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Midweek Drinking Thread [1st to 3rd September 2020]

Opened this up tonight, and I’m really glad I got round to trying this at last. Really good ripe Gamay with lovely strawberry fruit and a nice volcanic mineral finish. Really delivers as an unfussy midweek wine.


Château Moulin du Bourg, Listrac-Médoc 2012. (£12 ish from your trusty wine society - to be honest I thought it was an £18 bottle I had picked up from an indy merchant). And it’s excellent, punching WELL above its price.

With Tuesday evening Sirloin, brown rice and a tomato/ bacon/ mushroom sauce. The greenhouse tomato’s are of course the heroes. (from L to R) Marmande did brilliantly this year & never fails, new to me Shimmer (stripey gold and crimson) fantastic flavour almond shaped but a thick skin, Bloody Butcher have been fruiting since June and again have a superb flavour for a golf ball sized tomato.

To be honest I would grow all 3 tomatoes again - but surprisingly the Butcher’s (in photo with bottle) are actually the best of the 3 varieties because they taste so good and have been fruiting for 2 months now and are looking good for another month.

The wine, I will order again - to my taste its actually better than their first wine. The sirloin steak… not that special and will revert to ribeye in future.


This is not very nice. Simple sweet fruit, acidity and booze. Disjointed.


BBQ of pave steak tonight. (last of the year??)

To go with it, we had our first Northern Rhone Red.

Absolutely wonderful. We are more used to Shiraz from the new world, but very impressed with this. Blackberry, plum, blueberry and black pepper. long interesting aftertaste.

“I’m in”


This tonight

Really nice. TWS tasting note spot on, but every now and then I also thought I detected a hint of smoke (and yes, I gave up the fags 18 months ago). More Ribolla Gialla please @Sarah :pray:

Perfect ingredient in and accompaniment to sausage and cavalo nero pasta.


Looks really good!


Thanks. It’s a super easy and super tasty Jamie Oliver recipe, just add green veg of your choice.

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So when browsing my wines last night I came upon this:

Bought for £14.95 it was the last wine I was still holding from my very first TWS order in 2016! Approaching the end of its drinking window I thought I’d see how it’s aged. I actually bought two and drank the previous back in 2016 but sadly I wasn’t taking notes back then so I have no memory of what I thought.

It’s a 100% merlot varietal and despite its age there was still a fair bit of that merlot fruit along with more earthy smoke and spices, very little tannin and a disappointingly short finish. It’s an okay Bordeaux for the price but for me it seemed to sit slightly uncomfortably in the middle between the lovely approachable easy drinking Bordeaux and the more classy mid price ones (that I tend to favour).

So an odd one for me. A perfectly acceptable Bordeaux but one I found was neither quite here nor there. Probably mostly a problem with my own mixed expectations.


Agree with you about Moulin de Bourg - I was most impressed with it.

Thanks for the tomato recommendations, I’d not heard of Shimmer or Bloody Butcher before. Over several years I planted six or seven different varieties and asked the family to vote on their favourites, I planted the top three next year with three or four new ones and repeated the vote. Now I stick with winners
Sungold - very sweet, prolific, cherry size, orange colour
Gardeners Delight - small red, good taste
Chocolate Cherry - small, mahogany coloured, gorgeous sweet flavour
Tumbling Tom - cherry, red bush plant grown in hanging baskets
used whole in side salads

For the past few years I’ve been growing a large beef tomato from seed I took from a tomato I bought in Avignon, and this year I have grown another large beefsteak from seed of a Waitrose exclusive ‘Jack Hawkins’ - both cut into wedges and roasted.

Apologies to rest for thread drift…


Shimmer & butcher were recommended by ‘gardening which’ and possibly the guardian. Butcher is actually a German heirloom type, but only golf ball sized. Shimmer is a new variety.

Received 89 pts from Parker and Vinous in 2010
And given that someone has financed the cellarage for a decade, that must be worth £5-6.
And good recent cellartracker comments.
Enjoy!! :dragon:



Picked this to go with tonight’s fish pie. It definitely didn’t come from Noble Green Wines - in fact I think it was Tesco - but I like the picture which makes the bottle look more like Riesling or similar.
Very Viognier at first sniff, but then gets a lot more different flavours and has quite a surprising salty mineral finish. As usual it’s a good wine from Guigal.


That’s just a superb Crozes - glad I bought a case, every one enjoyed to the last drop!


After a restrained couple of days these are now open…

…the Bacharacher Hahn Riesling Kabinett 2018, Jost, as a companion to this evening’s web presentation with Cecilia Jost. Fresh nose, golden apples, stone fruit, minerals and something green and leafy. A hit of honeyed peachy fruit initially on tasting. Fresh acidity then cuts in to provide lovely balance to the rich but pristine Riesling fruit and its residual sweetness (very much a 3 on TWS rating). Finishes with more off dry fruit and minerals. Delicious wine. 10% ABV too. I might buy more !

The '‘La Rosine’ Syrah 2014, Ogier, was the last of six bought EP.

Fresh black cherry fruit, violets, and a creamy note on the nose. Succulent red and black cherry, berry fruit, something like slate or graphite, and some creamy yoghurt on tasting. Silky supple texture, minimal tannins and fresh acidity to balance. Easy drinking but not overly complex.

It’s a wine that’s often described as a mini Cote-Rotie, and in some respects that’s true, but I’m reminded more of good quality Cru Beaujolais ( albeit one made from Syrah ) !


I love this wine, struggle to think of a better CDR blanc in this price bracket.

With my better half’s Melanzane we enjoyed the last ( :frowning: )bottle of this. Delicious!


Tonight an organic Sicilian Nero D’Avola made without sulphites. A lively wine, almost frizzante. A welcoming perfumed nose, and a mouthful of violets and black fruits. Like a hyperactive young Pinot Noir. The acidity and volatility held it back from being delicious though these were somewhat tamed by food and by cheese in particular. Wouldn’t rush to drink more but an interesting experience.



Plenty of roast beef left from Sunday so had that with roast and boiled potatoes and fresh veg. The wine was recommended on one of these threads and so I tried to order it online only to find it was out stock. But when I visited the Cellar shop in Stevenage they had bottle so I bought three.

2014 Château Croix Mouton (Bordeaux Supérieur)
Mrs M greatly enjoyed it but found it a bit too woody - I’ll age the others. Maybe I’ve been drinking too many of the basic unwooded TWS clarets.

By popular demand it was our usual penne with aubergine and tomato sauce and a side salad laden with home grown tomatoes - it’s a race to eat them before they fall off the vine or crack. And of course or no brainer pasta wine.

2018 Casa Vinicola Roxan The Wine Society’s Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (Italy, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo)
I’m coming to the end of my stock and will have to buy more, so this is our penultimate 2018. TWS are now stocking 2019.

A delicious Rogan Josh/Jalfrezi vegetable curry with rice, and because I over bought in the recent Sainsbury 25% deal (well, after buying at £8, thus reduced to £6 they cut the price to £6 making it £4.50 in the same 25% deal.)
2019 Beyerskloof Pinotage (South Africa, Western Cape)
Curry and Pinotage? No brainer…

I’m making pizza and while we usually have a white or fizz but tonight we’re having this as its the subject of our U3A wine tasting group’s ZOOM tasting.
2016 Bodegas Bohórquez The Society’s Exhibition Ribera del Duero (Spain, Ribera del Duero)

The host and several others have chosen this exact wine so it will be interesting to compare notes on it. One rebel has chosen a Rioja - close but no coconut.



This with pasta and a creamy walnut sauce. Superb possibly the best still white I’ve had from England, nice freshness and fruit with well judged oak. A bit like Chablis, at least one that’s seen a bit of oak.


One of the Toni Jost arrived today. Was going to tuck it away for a while but your write up means it may come forward a bit!