Midweek Drinking Thread [20th - 24th July 2020]

I’ll start this off as we had a couple of glasses this evening.

Tonight I cooked a mix of veg box and allotment greens (rainbow chard, kale, pak choi, pointed cabbage) with soy, ginger, black rice vinegar, etc, then steamed cod loins on top. Turned out nice! To have with, I opened the third and last bottle of


Which was delicious on its own, but really came to life with the aromatic food. Nicely balanced between sharp acidity and a touch of sweetness, with both continuing on a long finish.

Then a croissant bread and butter pudding with a good amount of lemon zest, which was very comforting and paired well with Tesco Finest Dessert Semillon 2015 from de Bortoli, a steal at £4.50 (375ml) during a 25% off promotion.

Hope everyone has a good week, and look forward to hearing about what’s in your glasses!


Of what?

Yes, the link doesn’t work I’m afraid.

Sorry! Fixed now I hope, Grosset Alea 2015

Another house favourite tonight with cold roast chicken and (hot) veg. Nearly the end of the dozen but the next box will arrive chez nous next Monday :slight_smile:

Really great wine at a great price.


Came across this article mentioning the Alea whilst referring to food and wine pairing which may be of interest to some.

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My Setilles 2018 just arrived in reserves.
I should note that I found a bottle of the 2014 recently, and it was lovely - especially as it was £102 per 12 IB, ergo £13 delivered! :+1: :dragon:


Do you have a link as I can’t find it in the society list? Thank you

That’s because there is none in stock. I usually buy it as part of the annual EP offering. My 2018 will reach my door next week having just been shipped.

Thank you

This wine is hardly ever going to appear on the regular list, i don’t think (though i believe the 2014 did, briefly).


Watching the @Toby.Morrhall video, I seem to remember him mentioning the Olivier Leflaive “Oncle” cuvee, somewhat favourably. This is one step up from Setilles and may be included in the August White Burgundy EP 2019 Offer.


As I have found, you can do a lot worse than to have these in your reserves!! :+1: :wink::grinning: :dragon:


Thanks @Tim_S, that is interesting. I had one of my bottles of Alea with (uncured) salmon and it was a very good match. But on the infrequent occasions when I have cured/smoked salmon, I tend to reach for fizz by default, and if not that I’d probably go for a sherry. But the Alea is a very versatile style so I’m sure it would work.

We had the 2015 Oncle Vincent with our main last Christmas, and it was absolutely gorgeous! :heart_eyes:

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We are selling the lovely 2017 Oncle Vincent now.


You were :astonished: Is it coming back in stock? I have one bottle coming in August at least :smirk:



Sorry you are right. It is not vailable now. My mistake.



Sod it, just rang up for the Oncle’17 and not available at this time!! :cry:
Never mind, I will keep an eye out for it!! :+1: :wink: :dragon:

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Super @Taffy-on-Tour

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We will sell it in early October.