the Californian Fess Parker Pinot, which used to be listed and divided opinion but is maybe a little more refined.

At £12.50, it’s superb value and I will definitely be purchasing more. Whilst my wallet will probably thank me, I am not sure that my liver will.


Indeed it is a step up! I had the 2015 and 2016 and they were magnificent! Can’t recommend enough

Difficult day at home with work and an unsettled 11 month old. I managed to made a tasty pasta with chicken ( no energy left to capture the dish to post) and I ended opening this Barolo which I think was the 3rd or 4th bottle from a case. I know from previous bottles that it will be nicer tomorrow when more aromas will develop. A decent example with some layers of flavours and a nice food wine. I remember I paid little for it so well worth it !


Enjoyed this montepulciano, which I bought from the wine society.

A really good value bottle given the £8.50 pricing.

Leathery cherry notes that remind me of a Reserva Rioja to some extent. Very decent


Interesting wine last night. 2005 Hacienda Monasterio Reserva. Inky black. Powerful flavour. Decanted 2 hours before consumption. Cabernet like nose but only made up 5%. Some tannin. Highly rated on CT. good maybe very good but surprising. Is it far too young? Did it need a much longer decant? Confused


Did you enjoy it?

It was enjoyed. I have another bottle so I might give this another couple of years. The tannins were there but not harsh. Well balanced dark fruit. Main impression was power and concentration. Two hours is a long decant for me. Perhaps I just need to be braver. Thank you for asking


I was thinking of you and your love of Cab Franc when I noticed this one in the list:

I’m sure there may be others but it’s the first Cab Franc varietal I’ve seen from Bordeaux.

Thanks, Mike! :grinning:

I noticed it last week, too - and it’s been in the basket ever since. Hopefully it won’t disappear from the basket, as there are no plans for another order before September… but yes, a 100% Cab Franc from Bordeaux sounds intriguing, and I liked Chateau de Pitray Cuvée Madame, so hoping it’ll be as good!


@inbar - It took me a few minutes until I worked out how the magic of your claret bottle and glass appearing to float in the air was achieved :slight_smile:

@MikeFranklin - I spotted that CF claret too and I’ll be collecting a couple of bottles from Stevenage tomorrow. It’ll be interesting.

@Tomfitz - Glad you liked enjoyed Vigna Corvino. I bought some when it first appeared because it was made by the winemaker previously responsible for TWSs own label Montepulciano when he left Roxan, but we preferred Roxan’s which I continue to buy by the case…


This seems to be a theme… I think @VinoVeritas was baffled by it too, at one point! :smiley:

It’s just a glass table, and the best place to catch the sun from the garden… a banal explanation, unfortunately :smile:

Same old same old…

Pasta on Monday with

We just love this, the first mouthful is like greeting an old well loved friend. It’s just so drinkable.

Tuesday we had a chicken pie with boiled miniature pots, broccoli spears, cauliflower florets and broad beans. I haven’t had this for years, which means that it didn’t impress that time

but we liked this very much. Just enough structure backing the fruit to make a great food match.

When Mrs M decide what I’m serving for dinner tonight and tomorrow then I’ll choose what I’m opening…


Tried our first Tokaji last night. I knew it was a dry wine rather than the sweet variety. But rather surprised to find it an off dry, with low acidity. Pleasant enough, but not what was anticipated.


I figure you must be spending far too much time keeping that table clean. If it was mine it would spend most of it’s time with finger prints etc. all over it! Typical bachelor me! (Actually if it was mine it would be covered with so much paperwork and other junk you wouldn’t be able to see the table surface anyway!)


It’s our summer dinning table - so I do my best to ensure it’s good enough to eat off! :smiley:

Regardless, I am a bit of a cleaning freak, for sure! :crazy_face:

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That’s a bit of a surprise! One of the things I like about dry Furmint is the tingle of acidity/minerality, which makes it a very appetising wine. I’ll have to open mine soon (this is the one from Lidl, right?) and check it out too! :+1:

@Inbar, Yes, it was from Lidl. I had selected it for its acidity as well. Do let me know how you find it.

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Will do! :+1:

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